W-Two Worlds Episode 7 – A Steamy Adult Style Romance Recap

a12a34.pngThings heat up between our OTP (one true pairing) as they are reunited despite death, lack of drawing skills, and jail trying to keep them apart.  It seems like they are fated to be no matter what world they reside in.a12a5.png

Episode 7 had a plethora of awesome moments which I will try to condense into my favorites so we are not here all night.  From emotional breakdowns, love confessions, and simple romantic moments, this episode had them all.  So if I skip over anything important, I apologize beforehand.  You are welcome to call me on it in the comments.

We are going to speed through this part since I want to get to the good couple stuff.

  • Yeon Joo was the original creator of the W leading man/basic concept.  She was inspired by watching the Olympics as a child and created her ideal man….aka Kang Cheol.  Take a moment to think this through.  She created her own future husband.  Now that is truly trippy.


  • This fact allowed Yeon Joo to continue the comic and save Kang Cheol from spending an eternity drowning in the comic world’s Han River.


  • It also puts her back in prison in a worst position than she left.  But no worries since Yeon Joo challenges Kang Cheol to focus on getting her out legally this time.  She needs to be able to be in the comic world without worrying about jail.  Yeon Joo says that she will tell him how he is alive after he accomplishes this challenge.


  • If we thought that Kang Cheol was over his existential crisis, then we thought wrong.  Not that I blame him.  It must be horrible to realize that everyone you grew up with was a figment of a jerk webtoonist.  It was especially poignant when he realized that not even his much missed family was real.a12a10.png


  • It is understandable that Kang Cheol is a bit upset at Yeon Joo for saving him.  Especially if she is just going to “create” his life with no input for his wants and needs.  “Did you bring me back to life to play romance? Do I look like a toy to you?!” It is only after he makes Yeon Joo begin crying that she eventually shouts out why she saved him. “Because I love you!” Which is shocking enough for her to disappear to the real world.


And now we get to the good stuff!  AWESOMELY ROMANTIC SMOOCHES!

Returning to webtoon world just seconds after disappearing, Kang Cheol admits that he was scared he would never see each other after Yeon Joo had disappeared and pulls her into an intense swoonworthy kiss.


And I can’t be the only one who had a swirl of romantic butterflies go off when Kang Cheol picks up Yeon Joo onto the table, only to go in for more kissing.  This truly was one memorable kissing scene.


Now that all the angsty stuff is behind him, Kang Cheol gets to work on operation “Get Yeon Joo out of jail.”  His solution, producing a fake marriage certificate claiming that Yeon Joo was secretive because they didn’t want to make their relationship public.  SQUEEE!  So cute.

Being the goal oriented guy that he is, Kang Cheol gives Yeon Joo (via his bodyguard bestie) 4 options for their upcoming romance.  Did anyone else get a giggle at the thought of him researching what women find romantic?

  • #1 A Cinderella style romance with a huge party.a12a25.png

  • #2 A romantic trip to the countrysidea12a23.png

  • #3 A simple romance in everyday life.a12a26.png

  • #4 A provocative and shocking 19-and-over concept.a12a22.png

Yeon Joo eventually picks the third option, while holding up four fingers.  Hahahaha! Somebody really wants a steamy and adult style romance.  I really hope this continues to be a running joke between the two.


Now begins the official romance of Kang Cheol and Yeon Joo and it is 100% adorkable.  He makes such a wonderful effort to give her a simple everyday romance.  All the while joking about the 19 and over romance he wouldn’t have minded having (ACK.. the lip biting!  My poor fangirl heart.)


But things can’t remain all flowers and sausages for long.  Receiving a call from a blocked number, Kang Cheol suddenly hears a creepy voice asking; “Where are you? How did you live?”  The words appearing out of thin air in front of Kang Cheol’s gaze.  ACK!  There really is a killer and he sounds pissed.

Kang Cheol receives a 2nd phone call later that night and this time, the voice says (with the words appearing in the air) “Where are you? How did you go back? Who said you could die? I waited for you for so long.” Chul demands to know who this is, and the killer answers, “Who am I? Don’t you know me? I killed your family ten years ago in your house.” The voice then says; “I see you have a new family? I will put a bullet in her head too.”


