Mane of Glory Recap #4


We have betrayals, puppet shows, and confessions galore this week.  Come join The Fangirls as we squeal over all the hottest moments from Scarlet Heart and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds because two dramas this hot just need to be discussed en masse.


We have squealed and fangirled the heck out of all the men.  But what about the women?  I think we need to take just a quick moment and give some props to our leading ladies of Sageuk.

Hae Su


CLKYTTA: I love Hae Su, I haven’t really watched IU much, but she really seems to fit this role.  This character is 2 parts street smarts and 1 part lost little girl and it’s totally believable that she would have all the princes at her beck and call.  I love her depth;  she’s trying not to mess with history too much, but her heart is breaking knowing that one of her boys is going to be the villain.

DRAMA GEEK: I’ve always liked IU and loved her in Producers. I think she shines as this bubbly fish out of water. She looks gorgeous in everything they put her in, especially her bridal outfit. (Just forget what was supposed to happen in it.) I do wish her character remembered a bit more about history. She could use the knowledge as her arsenal against the other wicked women in the palace. But I find her earnest efforts at making a way for herself, and not depending on any of the princes, endearing.


KdramaJen: I think IU is playing this part well.  She has been able to strike a balance between appearing innocent and kind, but with modern sensibilities.  I think she has great chemistry with almost all of the princes.  I love her  singing voice and I am impressed with her acting.

The Incestuous Princess

1a31KMUSE: So, not only does this girl want to pick her hubby-to-be from her half siblings (EW EW EW EW EW) but she wants to pick the guy that is most likely to go and overthrow their brothers so she can become queen.  I think she has successfully exhibited every quality that you DON’T want to have in a wife.

CLKYTTA:Double EW!!! I know this was an accepted practice, but no, not cool.  She’s spiteful, hateful, beautiful and tons of other fuls, but in reality, she’s the biggest fool of them all because she thinks she’s in control, but she’s not.  As a female royal she has almost no power or control outside of marriage. Will she get married off  to Goryeo Siberia, or will she marry one of her brothers?


DRAMA GEEK: I know that in her time, and position, the only way she would survive is getting herself married off to someone who can make her life better. Being married to Evil Eyeliner Prince would not make her life better, even if she was queen. And even though she totally grosses me out, the fact that she seems to love Wang So, despite how his family treats him, makes me curious about what is under her desperate need to survive. What did little So do before he was sold off that won her heart?

KdramaJen: She is spoiled and rude, but I kind of feel bad for her too.  She is a product of a society that values her only for her ability to form a helpful alliance with another family.  I am not saying I want to have tea with her, but I don’t 100% hate her. (KMUSE: I think I could forgive the ambition/brother love if she wasn’t such a rude snot all of the time to Su)

Bear Girl


KMUSE: This girl is adorable.  I love her weird ways, I love that she is toting a bear rug all around the palace, I love everything about her except for her taste in men.  Seriously?  Out of all that awesome princely man meat you go after tenth prince?  I can only conclude that there really is something wrong with you.

CLKYTTA: Amber, I disagree, she’s perfect for our tenth prince.  The tenth prince isn’t a warrior, and he needs a protector.  She’s playful and obviously sees something in #10 that is appealing.  I’m curious to see what happens with this relationship. Her one sided love can only lead to disaster though.

DRAMA GEEK: *Sobs for the lost cuteness that could have been.I love her character and her weird bear suit. I’m very sad that most of her scenes with be with an actor I avoid like the plague.

KdramaJen: Love her!  I hope she can make a man out of tenth prince.  If that doesn’t work, then I hope she catches the eye of one of the other princes.

Ra On


CLKYTTA: I always love the gender bender characters, I can’t help it.  Ra On is one of my favorite characters.  She’s so GOOD, but almost too good. This girl is a recipe for disaster as she doesn’t ever think about what she wants, only what is good for everyone else.

