Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Releases Hijink Filled 3rd Teaser


Is anyone else getting modern day chaebol meets candy girl with the heart of gold vibes from this teaser?  We have an entitled snarky king (the equivalent of a modern rich kid)…. CHECK.  We have a sweet, but poor, candy girl doing odd jobs (in this case dressing up as a man and giving out romance advice) who just wants to survive….. CHECK.  This is more or less a  cross-dressing hijink drama where everyone just happens to wear hanbok.

I have been completely on-board this ship since teaser one, so this teaser is just the OTP (one true pairing) cherry on top.  They are adorable together and I can’t wait to start this drama.


Moonlight Drawn by Cloud is set to air on Aug 22nd.


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