Fangirl Stalking: Lee Joon Ki & Kang Ha Neul….The Scarlet Heart Showdown

FotorCreatedg.jpgIt is a fangirl showdown of the Scarlet Heart hot princes.  Come join Kmuse and KdramaJen as they fight it out over who has the best filmography.  Hehe, just kidding.  But we do discuss which of these two khottie’s dramas & movies are must watch quality and which you should just skip.  Because sometimes no amount of hotness can make something watchable.

The Rules of Fangirl Stalking:

We will start with the dramas I think are must watch works by the actor.  Followed by the shows that could go either way.  This means that they are worth watching in my opinion, but I know there are some people who don’t like the genre.  Lastly, we will cover the dramas/movies that you really could skip and not miss much (at least in regards of the actor/actress featured).  These are the shows that are for die-hard fans who want to watch everything.  So let’s jump into obsessing about the boys of Scarlet Heart.

Lee Joon Ki – KdramaJen, here, and I am beyond excited to share some of my Lee Jun Ki favorites.  I think he is an incredible actor, so the hardest part of this post will be picking dramas that are NOT in the “must watch” category.


Kang Ha Neul – I am excited to take on Kang Ha Neul’s filmography.  I have seen all his dramas but have never really taken apart which I like and which I don’t in terms of his characters.  It was a great idea of KdramaJen’s to do this post and I am excited to do an in-depth analysis of someone new.


Watch ASAP!

Arang and the Magistrate

KdramaJen: This was a fun historical/ghost story and showcased Lee Joon Ki’s skills as a martial artist and equestrian.  He made me want to learn how to use a fan to vanquish my enemies.  He had great chemistry with his co-star, Shin Min Ah.  It did not win the ratings war, but I definitely think this one is worth watching.


My Girl

KdramaJen: This was my very first introduction to Lee Joon Ki and was one of my first dramas.  I started watching over ten years ago, and this one came out in 2005.  So, yes, it has that kind of shaggy hair that defined the Kdrama leading men at the time, but there was something about the way he moved and acted with his eyes that just captured my attention.  He wasn’t even the lead, but this drama is where LJK  first caught my eye.



KMUSE: His was a character I loved to dislike……. and eventually tolerate. It was also Kang Ha Neul’s first big attempt at a really serious role and he nailed it.  It actually took me a few episodes to realize this was the same guy who’s abs I had drooled over in To The Beautiful You.


Twenty (Movie)

KMUSE: SQUEE!  I loved this movie and especially Kang Ha Neul’s awkward romantic character.  This is a must watch if you are looking for a good laugh and only have time to fit in a movie.


Depending On My Mood

King and the Clown (Movie)

KdramaJen: Really, this is not depending on MY mood.  It’s really depending on your taste.  This is a movie, so it has some scenes that are much more graphic than a typical Kdrama.  Lee Joon Ki was amazing in this role.  He was able to portray vulnerability and his need for survival in a way that was heartbreakingly real.  I was completely in awe of his acting throughout this film.



KdramaJen: I had trouble choosing a category for this one.   This was one of my first looong dramas and it definitely had some flaws, but Lee Joon Ki was quite good (and lovely to look at).  Lee Jun Ki gets to show off his agility and fighting skills in this one too.  I think I like him best when he is running around on rooftops and slaying baddies.


To The Beautiful You

KMUSE: His role in this drama might have been small, but his impact on my psyche was huge.  I really appreciated his obvious assets.  Ha Neul is now known more for his acting abilities, but if he decides to do a shower scene in his next drama, I won’t be complaining.

Ha Neul.gif

Like for Likes (Movie)

KMUSE: It was nice seeing Kang Ha Neul actually get the girl for once.  I am still waiting for him to make his leading man debut.



KMUSE: I will be honest, this drama wasn’t really my cup of tea.  It had great music, a pretty cast, but the writing was just OK for me.  However, I know there are a ton of Monstar fans so I will put this in the depending on the mood list.  If you are looking for a teenage fluff musical drama, then check this one out.

KdramaJen:  Idol dramas are my guilty pleasure, so…I enjoyed this one.  I LOVED listening to Kang Ha Neul SING!  (Sorry, didn’t mean to intrude on your post.)