DRAMA GEEK: I usually lean more toward the stronger willed girl characters, but Ra On has this beautiful inner strength that drew me (and the crown prince) to her. She’s very aware of her world and how things work in it. And her matchmaking skills show how much she understands people. She knows exactly what to say to the prince when he’s troubled. And her heart yearns to help people, like the eunuch and court lady. Hopefully when she finds out whose daughter she is, she’ll be able to pull that strength and love for people together to help her survive.

KdramaJen: I adore her.  I love her chemistry with puppy prince and I love her willingness to sacrifice all for him.  Usually the noble idiot thing bugs me, but somehow her devotion is inspiring instead of frustrating.

Evil Stepmother


DRAMA GEEK: She’s evil. She’s a Kim. She doesn’t really register for me. LOL. I just don’t think this actress is that great, but she’s doing her job.

KMUSE: I actually disagree with you on this one Drama Geek.  This actress is totally bringing out all the feelz for me.  Hate, loathing, utter contempt…. and she manages this in only a few scenes.  I really enjoy this actress playing evil.  Well done.

KdramaJen:I despise this woman.  I loathe her.  I love it when Prince Bo Gum gets sassy in front of her and makes her fume.  I seriously hope she gets slapped at some point.  The fact that I feel so much animosity toward her must mean this actress is really doing her job!

CLKYTTA: She’s just horrible.  All that hate and avarice can’t be good for the spawn within her.

Wannabe Prince Bo Gum Wife


KMUSE: You bug me because you exist.  Get lost.

CLKYTTA: I’m conflicted about this character.  I like how she speaks her mind and goes after what she wants.  I don’t like that she’s a real contender to be Mrs. Prince Bo Gum.  I need her to give up easily and fall for our second lead.

DRAMA GEEK: Kmuse and I had a long conversation about this character. She hasn’t done anything wrong. She’s pretty cute in her attempts to catch the prince’s eye. I mean, who can blame her for falling so hard for Prince Bo Gum? She has good chemistry with second lead, and I love the comical scenes she has with the princess. I know that her existence means that she could (and probably will) be married off to the prince. It’s just an unfortunate part of our lead being the crown prince. He doesn’t get to decide who he marries, but so far this character is just fun for me to watch. It might also be because I like this actress. (KMUSE: I realize it is not her fault I never want to see her again… but the fangirl heart wants what it wants.  I need her to not throw extra stress onto my OTP romance.  I promise to support this actress in her next role, but for now I need her to go on a long 8 episode trip.)

KdramaJen: I am also conflicted.  I think the actress is doing a fine job.  I didn’t love her character in Cheer Up, but I thought the acting was great.  I am quite sure I would enjoy her character in this drama if she was not trying to worm her way between our OTP.  She is smart and sassy, and I usually like that.  I just think she is no match for Ra On and the chemistry she has with Puppy Prince.


An Unexpected Marriage


CLKYTTA: I loved that they all rallied together to find a way to save Hae Su.  Why can’t all the brothers just vote on who gets to be King and live happily lounging around shirtless in the pool?


DRAMA GEEK: This happens SO fast. She wakes up in the morning and by nightfall she’s supposed to bed the king? I did like that most of the princes did everything they could to save her.

KMUSE: I found it interesting that when something went wrong, all the brothers flocked to Wang So for advice.  He is the natural leader and the brothers don’t even realize that he has become the go-to-prince when things get tough. (DRAMA GEEK: I love that too! He’s the smartest out of the bunch, thinking outside of their boxes most of the time.)

CLKYTTA: This was the most heartbreakingly helpless scene.  I wanted So to just ride off with her, but that was impossible.

KdramaJen: I loved the scene where she was riding in front of So on the horse and looking up at him.  That made my heart flutter.

KMUSE: Anyone else laugh when the old guy with a lot of sons ended up being their dad?  That was a nice throw in comedic moment amid the marriage plot despair.  Much funnier than 10th prince’s horrible acting when the ruse was discovered.


CLKYTTA: Wook and So make a powerful duo, I want them both to get the girl.

