WTF (Worried & Ticked off Fangirls) Moments of the Week #3


The Fangirls discuss bad kdrama fashion and unnecessary extensions in this weeks Worried and Ticked off Fangirls.

Uncontrollably Fond & Lucky Romance Fashion

CLKYTTA: OK, I just can’t wrap my head around the fashions they putting on these poor actresses.  Let me just start off with Lucky Romance, the dresses on top of dresses, on top of pants, was just too much for me.  Especially the one where she’s got on some kind of really full bottom dress and a fitted top dress, it’s so obvious that she’s packed into that outfit and can barely move.  Then they give her the platform wooden sneakers to top off the look. I thought it was “to match the character”, but then I see that they’ve got poor Park Shin Hye wearing something similar in Doctors only instead of a full dress over a dress, it’s a spaghetti strap crop top over a long sleeved button up shirt. Enough with the layers, it’s a thousand degrees outside where I live and I’m smothering just watching these poor actresses wear all these layers. Moving on: I am still blinded by that horrible red sequined catastrophe that Suzy was wearing in episode 4 of Uncontrollably Fond, she looked like a circus clown.b2t


KMUSE: I think by this point I am just used to Hwang Jung Eum’s styles to be a bit unusual.  But even for her, the crazy clothes in Lucky Romance were over the top and layered to an ugly degree.  I actually thought I might like her style in the first two episodes.  But then the layering happened and from then on it was a visual assault.  Thankfully, they mostly stuck with closeups so I didn’t have to see the dress, overdress, pants, socks, and clunky shoes more than in glimpses.

Now for Uncontrollably Fond…. WHAT THE FUDGE ARE THEY DOING?  First, we have the supposedly fancy outfit that has layer upon layer of ugly.  It at various times resembles a Christmas ornament, one of those toddler’s chew toys with the pieces of ribbon hanging off of the fabric, the top is similar to that of a movie theater usher and the shoes…..ugh.

And then we have the brown blob of ew that she wears to her first taping with Woo Bin’s character.  Who wears a full brown head to toe ensemble with elbow patches.  Then add the multiple coats over it when outside.  No.  Just no.  I also would try drowning myself in a bowl of rice wine if I had to wear that hideous outfit.





Wanted – The Body Count & Stiff Acting

KMUSE: I am really enjoying this drama.  I just wish that I enjoyed the performance of the leading lady.  Kim A Joong is very beautiful, but her lack of reaction to so many horrible events takes me out of the story.  I have liked her in past dramas, but not with this particular character.


I also am wondering at the insane body count this drama is starting to have.  The ethical boundaries that this group of people is willing to cross to save her son are starting to be over the top for my tastes.  I personally would have serious issues watching a variety show which results in at least a murder an episode.

Drama Length & Endings

Another Miss Oh

CLKYTTA: I loved Another Miss Oh, but it did get draggy.  I felt like it just kept going in circles when they could have fleshed out a few of the side character stories instead of rehashing the same “oh he’s going to die” scene over and over. That said, I did enjoy this drama, but I really felt the extension.b7.png

KMUSE:  Why does the entertainment world always have to ruin a good thing by dragging it out?  I should be happy that in kdramas it is only 2 or 4 episodes instead of 2 or 4 years like in the US.  This was still adorable and I was happy despite the fact I was completely aware I was watching filler.

Mirror of the Witch

CLKYTTA: This drama started out with a bang and ended with a whimper. Spoilers: Our favorite villain Hong Joo, who was so delightfully bad, ends up like a cat with no claws.  I wanted to see a spectacular end for her, complete with bodies flying through the air and magical meltdowns, but I’m guessing the budget was already strained by the extension and that didn’t happen.  Through the whole show we knew there would have to be a sacrifice, so I wasn’t surprised on how it ended.  One thing that bothered me though, there were a lot of loopholes in this drama, a lot of unreconciled issues and a lot of meh moments that should have been wow moments.  I love Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Sae Ron, but the powers that be should have chosen leads closer in age.  Their romance was sweet, but they had no chemistry, it was very brotherly every time they had a romantic moment and I feel like this was due to how young she is.  This is one case where I think it would have been a lot better if they had changed actresses during the time jump and had an older actress play the main female lead.


KMUSE: This is a drama that didn’t suffer from an extension but still was too long in my opinion.  It could have easily been whittled down to 16 episodes and lost none of the feels.  I felt like we went through the same issues with the princesses family multiple times.  Not to mention the bad guy kept escaping over and over and over.  It got a bit boring by the 5th time.


I initially had issues with the end.  However, I have since had time to get past it and come to accept the way they closed it.  Was it how I would have chosen?  No, but with the historical character context, I guess it makes sense.  I just feel that Kim Sae Ron’s character definitely got the short end of the fate stick in this one.

Beautiful Gong Shim

KMUSE: The last four episodes were so hard to watch.  It took forever for the bad guy to get caught and sent to jail.   Not to mention we had not one, but two hit and run attempts.  That is two too many in my opinion.


Then we finally came to the last episode.  It should be a simple happily ever after right?  Nope.  Despite the fact that everyone was in love and there were no family issues (even the chaebol grandma approved of his choice) our OTP is separated and Dan Tae goes off to America for a year to study.  I guess being a very successful lawyer is just not accomplished enough to run a chaebol conglomerate.  Even that could be OK…. except he then doesn’t call or text, or skype Gong Shim for a freaking year.  What a jerk move.  I will allow you to get back together, but I just don’t ship you the way I used to ship you.


Do you have a moment that ticked you off this week?  Be sure to get your anger off your chest and into our comments.  It really is cathartic and will help you move on.

Til next time,

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  1. Oh that Gong Shim ending…..Ugh. I was so disappointed. I would have dumped his butt. Extensions are not my favorite things because they don’t add anything to the story. I am also mad about them cutting Beautiful Mind. I wasn’t going to watch it at all until you recommended it and then I totally fell for it. He is brilliant just brilliant.

  2. Probably totally off topic because I’m about to rant on C-drama (the one and only I’ve ever watched) – but I’m ticked that I have to suffer through Whirlwind Girl 2 in order to see that adorable puppy Ji Chang Wook.

    It’s horrible and I’m also a former martial artist (when I was younger) and I’m fascinated by all things martial arts and…this…show…is…killing…me. AND, JCW is billed as the lead male but has minimal screen time and little dialogue (probably because he has to be dubbed in Mandorin (I think it’s Mandarin).)

    But I’m a die-hard fan girl and once I latch on to a Kdrama star, I’m then obligated to watch them in all of their projects. I think I’m a bit OCD.

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