W-Two Worlds Episode 6 – It’s the End of the World as We Know It.

FullSizeRender Wow! The endings for both episodes this week were insane!  Seriously, this drama just keeps upping the tension and awesomeness with each episode. Our hero does the unthinkable but is it really THE END for Kang Chul? Will Dad survive to draw another day? Will our fangirl doctor be able to forgive the man that shot her father?


Let’s start by pulling the elephant’s tail and establishing it’s in the room. Our hero just shot (and possibly killed) our heroine’s father. Yes, he pretty much put a bullseye on his chest and begged Kang Chul to shoot him, but you cannot get around the fact that he did pull that trigger.  I was almost tempted to watch this episode raw just to see how the show handled this situation. And I have to say I was very impressed. I’m interested to see if you agree with me.

So Kang Chul pulls the trigger and Dad slumps to the ground, blood seeping from his chest. You can tell that Kang Chul isn’t happy with himself, but also doesn’t try to stop the bleeding or save Dad’s life. He leaves the house as Assistant Soo Bong (this guy deserved his name and not just a nickname.) lays traumatized on the lawn (he’d fallen to the ground thinking himself shot when the gun went off). Kang Chul does throw out that if Soo Bong calls 911 right away Dad might survive.

Yeon Joo jumps out of the taxi when she hears the shot and runs the rest of the way. The paramedics are already there so she’s able to jump in the ambulance and accompany him to her hospital. Mad Dog is there to do the surgery and kicks her out knowing she won’t be of any help to them.

While Dad’s getting worked on, Yeon Joo understandably loses it.Sorry, she’s kind of beautiful when she cries (and not it a way that makes you feel like she’s trying to be.)

But has to pull herself together when she gets a call from Dad’s publisher. They received another installment of W, and since it happened overnight after her dad was already shot, they’re questioning the validity of its source. It content could also be polarizing after what happened.Yeon Joo has them send her the file, and sure enough, Kang Chul’s arrival into their world all the way through the shooting is there.

We also see that Kang Chul left her dad’s house looking despondent and discarded the gun then proceeded to buy paper and pen, writing Yeon Joo a farewell letter.

And then…  jumped off the Han River Bridge.

The most shocking part of it all is that the webtoon panel in front of Yeon Joo says THE END at the bottom instead of To Be Continued. That means it is really over now. Um, WHAT? He’s dead!!


Yeon Joo is of course shocked, but she doesn’t have time to process because the police will find out about the existence of this storyline (that was submitted only hours after her dad was shot) and use it in their investigation. Possibly making our daughter/assistant duo look suspicious, I assume. Or just make them all look crazy.

They’ve already confirmed the killer didn’t show up on the CCTV footage, the gun is nowhere to be found. We see that it turned into its toon version, then disappeared. The same thing happened to the bullet. (Too bad the damage the bullet did to Dad’s body didn’t disappear.)

Thankfully, Dad wakes up after surgery and Yeon Joo and Assistant Soo Bong purpose to him that they just tell the police, and the media, that it was a suicide attempt. It seems the best way to explain what happened. (I’d say it’s pretty accurate with how much Dad was goading Kang Chul).

One month after the shooting Dad is home from the hospital, Yeon Joo is also taking a break from work to help Dad recover, and all the fans are still pissed. LOL. You know you would be too. Or have been, I’m looking at you Mirror of the Witch. There’s a huge online petition to resurrect Kang Chul.

Yeon Joo meets with Dad’s publishing team and they try to get her to convince Dad to change the end and save Kang Chul. Especially because before all this happened they commissioned a movie and it’s really hard to do a hero movie when the public knows the hero is already dead. She informs them that Dad is really done for good, and is retiring.


Assistant Soo Bong gets a call from the police to let him know a body of a man has been pulled out of the Han River that looks like it has been in the water about a month. He drags Yeon Joo to identify if it’s Kang Chul and after seeing the corpse is  wearing a ring, she knows it’s not him. Haha, Soo Bong gets sick at the first sight of the corpse.

Dad finds out from Yeon Joo that she’s still looking for Kang Chul’s body. And you can tell he’s sad. He asks if Yeon Joo wants him to save Kang Chul like everyone else. She hems and haws a little. Saying she knows he shot her dad, and that he’s fictional and all but… what happens to the characters when the story ends? When she was little all the stories just said they lived happily ever after. Do they grow old and die or do they stay in stasis forever? It all boils down to, what happened to Kang Chul? Is he actually dead or just frozen in time?

Dad says, even if he wanted to, he couldn’t save Kang Chul. The police returned the broken computer screen when they closed the investigation. So Dad, now that he’s had time to think (and I’d argue, sober up) realizes that Kang Chul didn’t intend for him to die. He’s an Olympic gold medalist shot. If he wanted to kill him instantly, he could have, but he chose to give him a chance to live. Dad realizes they pushed each other to the breaking point and then they both betrayed each other. (So for Dad it’s a draw. One attempted murder for the other, or however that math works out. LOL)


So he set his computer up and went to erase The End and replace it with To Be Continued but it wouldn’t let him. It really is over this time.  Dad can’t save him.