KdramaJen: I am not sure I would even consider Wook a contender if he was not played so perfectly by Kang Ha Neul, but darn it, that boy can act.  I agree with CLKYTTA.   Why can’t she have both?  Seriously, she time traveled.  Is cloning her really that much harder?

Su Saves Herself

CLKYTTA: This was such a drastic measure and at first I thought she was trying to kill herself and return to her own time.  When I realized that she was making herself “damaged goods” I cheered her on.  Hae Su is one smart girl; she chose the one way that would result in no one losing face and no one getting killed. So what if she’s exiled to the beauty parlor; she’s alive and she can still see all her prince friends.

DRAMA GEEK: I cheered so hard for her when she told So later she cut her wrist because she knew she had to save herself. That’s right. All the prince’s tried to ride up on their white horses (or dead horse if you’re So) and save her, but she’s the only one that had the ability to do it. Go Hae Su!!!

KdramaJen: This was a powerful moment in this drama and it really reminded the viewers that she is a modern woman in a different time.  Duty and training would have kept most women from even considering such a thing.  I kind of love that she saved herself while the men just looked on helplessly.


KMUSE: It has been a theme for her character from the beginning.  Su is not one to sit around and wait for men to ride up on a white horse.  More often than not, it is Su saving them in some way or another.  Love her to bits.

Team OTP

CLKYTTA: I love how she tries to play her wound off as no big deal.  I’m not sure why they have him grabbing her right where the bandage is though, Ouch!  His efforts to comfort her and try to make her see the bright side of her situation are sweet though.  Giving names to the things around her to make her feel like she belongs is unlike what you would expect from him.  It also shows his vulnerable side and gives her insight into how lonely and scared he must have been growing up as a hostage.

KMUSE: I said this last week, but I feel the urge to repeat myself.  These two have great natural chemistry.  They don’t sizzle at this point, but their slow burn friendship is epic.  I appreciate that when they do fall for each other it will be for all the right reasons and not just because of a dashing smile.


DRAMA GEEK: Can we please take a minute to appreciate the beauty of where he took her? Gosh, I want to get on a plane right now. This is probably one of my favorite scenes because he’s being so different than he usually is. He’s trying to comfort her, knowing she just went through a huge ordeal (even if she tries to play it off. Being made to sleep with the king and then almost killing yourself is not small cookies). Can we also appreciate his new mask? Love his hair and the way it swoops just right to show off his perfect beauty.

KMUSE: I appreciate that whenever they are together the director decides to do long shots.  Sure ,sometimes they are very far away long shots, but I get to see more than a giant floating head.

KdramaJen: I love that he is amused by her and seems to really appreciate her.  It kind of broke my heart when he took off his mask and she had pity in her eyes.  To be honest, I am kind of surprised that she reacted that way.  He was still hella hot even with the scar.

Team Alternate OTP


DRAMA GEEK: After witnessing Wook break down and admit that he didn’t think he loved his wife, but realized too late that he did, helped take away any pause this couple gave me. They have such a sweet relationship, and I just love the way he looks at her. I’m also in love with Ha Neul’s portrayal of this prince. He’s doing an amazing job.

KMUSE: I think I am more in love with Ha Neul’s acting talents than I am with Prince Wook.  Sure, he wants to do what is right.  But when it comes down to it, he is always just a little bit short of his goal.


CLKYTTA: Ok, it’s obvious there are major feelings here. I’m having a really hard time letting go of this ship.

KdramaJen: I said it before.  Kang Ha Neul is killing it in this role.  I am not sure I would even be wavering a bit, but his feelings come across as so sincere.  His own realization that he really did love his wife and he likely really hurt her because she was the one who read the poem to Su made me like him even more.

Team Su


CLKYTTA: This character is so multi faceted.  She’s just trying to survive and be happy.  I love her spark and her courage.  She’s not afraid to give a hug or heal a wound.  She’s a political pawn and she’s doing the best that she can even though she knows that disaster is right around the corner.

