New Character Teasers for Upcoming TvN Drama The K2


We have 2 new character teasers highlighting our leads for upcoming action drama The K2.  Both Yoon Ah and Ji Chang Wook look stylish and intense in their sexy bodyguard and anti-social political princess personas.1a.png

I still have reservations about this drama due to the writer (Yong Pal, Reset) but for now I plan on watching the first several episodes and evaluate as I go.  If nothing else, I am looking forward to Ji Chang Wook channeling his inner badass.  And if these behind the scene photos are anything to go by, he is going to look spectacular while doing it.

The K2 will premiere on Sept 23rd on TvN.

Yoon Ah Teaser

Ji Chang Wook Teaser

0 thoughts on “New Character Teasers for Upcoming TvN Drama The K2

  1. OMG Ji Chang Wook!!!! I’m currently watching Whirlwind Girl II (what a BORE fest!!) simply because he looks soooo scrumptious in it (and he’s DUBBED! sadly) so sure, I’ll watch every frame of this regardless.
    I finished Young Pal purely for the Joo Won gloriousness as well LOL Call me shallow….

    • Idk about you but the ending was pretty unsatisfactory and rushed. It felt really sudden to me and left a few things unanswered. It wasn’t the worse — I enjoyed the show quite a bit — but I feel like the plot kind of went downhill towards the end.

      Lol but it wasn’t that short, it was supposed to have 16 episodes but got extended to 18

    • Hmmm I liked maybe the first 11 episodes 😉 but then it got really weird with the leading lady going around ordering people killed and choosing that over love. It didn’t seem realistic that he would go back and accept that she did all that like it was nothing. Just poor character development on the female leads role and the bad guys ended up being lackluster in the last bit. I missed the action and intensity of the first half of the drama.

  2. Can’t wait for this drama-it looks great! I just hope that the drama will be good all the way through, since Young Pal went downhill in the second half. I hope the writer does a better job here, because JCW deserves it.

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