Another month goes by and Dad has the fastest gunshot wound recovery ever. He’s off to New Zealand on vacation.IMG_6874

Meanwhile, Mad Dog set a friend of his up on a blind date and they backed out at the last minute. So Yeon Joo gets to be the stand in because she washed her hair. Oh my, the hair washing thing kills me.

Anyway, her date shows up and first it’s this really good looking guy walking down the stairs.

Then behind him is her real date. (Poor guy, I know Yeon Joo isn’t shallow but how can he can compare to Kang Chul?)

Thankfully, Yeon Joo gets a called from her intern friend (who totally was the one that sold her out on the clean hair), she jumps at the chance to leave the table.She goes into the bathroom and while she’s on the phone the connection is lost. SQUEE!!!!!!!!!! She’s suddenly submerged in water and being pulled down into the murky depths.We see Kang Chul beautifully suspended below her. (These shots seriously cannot do her suddenly submerged in the water justice.)

Yeon Joo fights to reach him, but she keeps getting pulled back up into the light. She pops back into the bathroom looking like a gorgeous drowned rat.

Yeon Joo run out and borrows her would be blind date’s phone to check. And WOOOHOOOOO. The last frame of the webtoon with Kang Chul in the water has now changed to To Be Continued.


Yeon Joo rushes over to where Soo Bong is trying to make a client happy by making the biggest anime eyes known to man. She tells him what happened and drags him to her father’s house. Since Dad is gone, Soo Bong is the only one who can draw Kang Chul and save his life.

Soo Bong doesn’t want to do it, but Yeon Joo insists they have to. There is some reason she was pulled back in, she doesn’t know why yet. We flash to the Han River and there’s a hooded figure on the bridge standing like he’s going to jump. Two bicyclists call out to him and when he lunges at them, we see his face (?) flicker like a computer screen. What the what?


We go back to Yeon Joo still trying to convince Soo Bong. She says that Dad is alive and on vacation. They’re all living their lives. But what about Kang Chul? He’s in the cold water condemning himself as a murderer.

Soo Bong gives in and draws a boat with divers in it passing by where Kang Chul’s body would be. But nothing happens. It just stays lines on a screen.

Soo Bong gives up and goes to make ramyun and then has an epiphany.


He heard from Yeon Joo’s Dad a long time ago something about W. He heard that she…


But we don’t hear what it is. (Though we’ll talk about what we all think it is in the theory section.) All the sudden we see two guards in a prison making their rounds and they find Yeon Joo asleep on the floor.

The people on the boat see Kang Chul jump, and rescue him.

He wakes up in his bed. Still baring the scratch that Dad gave him.

The guards wake Yeon Joo up and when she realizes she’s back in Kang Chul’s world her face breaks out in the biggest smile.


My Thoughts:

Holy rollercoaster ride. We’re only at episode 6 and our OTP has kissed 3 times. Our heroine has saved his life 3 times. Told him she loved him twice. The hero has discovered he’s a fictional construct of someone else’s making. Found his maker. Shot said maker. Killed himself. And has now been resurrected from the dead after 2 months. Ready to take a breath?

This show continues to raise questions and then answer them quickly while posing new ones. We’ve wondered who the killer is from day 1. And I purposed last week that maybe Dad was just lazy and didn’t create an identity for him. Oh boy, that’s really what happened. So now Dad has no one to put the blame on but himself. And no way to give Kang Chul the ending he desires. So by episode 5 we know who the killer is. But then the question of who Kang Chul’s creator comes into play. In episode 5 they show us a brief shot where little Yeon Joo is drawing a boy (who looks a tiny bit like Kang Chul) aiming a gun. Then at the end of this episode Soo Bong couldn’t get the drawing to complete itself. So I’m assuming Yeon Joo grabbed that pen and poof she made it work.

How can W end if the hero just won’t freaking give up? Haha. I mean, dude was in the water for two months and his will finally pulled her back in. Or maybe it was faceless killer that pulled them in. Note to all writers out there. ALWAYS create an identity for your killers or they might become weird faceless creatures that have a will of their own.

Okay, now to theories:

Theory #1: Yeon Joo did create Kang Chul and she will be the only one who can write The End for him. Hopefully it will be with her and a passel of adorable kids.

Theory #2: After terrorizing Kang Chul’s world, Faceless Killer will follow Yeon Joo back to her world and Kang Chul (and hopefully sexy bodyguard) will have to follow to save her life for once.

This is Drama Geek and it’s The End for me with recaps on this series. Jennie will be back next week.

So it’s still-To Be Continued…








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