I Want Those Hours Back – The Revenge Edition


It is time for yet another new segment!  Mostly because I thought it would be fun to chat about the dramas that were a huge fat sucky failure for once.  Giving negative reviews are just as important as positive since it might save 50 hours of your life.  Why waste time on crappy drama after all?

WARNING:  There might be the occasional spoiler in a few of my comments.  If you are a chronodramaphobia (Fear of future drama events…aka spoilers) read at your own risk!



Monster – I am all for a good setup for revenge.  And Monster had a wonderful one.  Who wouldn’t want to destroy the uncle who killed all your family and framed you for murder……..twice.  But when revenge goes for over 20 years and you suddenly have selective amnesia thanks to a bullet lodged in your brain and a hypnotist who takes memories away to make the pain stop……NOT MAKING THIS UP.  I say good riddance.  Just kill the guy and get over it.


Master God of Noodles – They killed off the only character I liked.  Everyone else can go rot in mediocre revenge hell.


Yong Pal – When the leading lady is willing to murder people to get her revenge, it just doesn’t sit well.  Especially when this killer personality feels like it came out of nowhere.  Maybe if she had been better written, but this crocodile queen (if you suffered through the drama you get the reference) was blah from the get go.


Big Man – I kept expecting the leading man to suddenly come out really aggressive and clever.  Sadly he always remained bumbling and a little on the dim side when it came to revenge.  I guess I just like my  payback to come in a really smart and efficient package.  This drama & its lead were not smart nor efficient.


Endless Love – I wish I could go and get revenge on the writers for this piece of endless crap.  How dare they give my Jung Kyung Ho a boring, and not really happy, ending.  Not to mention having to watch Hwang Jung Eum cry, scream, and try to get revenge for 37 hours was a torture in of itself.


East of Eden – This drama started out strong but also suffered from a never ending revenge plot.  If an evil guy gets to live 20+ years of total bliss because you are dithering over your revenge, does it even really count?


This concludes my list of revenge dramas that I wish I had never viewed.  All together that is over a 100 hours of my life wasted.  But at least my pain might save you poor readers a similar fate.  Also, if you think I missed one, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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  1. Oh how I so wish I’d read this BEFORE watching almost all of these crappy dramas! Endless Love was by far the worst one! JKH was the only reason I watched that painfully dismal drama and hoped that he would at least be given a happy ending. If only I could get back those wasted hours!

  2. I’ve developed a rather accurate gut feeling for crappy dramas in general, so the only one of these I was stupid enough to try was Endless Love. I’m pretty sure I ff’d through about half of it the end though, ha.

    There probably have been other miscalculations along the way but I’ve conveniently forgotten all of them. Call it selective amnesia…

  3. Poor East of Eden! It suffered so much with all that drama behind the drama. Maybe it’s the only show on your list that deserves a more lenient sentence and a big hug to every single person in the cast and crew who actually reached the finishing line.
    Monster is yet to be seen but I think the writer has probably lost his mojo. Empress Ki had some huge plot holes despite everyone’s adoration. Even the insinuation that he succumbed to MBC’s demands for the sake of the enormous Chinese market doesn’t mark bright future for his work. I really hope I’m wrong for everyone’s sake.
    Master God of Noodles is not an original idea. It comes from a manhwa (I think) so I’m not quite sure how much freedom the writer actually had while he/she was adapting the script. If one of the leads was supposed to die, that’s it, I guess.

    • I agree that it isn’t always the actors fault. But still didn’t enjoy them as much as I was hoping to. God of Noodles had a side character die. Just sadly, it was the one I cared about. Just never felt connected to the leads.

      • I think it’s rarely the actors’ fault. Even when LDH left for good the East of Eden’s set, I believe something very serious was gpoing on behind the scenes.
        As far as I’m concerned, Dramaland’s strongest point is everyone’s high level of professionalism while its weakest points are by far the live-shoot system and the agencies’ absolute ruling world.

  4. Grrrrrrrrr. That’s me anytime I think about Endless Love. I will never not be mad about that time suck. And I didn’t even finish it.

  5. Dropped so many of these and I can’t say I disagree with the ones I did finish. I guess you’ve reaffirmed why I haven’t gone by to watching most of them that remain on hold. I guess I’ll stop fooling myself and drop them from my PTW list

  6. Oh my. The anger I felt after I finished those 37 hours of ‘Endless Love’ can never be compared to anything I’ve ever watched in a very long time. I’ll never watch anything from that writer again.

  7. Revenge dramas are dull for me generally. Watching someone air the same grievance for twenty episodes isn’t my idea I of fun, as a rule. What would be an example of a good revenge drama? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one I liked.

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