DRAMA GEEK: Her strength and courage shone through this last episode. She’s been thrown into a life that anyone from today’s time period would probably run screaming from. Can you imagine if all the sudden you were told you were the king’s property? Because even though she wasn’t made one of his many queens, she still is a court lady and the king can come “visit” her anytime he wants. Yeah, she’s pretty bad ass.

KMUSE: I am 100% Team Su at this point.  I could be happy seeing her with either prince or even throwing men to the side and taking over the inner court with her makeup skills.  Both guys are great, but they wouldn’t be doing it for me without such a great leading lady.

A Reply 1988 Reunion


KMUSE: I might have gone into full Reply Fangirl mode the second I realized that he was one of the characters in this drama.  What a perfect nod to a great drama.


DRAMA GEEK: Ha! I totally screamed this when they showed up. Though it’s actually a Reply 1994 & 1988 reunion. But the two friends from 1988 stick in my head more. I lub these two.

CLKYTTA: I love these guys, they are the perfect foil for each other.

The Start of Ambition

KMUSE: Thank goodness we are FINALLY starting to see some politicking going on.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all of the other fluff.  But the war for the throne was the main focus of the Chinese version and I have felt its lack in this adaptation.  It’s about time that the various princes get a little less puppy-like and show some bite.

DRAMA GEEK: I’m pretty sure this is the man that helps the 4th prince become king. And probably isn’t too happy that he kills all his brothers to do it. But we won’t think about that for now. I’m with KMUSE and the princes being a little too puppy and not enough biting dog. Historically they would have all either been hungry for power, or just the ability to survive.

CLKYTTA: Survival is the name of the game and the one way to ensure survival is to become the King.

The Ups and Downs of Family

DRAMA GEEK: Yeah… don’t want to think about all the killing just yet.

KMUSE: I can live with the cute brother moments.  It just makes all the ruthless killing more dramatic in the future.  Sorry, I love a good fight for the throne.

CLKYTTA: All these playful scenes just make me sad because I know it’s about to get really ugly.  Even Evil Eyeliner Prince is having fun and part of the team and we all know he’d smother any of his brothers in a heartbeat.

KdramaJen: I loved that we had some sweet moments, but I am ready for them to form ranks and fight for the throne.

DRAMA GEEK: 10th Prince you are dead to me. Also, Can I please just tell the 4th prince he is WAY hotter than anyone else in that room, scar and all?

KMUSE: I agree.  I am ready to let 10th Prince meet his fate.  What a total jerk.  It would be one thing if he was a little kid.  It’s another when he is a grown adult and knows that this is a taboo subject.

CLKYTTA: I have never wanted to slap someone through my screen as much as I wanted to slap my hand over the mouth of the 10th prince.

KdramaJen: Can he really be that gullible and unaware?  I know that eyeliner dude set him up, but seriously, that was just not cool.


DRAMA GEEK: I really do think he’s misreading the look in her eyes (and IU is having a hard time conveying what Su is truly thinking). She knows how much his scar pains him, and I don’t think it was horror or even pity because of the the scar. She’s upset for the part she played in it, and at So’s brother’s mostly being asses about it.

KMUSE: I cried for Wang Soo in this scene.  The pain in his gaze was so intense.  Lee Joon Ki is brilliant at making me feel for this emotionally layered prince.

CLKYTTA: I think the worst part was that some of his brothers wouldn’t even look at him.  Hae Su isn’t looking at him with pity for his scars, it’s pity for what he’s being put through. He finally felt accepted by his brothers and then stupid Evil Eyeliner Prince had to ruin it all.  Ugh. I’ll take him, scars and all, scars are sexy.

KdramaJen: Can’t Su just whip up a batch of concealer?  That scar would disappear with a bit of Goryeo BB Creme.  Even without it, though, this prince is sizzling.  Just look at this picture and his piercing eyes.