GASP!  Poor Kang Cheol.  I have a feeling that he is going to do anything he can, even to the point of ending his existence, in order to protect Yeon Joo from the killer.  I am deeply worried that he is suddenly going to go full noble idiot on us and destroy the budding romance.



Which brings us back to the segment of the recap we call “Conspiracy Theories” where we hypothesize what is going to happen.  Kudos to Drama Geek on calling out the real creator of the webtoon in last week’s Conspiracy Theories segment.

For this week I am going to again focus on the identity of the killer.  Sure the dad said that he didn’t start the webtoon with a real killer in mind, but there sure seems to be one now.  And that killer needs a hidden identity, right?  So here are our killer options:

  • Seo Do Yoon (Bodyguard Bestie) – He seems to be all bromantic and sweet but does he have hidden evil depths?  His phone seems to be used in suspicious ways throughout the series so far.
  • Park Soo Bong – Is dad’s goofish assistant as dorkie as he seems?  Or is there a hidden psychopath lurking behind the bumbling facade?
  • Kang Suk Bum – Is Seon Joo’s childhood friend a crazy killer?  Suk Bum seems to be nearby all the time in the real world.  His helpful persona could be a red herring.
  • Park Min Soo – Did our favorite doctor turn from fanboy to crazy netizen?
  • Alternate Kang Cheol – I have heard a lot of suggestions that maybe Kang Cheol’s persona was somehow broken into two and the other half is the killer terrorizing the webtoon.  That would be an interesting twist.

Tell us your killer theories in the comments and be sure to check back next week for more wonderful W-Two Worlds.  For now, all I can say is;

To be continued…..



10 thoughts on “W-Two Worlds Episode 7 – A Steamy Adult Style Romance Recap

  1. I don’t know if my heart could have handled #4, #3 made me literally melt into a puddle. Who wouldn’t want someone to sit and snuggle and read through romantic scenarios????

    • I know….this episode ruined me because now I have these ridiculously cheesy relationship goals, where am I going to find a boyfriend like this?
      And I hope they try #4 at some point, heee! 🙂 Is it too much to dream with a baby for these two?? that would break the cuteness scales *-*

  2. I think another killer option is the Prosecutor Han Chul-Ho. I think that the lawyer needed to “make” a high profile case to make a reputation for his self and move up the ranks and Kang Cheol was/is the (killers) perfect victim

  3. I have no idea who it is but I do hope that it is a complete surprise. I am loving this drama. I would have picked #4 and why not, it is only a manga after all. The drawback is it’s published online for all to see LOL

  4. I liked the romantic moments but wished they’d spent more time working out the relationship dynamic more. I think they will have to deal with the fact that, at the moment, she has the ‘power’ to create the story she likes; that sense of him being a ‘toy’ won’t necessarily go away even if she loves him. I hope the writer has worked out a way they can meet and relate on neutral ground! With lots of no. 4, preferably . . .

    As for conspiracy theories, I do think the murderer and Kang Chul are inextricably linked. Now that both are ‘conscious’, the battle gets taken to a more frightening level. I wonder if that means pitting Yeon-joo (Chul’s ‘creator’) against her dad (the murderer’s ‘creator’) somehow? I also wonder about Do-joon. Haha, maybe because, in dramaland, the most faithful sidekicks turn out to be the backstabbing villains 😀

  5. What about Yoon So Hee (2nd female lead)? Not sure if she’s the killer, but she’s sketchy after this episode when she starts disappearing. I wonder if she’s at least some sort of pawn for the actual killer.

    I love the idea that it might be a fragment of Kang Cheol. I’m anxious to see how they work it out, and I certainly hope the writer is capable of delivering this story all the way to the end!

  6. I loved this epsode and your recap. i just got to mention I am loving Kang Chul’s wardrobe…
    from the bell-sleeved sweatshirts to this episodes amazing checkered suit…simply tickle-me-fablulous! Such ultra perfectly manga styling!

  7. I love this steamy scene. I wish I can find a boyfriend like Kang Cheol. I love this episode and Kang Cheol’s penthouse.

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