Wu Xin the Monster Killer 2 Releases Character Posters and Stills


A year ago a lot of us watched the Chinese drama Wu Xin the Monster Killer and were a little underwhelmed/angered by the ending?  It’s not that it was totally horrible, but I just didn’t expect the story to go in that specific direction.  Thankfully, it makes a little bit more sense now that season 2 has been announced.

Despite the drama still being a good six months  (or more) before airing, they have released a series of character posters and stills. The character posters on not that interesting in my opinion.  I don’t know why, but they just scream CF to me, making me want to search online hat boutiques more than watch a drama.  Thankfully the official stills are much more attention grabbing.


The story picks up around 20 years after Wu Xin’s last reawakening. In his new life, he meets Su Tao, a young girl whose parents were killed in the war. He takes her under his wings, but in a country ravaged by war, there is little he can do to protect her. Their situation becomes even more dire when Wu Xin’s nemesis reincarnates once again.

I can’t promise that season 2 will have a better conclusion, but I loved Wu Xin’s character enough to give it another try.  Wu Xin the Monster Killer will air in early 2017.


If you want to check out season 1 and be prepared for season 2 CLICK HERE or look for it on Dramafever.



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