For the Die Hard Fans

Joseon Gunman

KdramaJen: To be fair, I was only able to watch the first episode or so of this one.  It did not draw me in, so I turned my attention elsewhere.  I can be persuaded to try again…



Empire of Lust (Movie)

KMUSE: This movie relied more on violence and sex than on telling a story.  Maybe it was the time restraints or maybe it just was to choppy pf a narative to keep me interested.  Either way this is a big skip unless you really want to see Kang Ha Neul play a bad guy.



KMUSE: This was one of those situations where Kang Ha Neul’s character just didn’t have enough screen time.  Which was a shame since his story was often more interesting than that of the leads.  When it comes down to it, the quality of Ha Neul’s performance doesn’t make up for having to watch the rest of the show.  This is a skip.



Our two stalkees are currently starring in the Saguek blockbuster Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.  Playing brothers who find themselves romancing a time traveling heroine, both are killing their roles and make this drama a khottie dream to watch.     Be sure to check out our Mane of Glory reviews each week for the sexiest Kang Ha Neul & Lee Joon Ki moments.


Til our next stalking adventure,

Kmuse & Kdrama Jen



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  1. I kind of thought Joseon Gunman would be the way I could sneak my Lee Jun Ki watching into a socially acceptable viewing with my husband. Like a western only with way hotter guys . . . what do you think?

  2. Oh Joseon Gunman I wanted so much to love you but I just couldn’t do it. I have watched everything else on your list though. Arang and the Magistrate is one of my all-time favorite dramas, so much chemistry between those two. Kang Ha Neul was the only reason I watched Heirs for as long as I did before dropping it, his story was much more interesting than the leads. The King and The Clown nearly broke me the first time I watched it.

  3. How could you leave out Lee Joon Ki’s drama 2 Weeks? One of his best. Also for a movie of his that is fun to watch Fly Daddy Fly.
    For Kang Ha Heul – I wish, wish, wish I could find a link (with english subs, if I’m not being too greedy) of a performance of the musical Thrill Me with Jang Chi Wook.

  4. How could you leave Time Between Dog and Wolf and Two Weeks out of Lee Joon Ki’s Must Watch list? They are both amazing dramas, and he is fantastic in both. Joseon Gunman has some very frustrating writing problems, but I’ve watched it several times for Lee Joon Ki’s terrific performance. I would also put Scholar Who Walks the Night into the Depending on Your Mood category. The only drama for the Die Hard Fans list is Hero, but I found it well worth watching, in spite of the supporting cast (including Ji Chang Wook) being sub par.

    • I have never seen Time Between Dog and Wolf, so I did not feel qualified to recommend it. As for Two Weeks, it was on my list originally, but it did get left off. I still think it is a matter of taste, though. For people who can’t handle intense scenes, Two Weeks has a number that are a bit graphic. I did not include Scholar Who Walks the Night (although I think he was awesome in it) because I thought it was a more recent show that people might already know. Honestly, though, if we are just looking a LJK, then ALL of them are worth watching. He is a phenomenal actor.

  5. Two Weeks is an AWESOME drama all around – LJK did such a great job in it and the story is wonderful! Plus, Time Between Dog & Wolf (which I’ve only seen partially due to not finding it) has a great rep. Actually I’ve never SEEN LJK give less than a stellar performance!

  6. I’m surprised no one mentioned Angel Eyes for Kang Ha Neul. He plays the younger version of the lead, and he is fantastic in that show. That’s the show that made me learn his name (though I did love him in Monstar as well).

  7. Two Weeks with Lee Joon Ki was the first drama I saw him in…fantastic!!!!! And my non-Korean friends who saw it loved it too!

  8. Thank you so much for appreciating Kang Ha Neul! T_T I just find him rather underappreciated even after Scarlet Heart aired. Same thing with me with his role in To the Beautiful You – I really had to pause an ep at some point and google him. Lol! And it’s kinda sad that almost all people I knew who watched The Heirs wasn’t even aware that he was part of the cast. Honestly, his (and the MinTal couple) was the best parts. :)) I do agree with the dislikeability of his character in Misaeng, but somehow his struggle there resonated with me… Still waiting for his male lead debut as well! But if you’re interested, he has a solo horror movie. 😀 And an MBC drama special.

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