Drama Banchan: Dramathoning Like A Fangirl #6


It’s that time again where The Fangirls are checking out a ton of new dramas.  If you are on the fence about starting a show, come see what we have to say about it.  Might help you take the plunge into a new drama or run away screaming, saving yourselves the heartache of a crappy 16 hours wasted.


Hapimari: Happy Marriage!?


KMUSE: Two episodes in and I am really enjoying this one.  As with most Jdramas, you have a pretty standard female type (hardworking and honest) who goes into an arranged marriage to save her father from bookies.   The Mamiya Hokuto has to marry Chiwa since she is the daughter of his grandfather’s first love.  Through her, he stakes a claim into the family that had thrown him away because of his illegitimacy. Through trials, they become a real couple.  Sure, this drama isn’t recreating anything new.  But it manages to have a sincerity that is sometimes lacking.  Would highly suggest this for anyone looking for a romantic Jdrama.

Drama Geek: I’ve also watched two episodes and find this an easy watch. And the previews make it look like things could get nice and steamy pretty soon.

Beautiful Mind

KMUSE: There are only 2 episodes left (whoever made the final decision to cut this drama 2 episodes SUCKS) and it is as strong as ever.  Thankfully the episode reduction has not destroyed the drama.  Sure there are a few scenes you can tell were altered, but the narrative of Lee Yeong Oh’s transformation stays strong and on point.  If the last two episodes remain as high a quality, this drama is going to receive a 10 from me.  It is truly quality TV.



CLKYTTA: Ok, I’m still not sure of this one. I want her to be with everyone except the lead guy.  I don’t like the age difference or that he was her teacher.  I want her to be with Ji Soo. I want everyone to be with Ji Soo, including me.  Honestly I’m not sure I’m going to make it to the finish with this one, I’m so bored with it.


KMUSE: I really enjoyed the first 8 episodes but then it fizzled for me.  Might be that I just don’t enjoy the leading man in this role.  Or it could be 2nd lead syndrome and how I wish Yoon Gyun Sang was, in fact, the leading man.  Or it might be the lack of more Ji Soo.

Hmmm.  Yup, it is the lack of Ji Soo.  That boy is a cameo god and deserves to be the focus of the romance.  Why can’t he come back and sweep Seo Woo away on his motorcycle?


Drama Geek: I dropped this because the OTP (One True Pairing) just didn’t click for me, and I’m not really into hospital politics. I stuck it out and watched through Ji Soo’s cameo.

Lets Fight Ghost

CLKYTTA: So far I am really enjoying this one.  It seems like we are going to have a nice, fluffy, funny, scary, interesting drama like Oh My Ghostess.  If it lives up to that standard then I will be really happy. I like the dynamic of the cast, we have our leads who are really more friendly than romantic right now, and our bromance with the Ghostbuster twins, and our deceptively fine evil guy.1ad1sa2alha.jpg

KMUSE:  Kudos to the writers for creating some super creepy ghosts.  Usually, I don’t get scared with this type of show, but there have been a few times where I totally jumped.  Much to my embarrassment as my husband caught me for at least two of those times.  The OTP is also adorable and I totally can see our leading man falling for a ghost.  It just makes sense since to him, she is almost as real as anyone else.  I look forward to watching their sweet romance as they kick ghost butt.


Drama Geek: I’m totally enjoying this one. The ghosts are nice and creepy. The heroine is my kind of girl. She’s strong and funny. Can really kick some serious ghost butt and is a also a kind person. (I watched some BTS and her and Taec are both doing a lot of their own stunts.) Bong Pal is adorable and I love him in this role. It plays to his acting strengths and doesn’t push him to do anything too serious. If I had one complaint it would be the second leads. The girl is pretty boring but she’s at least sweet. And the guy’s character is a little too close to the second lead’s character in Oh My Ghostess. But it’s not enough to stop me from watching.

The Good Wife

KMUSE:  If you are looking for a solid story, amazing actors, and a ton of ethical gray situations, then give this drama a chance.  I have heard that it is very similar to the US show it was adapted from.  Luckily, I never got around to watching the US version so this is all new to me.


Uncontrollably Fond

CLKYTTA: Pretty sure this one is going to tear my heart out and stomp it to pieces. I like the storyline, and I think this one has a lot of potential.  There is a lot going on though, so I’m hoping the story doesn’t get bogged down by all the twists and turns they’ve thrown at us so far.


KMUSE:  Woo Bin and his sexy eyebrows are taking out my heart and stomping on it during every episode.  I love how forward Woo Bin is, trying to make the last few months of his life worth living (This isn’t a spoiler since we literally find out about his terminal illness in the first five minutes of the drama.)  And while Suzy is not my favorite actress in the world, I find her performance OK.  Luckily Woo Bin can romantically emote for the both of them so it is all good in my drama watching world.


