The Fangirls Discover Hit The Stage

FotorCreated1.jpgDo you love dancing?  Do you love K-pop idols?  Do you really want a variety program that combines the two?  Then come join Kmuse and KdramaJen as they explore the newest Korean variety competition Hit The Stage. 

KdramaJen: So, where have I been and how did I miss a whole summer of some of the hottest dance moves and choreography I have ever witnessed? I watch voice competitions (like Kpop Star), and I feel like I have some kind of justification for making judgments. I have a vocal music background, so I can hear when they are off pitch or straining. But, when it comes to dancing, I am not keeping track of anything technical. I am just judging by how it makes me feel. And, oh the feels!!! Never one to keep something like this to myself, I have strong-armed Kmuse into watching too. She did have to wait until the piano teacher left and the kids were in bed, though. Some of these dances are THAT hot!!

KMUSE: She didn’t have to strong arm me very much…. as you all know, I have no willpower when it comes to adding in new Asian entertainment into my life.  But imagine how happy I was to find the Korean So You Think You Can Dance equivalent. Hit the Stage is a show that features K-pop stars teaming up with professional dancers and competing to be voted the best performance.  Hot K-pop idols doing dancing and showing off their talent?  I am so in!


KdramaJen: So,let us begin. I have no patience for chronology, so let me start with Hoya’s hella hot modern dance…

KMUSE: I am so glad you warned me to not watch this with my kid’s piano teacher in the room.  That could have been slightly embarrassing.  My love for Asian hotties would have been totally out of the bag.

KdramaJen:  Hold on.  Let me catch my breath and turn on a fan or something.  Do you think those were real blindfolds?

KMUSE: Either way they are beyond sexy.  Talk about some sizzling chemistry.  But let’s switch gears and take a look at my personal favorite performer of the show Ten.

KdramaJen:  I had to watch this one more than once!  The first time I watched it, I thought they really had instruments.  This choreography just blew me away.  The technical skill is one thing, but this was pure art!  I was not familiar with the music of NCT or this member of that group, Ten, until I saw that they sing “Fire Truck.”  For some reason that song showed up in a Kpop mix I was listening to this summer and my kids really loved it.  We listened to it many, many, many times on the drive to and from camp.  After seeing this dancing, I will be checking out their videos for sure!  Do you listen to NCT, Kmuse?

KMUSE: Uhm…. I have been really bad keeping up with the new Kpop groups.  Sadly, NCT was not on my radar.  I can assure you they are now with Ten as my new bias of the group.  Of course, he is still the only one I know so I am not sure if that really means much at this point.  Let’s hope he has many years of kpop and dancing ahead of him because that was a work of art.

Also, while we are on the subject of Ten…… How about his previous performance where he becomes the Devil?  I have to hand it to him, he has the telling a story through dancing thing down pat.  Kind of makes me want to see him in a drama.

KMUSE: You thought we were done obsessing over Ten? Nope! I found another of his performances that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  So in true fangirl fashion, I am adding it to the post.  You could say that Ten is my new Hit The Stage bias.

KdramaJen:  How does he manage to make it all look so easy?  Even this playful one is just beautifully executed.

KMUSE: I was also very impressed with Bora’s (SISTAR) various performances.  This one was my personal favorite although I do have to admit that my gaze often wondered to the guest performer dancing with her.

KdramaJen: The “Devil” theme allowed many of the artists to explore that dark and sexy side.  I enjoyed Bora’s performance, but I agree.  It was her partner that drew my eye.

KMUSE: And since I don’t want this post to be unbalanced with testosterone, I had to add in this hip hop dance by Hyoyeon (SNSD).  The lighting was so creative towards the middle of the performance.  This is the type of dance that makes me super jealous that I can’t dance… at all… and it isn’t just because I am an Ahjumma with a ton of kids.

KdramaJen:  They make this look so effortless.  I was trying to do just that very first move, and my daughter rushed over and asked if I was alright.  Apparently I looked like I was having a potential medical emergency.  I think I will just watch from now on.

KMUSE: Kudos to you for even trying.  I am so uncoordinated that attempting would probably put me in traction.


KMUSE: I am so glad that Taemin performed in this competition.  Whenever I think of talented Kpop dancers, his name is always the first on the list.  I just love to watch him move.  True poetry in motion.  Not to mention, I love how dramatic this performance was.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

KdramaJen: Taemin.  Oh, Taemin.  How is it that even his bare back seems to ooze khottieness?

KMUSE: It is only appropriate that we end on this special performance by K-Tigers.  Especially since Kdrama Jen is going to see them perform live.  I am writhing with jealousy right now.

KdramaJen: K-Tigers are so unique and talented.  They are a favorite in my house because we are a Tae Kwon Do family.  Others claim to be “soccer moms,” but I am a “Tae Kwon Do mom.”  So, when my kids saw the perfectly synchronized side kicks and then that drop into an epic split, they were cheering along with me.  And how cute (and talented) were the little ones?  I especially liked the baby Chanyeol in the middle.  I think we will see him as a member of EXO in the future.  I was also mesmerized by the way they all just flew across the stage.  Probably my favorite move was the high kick in the back that was absolute perfection.  I just can’t say enough about this group!  I have been a fan for a while, but this performance was just awesome.

KMUSE: I enjoyed that we had not only the different age groups, but both men and women performing.  I often think of Tae Kwon Do being a male sport so it was awesome to see the women be just as talented.


I am so glad we discovered Hit the Stage.  I have read it is going to be ending soon, but I am really hoping for a second season!  If we didn’t discuss your favorite performance be sure to let us know in the comments.  Hit The Stage is definitely a show that should be shared through social media.  Maybe if we are lucky we will get enough interest going to get season 2 subbed somewhere.

Keep on dancing,

Kmuse & KdramaJen



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