Sparks Fly in New Teasers for Upcoming Drama Fantastic!


It is a tantrum face off between our OTP (One True Pairing) in upcoming dramedy Fantastic.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I would say our leads maybe need some anger management classes stat.  If nothing else, I think the writers have gotten the point across that their relationship is a bit tempestuous, to say the least.a5.png

Although, after reading the brief synopsis that is floating around, I am not sure the drama knows what it wants to be itself.  Read for yourself….

**A cheerful-but-weighty romance between a drama writer with a terminal illness and a Hallyu star.

HUH.  A cheerful and weighty romance is not a phrase that makes me feel secure and excited to start this show.  Throw in the terminal illness trope and I kind of want to run away.  But who knows.  Maybe cheerfully almost dead is just what I should be watching.  Guess I will have to wait around for a more in-depth teaser since these two are your standard cable teaser that they throw out first to make it seem like it will be a comedy.  Sorry PR people.  With that synopsis, I am not even going to buy into your misleading hijinks.  I don’t care how sexy Joo Sang Wook’s smile is.


Fantastic is all set to air on Sept 2nd.



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  1. Ah I don’t even care about the synopsis in Kdrama anymore. Just give me the two leads already.
    People always complain here and that. Whatever

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