W-Two Worlds Episode 3 – Lingerie or a long shot?


I seriously have a crazy fangirl love affair going on with this drama.  It makes recapping so much more enjoyable when I don’t have to figure out a new way to say “this sucks” every week!  And W-Two Worlds does in no way suck.  In fact, this is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite dramas (knock on imaginary wood) and I pray it stays strong til the end.  But for now we are only on episode 3 so let’s start discussing our kooky heroine and her charming hero.a10.png

Should we size you for your straight jacket now or later?

We get a little more insight into the father’s descent into madness.  Yes, I know he isn’t technically crazy, but you can tell he is one step away from an extended stay at Bedlam.


Turns out that this is not the first time the webtoon has changed without dad drawing the story line.

The first time (that dad is aware of) occurred when Kang Cheol was about to commit suicide.  Dad, depressed over his divorce, decides to finish the webtoon with the heroes death.  He becomes drunk, kills off Kang Cheol and passes out.  When he awakes in the morning, Kang Cheol is hanging by his fingertips on the bridge.  Determined to live.

Figuring he just forgot that he drew the alternate plot due to a drunken blackout, Dad continues with the webtoon and lets his hero live.

But eventually, dad realizes that things are changing and the pictures he drew suddenly shift before his eyes.  It is as if his character is refusing to follow the narrative he writes.


Over time Dad becomes more and more paranoid, positive that Kang Cheol is eventually going to kill him ( I assume for killing the family in the story).  So in order to live and remain sane, Dad attempts to kill Kang Cheol first.  It’s just not working out as planned.

I’ll be back…whether I want to or not

Yeon Joo has gone back to her world… but not for long.  Here is a quick countdown of what happened in her real life.

  1. Yeon Joo is avoiding her boss like the plague since he is having a fanboy meltdown.  Turns out that knowing the character that is a sudden love interest (even if he thinks Yeon Joo’s dad is just going meta) is a huge disaster.  There interaction now that they have a mutual Kang Cheol love just cracks me up.  Can’t wait to see what her boss does next.aa18
  2. Yeon Joo confesses to her father’s assistant ……… I need a nickname for him.  Any ideas, throw them out in the comments……. that she is actually going into another dimension and interacting with Kang Cheol.  Hence the random new story line.  Needless to say, he freaks out but ends up being a huge support in her attempts to figure out what is going on.a12.png
  3. Yeon Joo begins to get sick and passes out at a bus stop.  This is also when the alternate world sucks Yeon Joo back in, leaving her purse and phone in the real world abandoned.

There are no secrets.

Yeon Joo ends up back in the dressing room she had disappeared from.  She is found by Soo Hee who is making sure no scandal is going to erupt from her boss’s interactions with Yeon Joo. Soo Hee was full of disbelief that Yeon Joo had just disappeared from an enclosed dressing room when low and behold, there is the lady in question, passed out on the floor.

Kang Cheol rushes home with Yeon Joo in his arms (she is still passed out) and has her doctored and installed in his penthouse suite.  Drugged and mostly asleep, Yeon Joo answer various inquiries made by the billionaire.  She shares knowledge of his life that no one knows.  Such as his fear of living in one place for long, his attempted suicide on the Han Bridge, and Kang Cheol’s need to have a gun under his pillow in order to sleep.  Hahaha, I love Kang Cheol’s constantly surprised expression as Yeon Joo becomes even more of an enigma.

Seduction or gun play?

When Yeon Joo awakes, after being passed out for two days (is it sad that they thought of two days to just sleep, sounds like pure heaven?), she decides that upping her game to startle Kang Cheol is in need so she can return to her world.


Her two options are either wear very see through underwear or pull a gun on him. HAHAHAHA, she really does just go to the extremes.   Yeon Joo figures at least one would get her out of the webtoon and choose skimpy underwear and a quick peep show as her best option.


Closing her eyes, Yeon Joo throws open her robe as the bathroom door opens.  Ha!  Kang Cheol’s expression remains confused and undisturbed with this latest oddball action from his guest.  His bodyguard, however, about dies from humiliation and rushes out of the room to give his boss some privacy.


When a “to be continued..” sign does not appear, Yeon Joo goes for option #2 and points the gun Kang Cheol keeps under his pillow at her host.  This does seem to startle Kang Cheol for a second, but he continues to advance and Yeon Joo just attempts to scare him with shooting into the air.  The gun clicks as she fires and Kang Cheol informed her that he wanted to see what she would do with the gun she knew he had.


He then puts bullets in the gun and threatens to shoot Yeon Joo if she doesn’t spill everything she knows.  He inquires about why she needed to smack and kiss him to which she simply says, “I wanted to go home”.  He surmises that the kiss must have something to do with her disappearance and kisses her to test his hypothesis.

We get a second kiss between our OTP (One True Pairing) and this time it is Yeon Joo who has the eyes opened in shock.  Kang Cheol stares intently and inquires as to why she is still here if she wasn’t lying.  Flustered Yeon Joo replies that it isn’t her emotions which have to be engaged, but his since he is the main character.  At this point, she realizes that she has said too much and refuses to answer more questions.

Did you just shoot me?