Our Thoughts:

KMUSE: This drama is just getting better and better each week  I think I would enjoy it a lot more if certain scenes were not cut out of the Dramafever version.  Maybe it is because of international licensing or some such issue, but the idea that I am missing scenes drives me batty.

CLKYTTA: I am loving this drama a lot, it is making me a little angsty though.  I just can’t pick between Wook and So, and it’s totally because of the actors, not the characters.


DRAMA GEEK: I’m very invested in what happens to Hae Su. And also Prince So. Separately for now, the OTP fire hasn’t really started burning. I love watching both of them learn to live and survive in the palace. As the battle for the throne heats up, it will be interesting to see what alliances are formed, and who becomes the true enemy.

KdramaJen: I am fully on board.  I rush home on Mondays and Tuesdays!


 Scarlet Heart 10th Prince Puppet Show

KMUSE: That horrible moment when you realize that you actually prefer the acting of the puppet.

KdramaJen: I just thought it was rather odd that we had two dramas in the same week featuring puppets.  I thought it was a cute idea, but I cringed as I watched.

CLKYTTA: I liked the puppets in Moonlight more than the ones in Scarlet Heart.

DRAMA GEEK: Can the puppet stick around? I’m pretty sure I would have preferred him trying to act drunk to the real prince.

KMUSE: I adored the puppet show in Moonlight.  It had significance to the plot and was beautifully accomplished.  It kind of reminded me of a similar scene in the classic film King and I.  Moonlight puppets win this contest hands down.

DRAMA GEEK: How did a puppet show make me cry? Everything about this scene: the actual puppets, the people they represented, and our OTP was woven together to make such a wonderful narrative. Moonlight puppets for the win.


KMUSE:: Not to mention the Moonlight puppets were sewn by a sexy Guard Kim.  That man’s talents know no bounds.

CLKYTTA: Guard Kim, is there anything you can’t do?  How are you so sexy sewing puppets??

DRAMA GEEK: Again, how does a puppet make me swoon? Oh, it wasn’t the puppet but its maker. 🙂

KdramaJen: Hot body guard sewing puppets or goofy tenth prince?  No contest.


Shirtless Guard Kim


KMUSE: My first thought was OUCH.  My second thought was, “Woohoo!  Shirtless sexy bodyguard!” I know, my priorities suck………. I should have been fangirling about the shirtless hottie before worrying about his wounds.  I will aim to do better in the future.

KdramaJen: No worries.  I got your fan girl back.  I totally overlooked all the blood and bruising and noted the way his muscles seemed to ripple.


CLKYTTA: Excuse me as I wipe the drool off my face.  I volunteer to nurse him!

DRAMA GEEK: We all have your back Kmuse. Scars and blood didn’t distract me at all.


KMUSE: While we are chatting Guard Kim, can we discuss how he and Prince Bo Gum are trying to find the middle ground between friendship and loyalty?  I almost cried when Prince Bo Gum realized that his bestie had secrets that might be against his own interest but expressed his trust regardless.  UGH! The feelz are overwhelming.

CLKYTTA: I trust Guard Kim, he’s doing all his covert stuff, but I don’t think he is being a traitor.  I really want to know the mystery behind Guard Kim, who is he?  He and Prince Bo Gum have a very close relationship and I don’t think it’s going to be easy to break the ties between them.

DRAMA GEEK: Oof, that scene. Prince Bo Gum wants to trust him so bad. And I think he should. No matter what this other organization wants Guard Kim to do, he’ll pull through for the prince. Can we also talk about how awesome they were fighting together? I love their ability to protect each other.


Jealousy is Alive and Well in the Palace

KMUSE: It wasn’t just the two guys that got to be jealous this week.  Cute Eunuch had her own experiences with the green eyed monster.  Not only did she have to worry about the beautiful new woman (still bitter and refuse to learn her name) wandering the palace grounds.  But she also had to be jealous of the boy version of herself.  Sure a Prince confessing his love is all well and good, but not such a great thing when he bats for the other team and you are still a girl underneath your robes.

