Pros & Cons – Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Preview

a12a4.pngI feel like I have shared all the basic info for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds in previous posts so I am going to change things up and do a Pro and Con post when reviewing this final preview.  I debated even sharing, but the Park Bo Gum love was just too strong to ignore.  So let’s jump into an in-depth look and decide which moment I love most.


  • It doesn’t matter if Park Bo Gum is playing a nice guy, serial killer, or an entitled kingly ass…… I just adore him.  That takes talent to make me think his temper tantrums are adorable. a12a2.png
  • Kim Yoo Jung is hitting all the right notes for a girl, dressing like a guy, who is being forced to become a eunuch for the previously aforementioned kingly brat. a12a3.png
  • MANE OF GLORY!!!!  WOOT!!!  Don’t need to say more than that.a12a5.png


  • My only complaint is that this wasn’t longer.  I am in desperate need of new Monday/Tuesday dramas.  I am literally bored to death tonight because I have nothing to watch.  August 22nd can not come soon enough.a12a6



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