W-Two Worlds Episode 4 – Life sucks! At least when you’re fictional.


Things get real for our heroine. Who knew being fictional would be so hard? On the other hand our hero has to face a cold reality. But don’t think for a second Kang Chul is going to let a little thing like being a comic book character stop him from staying “alive”. This weeks episodes both clocked in at 12.9% in the ratings, pushing W to the number one spot for Wed/Thurs time slot.

Hello all, this is Drama Geek and I’m filling in for Jennie B. for 2 weeks while she takes care of important house related things. I’m so excited I get to weigh in on what might be my favorite drama of 2016.  This writer and director should always work together. LOL. The director is bringing this story to life in a visually stunning way. And the actors at the helm are doing a smashing job. Also total props to whoever they have doing the drawing portion. They are seriously super talented and are a huge part of making this whole thing work. As a writer and fangirl this started out being the most awesome concept ever. Who wouldn’t want to see their creations come to life. Or for the fangirl, get to actually talk to (and kiss!!) your favorite fictional hero. But with each new turn, this story is becoming a writer’s worst nightmare.

Before heading off to America, Kang Chul has to check in with Director Son, the man he put in charge of W, the TV station he created to help track down his family’s killer. They’re trying to locate the Truck of Doom that almost killed Kang Chul, but funny thing about that truck. It didn’t have a license plate, came out of nowhere, and then disappeared on the CCTV footage.

Which sounds very similar to what the nurse claims happened when she tried to kill Kang Chul. She has no idea who called her or why she wanted to kill Kang Chul. She just did it then realized afterward that what she was doing was wrong. (If this was the Marvel universe, I’d be looking for Kilgrave, not a webtoon writer.)

Kang Chul isn’t surprised by these revelations. A lot of things in his life have no logical connection. We go back to the night he was stabbed and see that he got a mysterious call telling him to meet on the roof of the hotel. They said they had information regarding his family’s murder. So he uncharacteristically told his bodyguard he didn’t need him and also didn’t take his gun. He went to the rooftop and instead of being smart by keeping his front forward allowing him to see anyone that might approach, he left his back wide open. Therefore he only had time to stand there and get stabbed repeatedly when the killer arrived.

The fact that two months has passed and they haven’t found a single trace of who stabbed Kang Chul, lines up with all the other crazy things that have happened. It matches what happened with his family too. In ten years they haven’t found anything regarding the murderer.

Kang Chul tells him that he thinks that someone from another dimension is trying to kill him. Someone like Yeon Joo who is invincible and disappears into thin air.

I have to stop for a second and comment as a writer. As a webtoon artist, you physically can’t draw everything that would be in this world. And you don’t really need to think of stuff like where did the truck come from or where did it go. But these are the things that Kang Chul started sensing once he decided to live back on that bridge. One of the creepiest scenes was when Dad drew Kang Chul driving in the car angry and then Kang Chul morphed and asked where he was going. It’s kind of like he’s in the Matrix and suddenly realized things were off just a little. Okay, back to the story.

We cut to Yeon Joo standing in the penthouse bedroom with maids bringing in loads and loads of pretty things. The head maid flutters around her trying to zip her dress up and put makeup on her. Yeon Joo is totally uncomfortable with all the attention and asks why the maid is doing it, only to be told she’s the president’s fiancé. Yeon Joo is caught off guard by that news but only has a second to digest before said fake fiancé calls her. The convo between these two is adorbs. So are her facial expressions. They flirt back and forth. Before hanging up she tries to shock him by saying “I love you” again but it doesn’t work. Though when Kang Chul hangs up he does say that if she says it to him one more time, he just might feel something.

And…  enter spiteful second lead girl. I get it, for at least 10 years (in the W world) she’s been the female lead, so for a girl like Yeon Joo, who makes zero sense, to swoop in and take her spot has to sting.

IMG_6585But instead of being the faithful secretary she should be, she decides to lure Yeon Joo out of the penthouse and down to a more public venue for wine. Which is where she gets noticed by the waiter who helped her when Kang Chul was stabbed. Before you know it, Yeon Joo has to sprint through the hotel to get away from the swarming police. IMG_6597She calls Kang Chul and tells him what’s up. Kang Chul then calls one of the guards and has him help Yeon Joo escape, but it’s too late. She’s cornered by the police. So she chucks the phone she has (which would be proof she’s been talking to Kang Chul) and gets arrested.

Yeon Jo is dragged into the police station and interrogated. But unfortunately for her, she can’t answer even the simplest questions. She doesn’t exist in this world and therefore doesn’t have an identification number, name, or anything that will prove her innocence.

She gets a brief break where So Hee comes to visit her. She tries to tell her that she really doesn’t have the answers the cops are looking for, but So Hee doesn’t believe her. Nor do the police so she’s sent to prison.

Kang Chul finally gets back from America (it takes time to fly to and from, even if you aren’t staying) and tells his driver to go straight to see Yeon Joo. He gets a call from So Hee and understandably tears into her. She claims it was the only thing she could do, but Kang Chul argues that she should have trusted him. So Hee says that the police think Yeon Joo is an accomplice so why shouldn’t she help the police. If Yeon Joo is innocent all she has to do is tell the truth. That’s when Kang Chul explodes. He spent a year in prison waiting for his trial because the police couldn’t find any other logical killer. They didn’t look past the few inconsistencies in his story and just looked to Kang Chul, even though he was innocent. And that’s what he was protecting Yeon Joo from. Kang Chul fires So Hee and hangs up.