CLKYTTA: I loved that she was jealous of her eunuch alter ego.  She was really hit hard with the truth of her feelings this week.  The minister’s daughter is trouble, she’s got the perfect pedigree, she’s pretty and she’s got spunk, and I’m really worried she’s going to end up a princess.


DRAMA GEEK: This was the best. You can’t blame her for being worried that the prince may never love her true self. And the way she bit off Guard Kim’s head for just talking to her. I love seeing them being besties too.

KdramaJen: I love that she experienced jealousy too.  It sets things up nicely for the future.  Well, not nicely from the perspective of a fangirl cheering for the OTP, but nicely from a story arc perspective…

Feeding = Love

CLKYTTA: Prince Bo Gum just cracks me up, he’s already got her number. The way to her heart is through her stomach!

DRAMA GEEK: Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face. The food looks so good, and she ate it all! Well, she did just come from being in prison for a while, and they’ve established the eunuchs don’t get to eat food that has yummy spices so this was probably a wonderful treat for her.

KMUSE: And how cute is it that he has nicknamed her after his favorite food.  that is so adorable.  Watching her eat is just happiness itself and I think Prince Bo Gum agrees with me.

KdramaJen: Everything looked so delicious.  The food too, of course.

Rumors of Prince Bo Gum’s Sexuality


DRAMA GEEK: This is what happens when your face is as expressive as Prince Bo Gum’s. Everyone notices how love struck you are. It is a scary situation no matter what gender she truly is.

KMUSE: His expression as he glances over at Ra On upon learning what the rumors were about.  WOW.  That was some intense eye acting right there.  Love Prince Bo Gum’s micro-expressions so much.

CLKYTTA: Oh man, this is a rock and a hard place.  He’s brought way too much attention to their relationship and now the rumors are flying.

KdramaJen: He was not exactly the master of subtlety.  Park Bo Gum was perfection in this scene!

The Eunuch and the Court Lady


CLKYTTA: I really liked this side story.  It wasn’t really needed to move the story along, but it was a lovely story.  I’ve always wondered whether or not there were romances between the eunuchs and the court ladies; love doesn’t always follow the rules.  I really feel like I understand this character more and I think he’s going to be an ally in the future.

DRAMA GEEK: At first I was miffed that he was the eunuch in this story. He just sold Ra On off  to the creepy Chinese guy. But by the end he totally won me over. I’m sure their type of romance happened a lot in the palace.

KMUSE: I loved that Prince Bo Gum gave these two their happy ending.  Erasing their names off the palace lists and giving them their freedom. This was truly a great side story.

KdramaJen: I totally geeked out here because I recently read this whole article about the secret lives of eunuchs and all their behind the scenes hanky panky.  I was in shock at some of the stories.  This was a sweet side story, but also aligns with some of the research I read.

Evil Stepmother Crosses the Line


KMUSE: The tension in this scene was perfect.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the two battling royals.  Watching them fling barbed comments back and forth was as good as most fight scenes.  I am shouting out kudos to both the actors and the writer.

CLKYTTA: Can someone drop a house on her already?


DRAMA GEEK: I guess I’ve just seen too many evil queens like her and evil bad guys like Prime Minister Kim. They tend to just register as a place holder for me. (Now, the evil queen in Scarlet Heart Ryeo takes it to a new level and my eyes are always on her in any scene she’s in. Who knows. She might cut you if you turn your back.)

KdramaJen: PLEASE have a scene where she gets slapped.  Please, please, please!

Pre Kiss Events

KMUSE: I am so glad that the big “discovery” didn’t happen way earlier in the drama and he just stayed quiet about it.  I also love the fact that Prince Bo Gum was going to confess via letter before he discovered Ra On’s gender secret.  The truth just prompted him to confess in a different way.  I hate when they do a gender bender drama and you don’t really feel like the love was there before the reveal.

