W Two Worlds Episode 13 -Those Darn Variables

We are heading into the home stretch and it looks like it’s going to be a skid to the finish instead of a nice canter. Which is exactly what I expect from this writer. I am also trying to skid to the finish in my personal life with a writing deadline so this is going to be a mini recap.

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I’ll try to pick three of the most important things that happened and stick to that. It won’t be too hard because a lot of the episode was taken up by playing with our emotions. It was bad enough when they showed us a fake ending to the manhwa with Kang Chul ending up with So Hee. Now they had Yeon Joo lay out another fake happy ending. I felt this horrible feeling the whole time I watched. If they keep showing us happy endings, does that mean there isn’t a real one after all.

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Variable #1:

Kang Chul, now jumping to and fro from the real world and the manhwa world thinks he can tie everything up in a bow on the comic book side and live happily ever after with Yeon Joo. What he doesn’t realize that he has somehow gained the ability to pull people from the manhwa world into the real world. I’m losing faith that there is the real world at this point. First So Hee gets pulled in briefly, only long enough for him to see her, then disappear again.

Unfortunately for both of them, Kang Chul spent a little too much time thinking about our bad guy and he gets pulled in to. Yeon Joo thinks her dad got his face back when she finds him out of his room, but we can see from his red ringed eyes it’s not. He has read the latest webtoon updates and knows how Kang Chul is getting back and forth, and he decides he can do it too. So he takes Yeon Joo with him, and leaves Faceless Dad back in he real world to draw all the things he needs. Then tells Faceless Dad to destroy the drawing tablet, and Faceless Dad mindlessly obeys his every command.

Variable #2:

Mad Dog is the best fangirl I’ve ever seen. When he runs into Yeon Joo and Kang Chul he flips out and says he’s not a fan of W any more. In fact, he’s an anti-fan. He rants about Yeon Joo’s character coming back and ruining the whole thing. He’s so in a tizzy that he doesn’t notice Kang Chul standing there the whole time looking amused by all of it. Finally he jumps in, and Mad Dog doesn’t immediately put two and two together but once he realizes he looks like Kang Chul he totally fangirls on him like Soo Bong did earlier.

He doesn’t think it’s the real Kang Chul, of course. What person in their right mind would. Though I was a little surprised he didn’t come to conclusion that Dad was inspired by this Kang Chul and made the character. That’s where most writers get their inspiration. From real people, except we usually just borrow bits and pieces of looks and personality traits. I think I need to go back and watch this scene again. The only thing I’m anticipating as much as this meeting is Soo Bong and So Hee. And now we know it’s totally possible.

Variable #3:

This writer. She’s a variable all on her own. I know there are people that feel like the story has had too many twists and it’s hard to follow. Others think that each twist seems to put us on repeat, making us watch the same thing happen again. And I can see both sides. In her past works, she’s almost always dealing with time travel, and that can be a very wibbly-wobbly tangle ball to unravel. Here, we’re not dealing with time. Instead we’re dealing with variables and how each one will affect the story’s outcome.

By the end of this episode, Killer Dad is dead from a shootout with Kang Chul. Yeon Joo, shot in the manhwa world, ends up in the hospital fighting for her life in the real world. And it doesn’t look good. If she survives, Dad will have his face back and all Kang Chul has to do is stay in the real world and everything is finished with the other world. But… we have three episodes to go. If Yeon Joo dies. Then we have to figure out an impossible way for them to have a happy ending. And that’s the direction I suspect the writer is going to take.

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My Thoughts:

Even though I wouldn’t argue that the drama might have it flaws, it is still one of the most fun and gripping rides I’ve taken in a while. I’m ready for the end stretch. I want Kang Chul and Yeon Joo to figure out how to live in the same world and have that happy ending. And I wouldn’t argue if everyone else got to blend into one big family, manhwa and real alike.

And for another 2 episodes…

To Be Continued.

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  1. I think the biggest problem is now that Kang Chul has killed someone in his world. What does that do to his ‘status’ – would he still be deemed the hero – and ability to manipulate variables? Not to mention what blood on his hands will do to him, as a ‘person’.

    Getting increasingly nervous that the writer might not be able to pull all the threads together . . . Eeks.

  2. as much as I wanted romance for the character Kangchul, I also wanted him to experience a normal life, working hard, restart all over again, to create maybe a similar Media-mogul kingdom, but this time using his real wit and sweat, not just by the miraculous success by the pen of drunken Dad. The sudden self-realization and determination of “turnabout victory” that propel him to become millionaire after his near-suicide, from someone that the world shunned to someone that females fans awed at (see scenes at Boutiques fans and the females reporters blushed). It’s kinda of lousy writing, not to show process of his working hard to acchive his billions. It good for him to start having some real brothers in the likes of So Bong, or even Crazy Dog who finally know who he is…
    But I hope his real identity still be kept in wrapped. He just make friends and claimed his New Family in Yeon Joo’s family by been the special person he is, and not just ‘was’, no more wander back forth 2 worlds. Wonder whether can bring DoYoon here, since DoYoon has awareness already. Since SoHee is pretty much settled in her comic-America, just let her stay here, but bring DY instead to start their media mogul business together, need not achieve Millionaire status, just be successful and been recognized is enough. Else, DY can even work in a TV Station as Martial Art instructor in dramas, to see his closed buddies each having their own life happily, whether is in W comic world or this real world should be comforting.
    Then finally, to enjoy family life like any real couples, fulfilling or not fulfilling all the tasks in the books doesn’t matter, because he can then work to create his own set of daily lives sweet things (that both he and Yeonjoo like) in his own book of guru-couple-book.

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