I was actually a bit shocked and confused at the events that happened next.  Kang Cheol’s eyes turn flinty and he demands again that Yeon Joo tells him the truth.  She refuses and Kang Cheol actually fires the gun at a nearby vase.  Finally scared, Yeon Joo continues to refuse and Kang Cheol shoots her.


WHAT THE FUDGE?  You just shoot her?  Even if Kang Cheol thinks that Yeon Joo is unable to be harmed, that is a mighty huge hunch he just tested.  Kang Cheol informs Yeon Joo that she must be from somewhere else and as such, she can’t die here.  Which explains the bullet that went through her clothing and the mirror behind her, but didn’t leave a mark on our heroine.  Yeon Joo faints from shock and Kang Cheol sends her back to the bedroom, staying behind to beautifully brood at the broken mirror.


Which leads me to a few important questions.

  1. Most importantly, how positive was he that the bullet wouldn’t kill her?  Sure Kang Cheol said all the right words, but I swear his expression was slightly surprised at the Shoot Yeon Joo results.a5.png
  2. Who does Kang Cheol know that is from an alternate dimension?  Kang Cheol just kind of dumps that information onto the viewer and then it is forgotten due to the cute OTP hijinks.  This would also explain why he is not freaking out over some of Yeon Joo’s odd actions and also why he thinks she knows something about the person trying to kill him.7
  3. And finally, how am I supposed to not ship these two when they are so adorable?  I especially loved when Yeon Joo throws out a random “I love you” as Kang Cheol is about to leave the room.  His expression is hilarious, as she utters “never mind” when a to be continued sign refuses to appear.

I’m your fan.

We finish the episode with some more wonderful OTP bantering.  I am so firmly installed on this couple’s ship, that you might as well make me a permanent crew member.  Kang Cheol prepares to leave on a business trip to the US when Yeon Joo rushes in and begs him to be careful.  Thinking she might know something about yet another assassination attempt, Kang Cheol asks what he should look out for.  Yeon Joo replies that she doesn’t know when she is in this world, but she wants him to stay safe.  She is a fan of his after all.  GAH!  The cuteness and swoony feelz are almost overwhelming.


My Thoughts:

As you can tell from my overabundance recount of actual plot this week, I love this show and it is really hard to whittle anything out of my recap to make it less step by step.  There are also moments where I start to go into super sleuth mode and try to figure out what is going to happen.  So just for fun, I am going to put some random hypothesis out there on what MAY happen in future episodes.  If you have your own theories be sure to let us know in the comments.  I know that Clykatta, Drama Geek, Jennie, and I have been bouncing conspiracy theories all over the place in FB.  It is almost as fun as watching what really happens.



There is a third party (the assassin in the cloak) who is the real mastermind behind the death of  Kang Cheol’s family. Remember that Kang Cheol knows about dimension world jumping which means he has met other people in similar situations.  There could have easily been someone in Yeon Joo’s world that set Kang Cheol up.  With this weeks evidence of a vanishing assassin and the acknowledgement of Dad’s drinking problems, I don’t think it would be too hard for a third party to manipulate the plot.  Every action leading man needs a good nemesis.  And so far Yeon Joo’s dad being that bad guy is just not clicking with me.aa26.png

Theory #2

We have already met the killer in an everyday disguise.  We have successfully met everyone within the drama.   Which means I have to figure out who it might be.  Sweet intern sidekick?  Webtoon assistant?  Yeon Joo’s boss?   UGH the possibilities are endless.

To Be Continued….



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  1. I think her mom is a prime suspect. Her presence has been fairly minimized so far, almost too much. But her mom was the initial reason the dad tried to kill off Kang Cheol.

    • Omo! You surprised me! It’s a good theory, hahaha!! Who knows, it’s possible that the mother hated the webtoon so much that she produced some changes in it too… certainly there is something going on there with the divorce.
      As for me, I’ve been suspecting the loyal friend-bodyguard. And I also feel the need for a greater villain there, the father does not seem a right choice, and I hope he and Kang Chul will come to good terms eventually. The villain can be someone from the webtoon or the real world. So far we know that the father has seen Kang Chul acting on his own, but we are not sure if he is the only one in the webtoon moving independently from the creator’s wishes. Could it be another webtoon character able to come to this world?? So many questions, I cannot wait till next week!!

      On a different note, can I say how charming and adorable are the two leads? LJS has won me over, as always; and HHJ is fun and I like her take on the webtoon fangirl going crazy with all that is happening to her. I love them together and I am swooning in anticipation for the romance. Book me a cabin on this ship, I’m ready for the trip!! 😀

  2. Is there any way to know the brand or designer of the first dress she wore? The second dress is cute,too. But I like the first one better. Just curious 😀

  3. There are plenty of interesting and deep theories going round.
    I’m just wondering if Yeon Joo’s world is even real. 🙂 Is this a world within a world within a world? It could be some master puppeteer that’s changing Dad’s story instead.
    It is plausible Kang Chul is changing his own life story. But if this is so, how could he have had the power to effect change, especially in the early days when he had minimal consciousness that there could be greater powers at play? He also has memories of being in the water that night, so how does a non-superhero person (webtoon or not) unjump or reverse time?

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