Drama Geek: Oh my little Woo Bin loving heart. I knew this was a melodrama going in but I didn’t realize it was a rip your hear out type of show. Unfortunately I know I’m going to be ruined by the end. I like the characters and their chemistry.

W Two Worlds

CLKYTTA: The first two episodes have completely sucked me in.  I feel like this is something new and interesting and I have been waiting for a drama that is new and interesting.  I stand by my comment I made a while back, it’s like a drama version of AHA’s “Take On Me” and that’s one of my favorite music videos of all time.  I love the concept of two worlds and so far the crossover between the two makes sense.  I like it when I’m wondering the same thing as the main characters and I get to watch it all unfold and make sense.


KMUSE: This drama is my everything.  Won’t go into detail since I am recapping it for the blog (feel free to check out the recaps here) but am excited to see where the story takes us.  Hopefully it is somewhere with lots of skinship and Lee Jong Suk winking.

Drama Geek: Dramaworld, you have given me the show I never knew I wanted. I’m so in loved with this drama I can’t even express how much. The writing and directing are top notch. The lead’s world is gorgeously lit and shot to make you really feel like you’re in a manhwa. The drawings are suburb. The OTP has amazing chemistry. And it keeps you on your toes the whole time.


Age of Youth

KMUSE:  This is 100% slice of life, specifically the life of a female in her twenties and sharing her apartment with 4 other women.    I love 4 out of 5 of the leading ladies which is pretty amazing.  Also the switching of narrator every episode really works for me.  Gives me a chance to truly like every girl individually and as part of the roommate group.

So if you like dramas that focus on snippets of a person’s life and make us relate to the character’s suffering, then this is the show for you.


Drama Geek: I was just asking the dramaverse for more sismances and it delivered. If you’re looking for a strong plot or super funny this isn’t your drama. The story flows around the five girls living together. It feels very real with annoying roommate habits and just normal bickering between them. I have heard people think it’s all over the place, but I think it’s very easy to follow.

Phew.  There is our list.  Our fangirl lives are pretty busy now with so many great dramas airing at the same time.  It almost makes me worried on how we are going to fit all the new shows that are due out in August.  Guess we will have to sleep less and fangirl more!  Be sure to let us know your favorite airing drama in the comments and we will see you again soon for another Drama Banchan.

The Fangirls

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  1. Oh I read in caption you all dropped one drama and I was hoping it was not Doctors, but it is.. and more to it you don’t like the role male lead.. auch , my heart! the role male lead is my bias and I adore him in Doctors. I am so happy he’s playing a romantic role after some dark roles. But of course I respect anyone’s opinion, so it’s okay, not everyone has to love the same thing :). I am watching Beautiful Mind, W and UF too. I like all 4 of the drama’s! (with Doctors being my fav). I see a lot of “who do you like best? which OTP you like best? which actor you like best?” between UF and W and I honestly can’t choose between those two!!! I like them both a lot!

  2. I had been thinking about starting HapiMari and I was happy to find someone who had given it a try. I started it and I really like it. The OST is nice too so that is a plus. I’m watching all the others but Doctors. I just could not get into it. Too much hospital politics and the whole”teacher/student” thing really put me off. Beautiful Mind is so good but at the moment W is my favorite.

  3. Thanks for the Hapimari recommendation – a second yes vote means I’ll add this one to my watchlist.

    Doctors is one of those rare Dramas were I would actually tell people “pick it up at 11″ – seriously. The First ten episodes were so tedious and clichéd they could easily be summed up in a 5 minute ‘seen it all before” recap. And let’s not forget the SPECTACULARLY awkward, unromantic phone booth kiss, with PSH looking like a deer caught in headlights and KRW contorting himself to avoid physical contact. Queen In Hyun’s Man it was not. 🙂

    But the change from ep 11 is so remarkable I wondered if the writer changed. The leads finally show some real chemistry and their dialogue is remarkable. I’ve almost never heard such sensible, mature and well thought out conversations between an OTP on the subject of their feelings, and on their own perceptions of those feelings. It also deserves a tick for bringing back his ex in a non-triangle role, happy and well-adjusted, not bitter and poisonous. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

  4. Waah! I’m watching Hapi Mari and The Good Wife and will watch W after downloading it today.

    HapiMari is an easy watch and I’m liking it so far. The lead girl is cute 🙂

    The Good Wife is a very very good show. I’ve never been a great fan of legal dramas but the stellar acting, solidity and harmony when everything is put together makes me WOW.

    W, on the other hand is a show I’ve been waiting for since several months ago but I decided to wait for the first 4 Episodes to be shown after it started so that I won’t have a harder time waiting for the next scene.Yay! Off to watch it now.

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