CLKYTTA: I am so glad that he discovered this before the last episode.  I love how he looked like someone handed him the moon and the stars. He didn’t keep his knowledge to himself to “protect” her and I’m grateful for that. All the cards are on the table and they both know how each other feels and I’m ready for lots more lovey scenes.


DRAMA GEEK: This gave us the best of both worlds. Prince Bo Gum accepted his feelings for Eunuch Hong and was going to confess to him in an appropriate way. Appropriate and safe. Then when he discovers her secret he changed his mind to an all out confession. Holding nothing back. I loved that we the viewer got to see him go from surprise to confusion then realization. Even anger for a moment when he crumpled his precision confession letter. And when he finally landed on utter happiness it was so rewarding.


KdramaJen: I particularly liked the way we were left to wonder after one episode if he was confessing Coffee Prince style or if he might already know her gender.  It was rather brilliant that we had to wait a whole day to find out what he knew before the confession.  It’s just one of the many reasons I love this drama.  It keeps me on my toes!

The Kiss

CLKYTTA: What is it about Prince Bo Gum? Seriously, I needed a bucket of ice and a fan.  He is so intense.

KMUSE: I was surprised they did such a good kiss scene. We rarely see skinship in Sagueks, not to mention there is still talk about our leading actress’s age.  Both of these issues made me think there would be no smooching.  I am glad I was wrong because naratively this was perfection.

DRAMA GEEK: Confession, I’ve seen this scene about 25 times now. Oh that enraptured smile. You could not have had a happier or relieved prince at that moment. He’s so bold. So damn sexy and strong with her leading up. But… inside I’m sure he was till unsure. Then she closes her eyes, and bliss washed over him.


CLKYTTA: Personally, I was relieved that they didn’t have her do the fish eyed kiss. It’s obviously a first kiss, and it was very well done.  These two have great chemistry.

DRAMA GEEK: This show did everything right for a young lovers first kiss. They focused on the lead up. The director did a fantastic job with the camera angels. Knowing where to focus. Where to emphasize his hand. Her eyes. So when their lips meet and it’s more of what people like to call a statue kiss, it’s still the most romantic thing ever. Oh, and dang his hand on the back of her neck at the end was soooo sexy. Okay, I think I need to step away.

KdramaJen: When her eyes flutter closed and he smirks… Oh, my heart!


KMUSE: Prince Bo Gum is so obvious about his feelings now.  Makes me wonder if he shouldn’t be a little bit sneakier considering the palace still thinks that Ra On is a man.  But as a fangirl I love all these cutesy moments.  I will just shut up and enjoy them while they last.

CLKYTTA: I love his little tricks to get closer to her, but it also worries me. I’ve watched a lot of Kdramas and one theme is repeated time after time, the palace is full of danger.


DRAMA GEEK: Oh, Prince Bo Gum how you love to tease. He enjoyed poking fun at her anytime the subject of her masculinity came up. He’s playing with fire by how he treats her. Like CLYYTTA said. The palace is not a safe place to play.

KMUSE: It was a nice twist from the usual gender bender dramas.  I enjoyed seeing the girl have to worry about being loved for a change.

KdramaJen: I just love them.  I know we are in for troubled times ahead, but right now I just want to enjoy their sweet romance.

KMUSE: I also thought the bracelets and the symbolism behind them was beautiful.  Does make me feel a sense of foreboding for the future though.  Special bracelets that will bring lovers back together despite the distance kind of makes me think our cute OTP will be separating soon.

Our Thoughts

CLKYTTA: This is my favorite drama airing right now.  I love the characters and I love our OTP.  I’m totally invested in this story.  Our prince isn’t a puppet (like what I did there?) and he’s not afraid to claim the woman he loves.  I am really hoping that the writers go against history and give this drama a happy ending.