They bring a tired and defeated Yeon Joo to see Kang Chul. He asks if she’s okay, and she says a watery yes before changing it to no. Kang Chul tells her that the only way out of this prison is to tell him the truth. She doesn’t want to at first, but you can tell she’s internally losing the battle. The truth will shatter Kang Chul’s world, but she doesn’t want to stay in prison either. Remember, they’ve shown that her body experiences the time she spends here. If she doesn’t leave she could find herself a very old woman in thirty minutes of her own time. Or Kang Chul’s world could skip along from one important moment to the next and she’d be left to speed through time and possibly collapse from lack of sleep and food.

She finally spits it out. Kang Chul is the main character of a webtoon. He sits totally stunned and then the To Be Continued sign pops up and Kang Chul watches her disappear before his eyes.

Yeon Joo materializes on the bench with Webtoon Assistant standing by for her return. The poor thing really didn’t want to believe it, but knowing the bench was empty one moment and she was there the next, there is no denying it. He hilariously discusses the latest webtoon upload and the shock of her in lingerie. When he scrolls through the screenshots there is a second where I wonder if the webtoon wasn’t so secretive. I mean, we the viewer couldn’t see it since it’s a major network, but it almost seemed like she really did flash the world.

That’s the least of her problems though. She’s now a jailbreaker on the other side, and if it sucks her back in, who knows what could happen to her. They head back to the office and Dad is still not there. Webtoon Assistant thinks it’s best to just end it now so there’s no way she gets pulled back in. They can’t draw the main character so Webtoon Assistant goes to erase the To Be Continued sign and replace it with The End.


OMG, how pissed would you be as the reader of this story. All the sudden at the end some crazy girl pops into the story and takes over the leading lady spot, only to tell the hero he’s a manhwa character and then disappears. THE END. We’d all want to throw things.

Back in Toonland, Kang Chul is shaken to the core. The prison is in an uproar, and he’s their number 1 suspect for how she got out of jail. Director calls to see what happened and Kang Chul fills him in. At first it doesn’t seems like Kang Chul didn’t believed Yeon Joo’s crazy ramblings, but then he says that when he puts what she said together with everything he knows about his life, he finally can make a logical connection. He tells the director, and I think internally admits it to himself, that his world is fake. And with those words the world freezes. His bodyguard is like a mannequin. Kang Chul moves through the prison and everyone below is frozen as well. He slides to the floor, his world and everyone in it becoming obsolete.

And in the real world the screen Webtoon Assistant was trying to write The End on goes blank. Yeon Joo freaks out because she knows by telling Kang Chul, she caused whatever just happened, and there may be no way to fix it.

In a daze, Kang Chul looks up when a blue shimmery square magically appears. The next few shots rocked my little heart. Kang Chul walks up to it, and the camera swings around so we can see him as a cartoon character from our side.


He suddenly remembers that when he lay bloody and dying on the hotel rooftop the same magical square appeared and he’d reached through it and grabbed onto Yeon Joo. So his will to live and her will for him to live created the first instance that brought her to his world. So cool to see it from his end.

Kang Chul borrows one of the guards guns and with determination steps through the shimmering portal. He materializes terminator style (too bad the portal didn’t disintegrate his clothes for no reason.)

The world that Kang Chul looks out over is just a little dingier than the one he left. (Did anyone else wonder if it smells different too? Like as a writer you don’t always mention how things smell.) He leaves the rooftop and walks (past the screen Dad stomped on and discarded) purposely toward the camera all revenge action star style.


My Thoughts:

WOAH BUDDY. Shit just got real. It’s one thing for a fictional character to start taking control of their own narrative. It’s another for them to jump off the page and start affecting your world. I can think of many of my characters that would be livid with the hell I’ve put them through.

Kang Chul finding out he’s just ink on paper had to be shocking, but I feel like it’s just the beginning for him. He’s about to come face to face with his own books. And with his creator. I’m worried for Dad and in turn for Yeon Joo. At this point Kang Chul has been amused with her antics and knew she was the key to his existence. But he’ll soon find out whose daughter she is, and I’m not sure his affection will extend that far.

I’m super excited they’re in her world, but I almost wish he’d somehow been able to bring his bodyguard with him. Maybe I just like that actor. LOL

Theory 3: As the viewer we’re left to wonder if Dad ever created an identity for the Kang family killer. Or if there is actually an identity for the person that’s still trying to kill him. Kmuse theorized yesterday that it could be someone from Yeon Joo’s world. I could get on board with that. It would explain why they don’t have an identity. But it could very well be that there is no mysterious killer. That in really is just lazy writing from Dad. Which makes it so that Dad is the killer and the mysterious guy is no more than his weapon.

Theory 4: I can’t remember which one of the Kimchi ladies said this but they noticed that our killer’s body and fighting style is a lot like Kang Chul’s. And they concluded that maybe when he didn’t die on the bridge, it created an alternate version of himself. So now that other version is out to correct the change in his destiny. I have to say that when they flashed back to the rooftop stabbing they really did look similar.


All right, I think I’ve blathered enough. If you can’t tell already, I’m head over heels in love with this show and have a hard time not gushing. I’ll be back for next week’s Thursday episode then Jennie will finish out the series. Please leave your own theories in the comments.

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  1. Oh, I am on the two versions of Kang Chul front. This is a way, way better drama than I expected. Although, I am on the Lee Jong Suk keeps his clothes on side as well.

  2. O_o An alternate version of himself…… I never thought of that. Yikes that would be…interesting and somewhat disturbing. I wondered about the smell too – maybe because I have a super sensitive nose. Would webtoon characters have a sense of smell? Only if it is written into the story maybe. I am also loving this drama and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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