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Oops.  We had this post planned a few months ago and then it got a bit lost in the blogging shuffle.  But we still have a few weeks of summer left so it is the perfect time to get that last bit of summertime cruizin in before school starts again.  So join Clkytta & Kmuse as they share their favorite songs to blast in the car while the days are warm and long.

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I am constantly in the car driving kids to and fro all over the city.  So a good Kpop playlist is a must.  Here are some that are currently in my summer rotation.

B.A.P. “That’s My Jam”

I know it just came out today, but it inspired me to finish this blog post so it goes onto the list!  This song is perfect for some serious rocking out in the car.

AKMU “How People Move”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t help but tap my toe anytime this song comes on my radio.  I also love how vibrant the video is.

BTS “Save Me” & “Fire”

How is a BTS Fangirl supposed to choose between two such amazing songs?  That is why they are officially tied and added to my summer cruisin’ playlist.  Double the BTS awesomeness is always the right choice when blasting music in the car.

Red Velvet “Dumb Dumb Dumb”

I have really been working on finding more girl idol groups that I enjoy and Red Velvet is at the top of the list.  Their song Dumb Dumb Dumb is one that will get stuck in your head for days and perfect to blast out to the world.

Twice “OOH-AHH”

I love this song so much.  I could play it over and over………and have for the last 6 mths.  This is a year round song for me, but has the perfect beat to add it to the Summer Playlist.  Be sure to check out this new group.  So jealous that I won’t be able to see them at Kcon this year.



I’m listening to older songs right now.  Summer is here and life is slowing down so maybe I’ll get a chance to catch up on some newer music.  Right now I’ve got Pandora set on the Big Bang station.

Big Bang “Sober”

This song is so catchy and I’m still not tired of it.  I know it’s not really a “summer” song, but it’s my current ear worm.

2NE1 “I am the Best”

My daughter loves 2NE1, she’s eight and she says they sing “awesome girl rock”.

Tablo feat. Taeyang “Tomorrow”

I love Tablo, I love Taeyang, and when they collaborate it’s always good.

This is a good list to get your summer vacation started.  Or even to blast on your way to school since it is getting to that point of the year again.  Regardless of where you are driving there is always Kpop to help keep the drive upbeat.  What is your favorite song to blast in the car?  Be sure to share in the comments.

Have a rockin’ rest of the summer,

Kmuse & Clkytta:


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