DRAMA GEEK: By the end of the episode I was hurting for Ra On as much as she was. The prince didn’t mean to mislead her in telling her he was currently in love with a beautiful woman. But I think he needed to see how much it pained her to feel like he was playing with her feelings. Because he can be a little dense when it comes to stuff like that. The bracelet confession at the end was just as powerful as his first confession. He knows she’s a woman and he’s going to love her thoroughly now. Except… she’s about to become a very important chess piece in the fight for the throne. I’m very excited to move forward now that most of the secrets are out.


KMUSE: So, the drama suddenly took a forbidden love turn there at the end.  Not only is Ra On an orphan created from the uprising ten years earlier, but she is the daughter of the leader of that uprising.  That means that supposedly her dad was responsible for Prince Bo Gum mother’s death.  I foresee this being an even bigger hurdle than gender to their long term happiness.

KdramaJen: Finding out your eunuch is a girl is one thing.  Finding out she is the daughter of a revolutionary?  That is quite another.  I hope our Puppy Prince is ready for this fight.  This is going to be an epic battle.  I can’t wait!

This concludes another week of sexy haired sageuk hotties.  Let us know your favorite scenes and be sure to check out all our past MANE OF GLORY POSTS.  We love sharing our love for a head of good hair.

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8 thoughts on “Mane of Glory Recap #4

  1. Thanks so much for doing these “Mane of Glory” recaps this way. I totally love both of these dramas. I’m so glad I don’t have to choose between them. Lee Joon Gi is my all-time favorite actor, but Park Bo Gum and Kang Ha Neul are both wonderful.

    I don’t think Baek Hyun is doing that bad a job. Tenth prince is supposed to be very immature for comic relief. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo admits that it takes creative license with history, but one thing about the history makes the princes more interesting to me. In 941, third prince was only 18 years old and fourth prince was 16. Of course, teens were a lot more mature in those days, and the drama never actually gives their ages, but, if you think of tenth and fourteenth princes as being under, say, 14 years old rather than the actors’ ages, they make a lot more sense.

    Speaking of maturity, Guard Kim is played by Kwak Dong Yeon, who is only 19 years old. I first noticed him playing the “child” version of Kim Hyun Joong’s character in Inspiring Generation. I thought he looked a lot like KHJ but was a much better actor. Now I think he is better looking than KHJ as well as being an enormously better actor.

  2. It would have been more realistic if Prince Wang So’s eye had been like “Snake Eye” from Last. That was truly disgusting.

  3. Scarlet Heart:
    I love Wook and I like So, but I am still hoping they give a genuine reason as to why he killed his horse when he entered the palace in the first episode.
    Please let it be more than a temper tantrum…killing the wolves was to fight for his life,… but killing a horse because your mommy’s an evil b*tch? Not sure if that will fly… : )

  4. I never get tired of watching new expressions in Bo Gum’s face, is there any emotion that he cannot convey? Isn’t he too young to be such a master?… I also needed the ice bucket to get through this week episodes. But rather than the most romantic moments, he gets me when he’s all sunny smiles and in playful mood; I suspect that it is because they are trying to keep the romance cute and chaste, so part of its intensity is lost for me…not that i did not enjoy the kiss and pre-kiss scenes, hehe! 😉

    As for Moon Lovers, I tuned in from the beginning due to my love for IU and KHN, so for now I am super happy since they are shining in their performances and the romance between them is electrifying. That calligraphy scene was SO hot: that closeness and mutual awareness; when he wrote his name introducing himself as the rising sun and she looked at him like “indeed you are”, my fangirl heart was about to explode. Is it too much to ask for a good kiss before Su has a change in her feelings? That would be enough for me; if they do not kiss I will feel cheated after making us witness this amazing chemistry for nothing.
    Aside from that, the story is not that thrilling for now. Maybe it will change later? I also miss more character development. So far we know almost nothing about them. I think I am most curious about the princes’ sister because she is one of the few that we have been allowed to know about her goals and motivations (although there are still many unknowns about her…).

  5. I’m only on Mane of Glory Recap #4 but I love this series. So much fun to read your comments and relive the squeally days of watching Moonlight last year.

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