W Two Worlds Episode 8 – A Big Bad Recap

a12a15Holy unexpected plot twist!  I even knew a few of the events were coming from the small preview at the end of last weeks episode and I was still floored when everything started to unfold. Who knew that being a formless killer could be so flipping terrifying.  Which is why this recap is going to be all about our mysterious big bad…..with a few references to our OTP (One True Pairing), because really, they are too adorable to ignore.

After the terrifying phone call threatening Yeon Joo’s life, Kang Cheol is a tiny bit on edge.  Actually, Kang Cheol is a lot on edge.  Like he had just drunk a full case of Red Bull and is now in the middle of a really bad caffeine trip.  That totally explains Kang Cheol’s constant need to jump at things gun first and his vivid hallucination of Yeon Joo getting shot.  For someone who had never been scared since he was released, he has officially passed into uncharted fearful waters.

Despite getting some odd vibes from Kang Cheol, Yeon Joo is distracted by her new life as a married bajillionaire.  She is dazzled by pretty dresses and parties at The Blue House.  So much so that she even has a dream of dancing with Kang Cheol.  One where she promptly stumbles and wakes up, having fallen out of bed.  I love that even with a ton of fancy dresses, Yeon Joo will always be Yeon Joo.


But this is a bad guy recap so let’s get to the important plot twists.  Kang Cheol figured out everything super fast (he is a genius after all) and clued all us viewers in.  Turns out that The Killer has no identity.  He was just created to move forward the story and keep Kang Cheol focused on his revenge goal.  That explains the digital face and the lack of all distinguishable features.  It also explains why the killer can appear out of thin air or project words into existence (Was I the only one that found the words almost scarier than an actual person standing there and threatening our OTP?)  Without a set purpose he just shows up whenever the story needs to go back on track or when the writer (Yeon Joo’s father) wrote him into existence.


But now things have changed.  With Kang Cheol’s sudden awareness of his webtoon persona and his disappearance from the comic world, The Faceless Killer is also left without a purpose.  Which means he is also dragged into the real world when Kang Cheol  went.  HOLY CRAP is he terrifying.  Upon finding out that he was a faceless comic book character and that Kang Cheol was dead, The Killer went a tad bit crazy.  He was so upset that he forced the words on the comic to change from “The End” to “To Be Continued” which started all the events with Yeon Joo again.


And while Kang Cheol is revived with purpose and love for Yeon Joo, our killer is also renewed with a new goal.  He has always had only one purpose.  To kill those Kang Cheol loves so now there is a new person for him to attack.  Which means Yeon Joo is next up for execution.


Kang Cheol tries to remain calm, but totally loses it when Yeon Joo cuts herself while cooking and the cut doesn’t heal.  Turns out that Yeon Joo is now a main character in the comic which makes her just as real in the toon world as Kang Cheol.  The idea that she can be killed, sends Kang Cheol into an emotional tailspin and Yeon Joo disappears.


But being in the real world is not very safe for Yeon Joo at this moment.  Turns out that The Faceless Killer is trapped in the real world and does not know how to return to the webtoon.  But who needs to return when your pray comes straight to you?  Using cell phone connections and information he had acquired (in a murderous way) from the webtoon hosting company, The Faceless Killer connects with Yeon Joo and the hunt is on.

I was shocked at how suspenseful these scenes were.  The Faceless Killer ruthlessly tracks and attacks Yeon Joo who is trying to escape with Su Bong.  Just the fact that this killer can appear out of thin air at any time or place is terrifying.  Not to mention the bodies he has already left in his wake. The murdered assistant at the publisher’s office especially gave me chills.

Trying to reverse away from The Faceless Killer, Su Bong and Yeon Joo are trapped as The Faceless Killer brings up his gun and shoots.  Milliseconds before she gets a bullet between the eyes, Yeon Joo is dragged back into the webtoon world.  It doesn’t get closer than this.


Denied his primary target, The Faceless Killer must get creative to get back home.  Next thing we see is Dad’s flight preparing to land in New Zealand. Is it only me, or does this seem like the longest plane ride ever?  He has been up in the air for 3 episodes and I had assumed Daddy Webtoonist would have arrived by now.  Daddy Webtoonist is washing his hands when words suddenly burst on the mirror “Who am I? Where is Kang Chul? Who am I? Why won’t you tell me who I am?”   Hahaha, I am amused at how much this parallels Kang Cheol’s meltdown a few episodes earlier.  We hear the noises of a fight as the flight attendants knocks on the restroom door asking if everything is OK.


Realizing that Yeon Joo would always be in danger by the all-powerful killer if she remained in his life, Kang Cheol comes up with a creative, if tragic, way out of their situation.  He orders Yeon Joo to draw that their whole relationship is just a dream.  A dream of a past Kang Cheol who is injured and recovering in the hospital.  He won’t remember Yeon Joo or that he is inside a comic.  For Kang Cheol, it will be as if their time together never existed.  By doing this, The Faceless Killer will remain in the webtoon and Yeon Joo will be safe.


Kang Cheol also gives a USB to Yeon Joo to give to her father once she returns.  He looks at Yeon Joo one last time and asks for her to simply remember him as a cartoon.  Kang Cheol then jumps off his hotel, sending Yeon Joo back to the real world permanently.

Next thing we see is Kang Cheol in the hospital.  Tears sneak out of his eyes as Kang Cheol regains consciousness with no memories of the last two months.  We officially have a webtoon reset.

My Thoughts:

I admit at first I felt a little bit cheated that the big bad was just a faceless killer with no identity.  I had put so much effort into guessing which of the characters was the “real killer” that it was depressing.  So many sad feelz.  But then I got over it since The Faceless Killer is a hundred times more suspenseful than if we had a flesh and blood killer.  He is insanely creepy.


Usually, I am not a fan of Noble Idiocy.  HOWEVER, this is one of those moments where it totally works.  It is one thing if they had been up against a killer that Kang Cheol could fight.  But this killer is literally a phantom and there is no preparing or  winning against this type of bad guy.  So it is only logical that Kang Cheol protects Yeon Joo the only way he knows how.  Not to mention that this is a very clever way to introduce a type of amnesia into the story line.  Well done writers!  Well done!


Conspiracy Theories:

I have no clue where things are going to go from here.  All of my guesses on the killer’s identity have ended up dashed upon the drama plot rocks.  So I am going to change things up and look at a different type of theory this week.


I predict that Soo He will somehow hook up romantically with Su Bong.  Now there is a ship I can totally get behind.  Not to mention Soo He already  knows his phone number!  Talk about kismet.


So that concludes our Big Bad Recap.  I can’t wait to see what happens next now that Kang Cheol has forgotten Yeon Joo and the killer is back where he belongs.  Tomorrow can’t get here fast enough.

To Be Continued…….

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  1. This was a really tough episode to get through . . . but, yes, I can understand why KC chose to act the way he did. There really wasn’t any other option if he wanted to protect everyone he loved. But, the angst! It’s always gut-wrenching when one half of the OTP remembers and the other doesn’t.

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