The K2 Throws in All the Action Tropes During 5th Teaser


Am I the only one getting City Hunter vibes from this show?  Not that that is a bad thing since I love me some action packed khottie’s shooting things.  But that is definitely what I am feeling when watching the latest teaser for upcoming actionfest The K2.  Although it could just be the deep V tank tops.


Deep Vs aside, this drama looks like it is going to be an intense ride.  I appreciate all of the action scenes and hope that they are not just in the first few episodes and then completely disappear once we are in the live shooting.  My only complaint is that the walking away from the explosion was just one too many  action tropes to throw into a quick teaser.  But I will forgive it since I am still distracted by the beauty of Ji Chang Wook.


The K2 airs on September 23rd on TvN.


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  1. I am confused by this (or maybe it IS the deep v-neck teeshirts!) – is he saving the mother/wife, working as a bad guy for the mother/wife, or saving the daughter from the mother/wife? These tropes are just too close together to figure out in a teaser. And – sad to say – I was getting more of Yong-Pal vibe. Ugh.

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