Mane of Glory Recap #5


It is a week full of skinship (good and bad) and hard decisions for our heroes and heroines.  Sure all the romantic moments are awesome for our fangirl hearts, but that just means that angst is on the horizon.  Come join us as we chat all the best moments of Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.


A Talented Child Actress


KMUSE: I always love taking note of talented child actors since they will be our leads in the future (case in point, our leading lady, Kim Yoo Jung)

CLKYTTA:  Does anyone else just want to scoop this girl up and run away from the palace as fast as you can?  Actually, Prince Bo Gum needs to go riding off into the sunset with Ra On and baby girl here.  They could live as a nice little family happily ever after.

KdramaJen:  She is very talented.  She reminds me of a young Kim Yoo Jung.  I predict we will be seeing more of this little lady.

DRAMA GEEK: She’s very cute and doing a great job and conveying things without talking. I LOVE all the scene with both the prince and Ra On when they’re with her. I vote for the three of them running off together, too.

Jennie: She hardly spoke, but she conveyed so much emotion! Loved her.

KMUSE: I was so impressed with this plot twist.  This child actress is really talented and having her witness the Minister murdering a Court Lady (Which I am sure will implicate him in the Queen’s death) was intense.  I can totally understand why the girl has PTSD when it comes to him.  That glimpse of Minister’s eye through the crack freaked me out as well.

CLKYTTA: I need to know, did he see her?  I think he saw something, but does he know it’s her? I hope he is just suspicious and he doesn’t know it was her.

DRAMA GEEK: Uh, I could feel her terror during this scene. He’s so creepy.

Angsty Guardsman Kim

KMUSE: I am loving Guard Kim’s involvement with all the different factions wanting to find Ra On.  I have to imagine it is killing him watching this situation when he has feelings for everyone involved.  It is a train wreck of epic proportions.


Also, it is a good thing Guard Kim is so gorgeous and has this amazing head of hair because his ability to emote….. not so great.  Luckily his hair can emote for him.

DRAMA GEEK: Haha. His hair really is 80% of his persona. I feel bad for his character and the decisions he’s having to make. He was sent to the prince for a reason but you can tell he has grown to deeply care about him, and now Ra On.


CLKYTTA: I love angsty Guard Kim.  This picture is pure perfection, the eyes, the hair, and that overall look of a man who is at his breaking point just gives me shivers.

KdramaJen: He must feel so conflicted.  He already has the inner conflict about betraying Prince Bo Gum, but now he has to decide what to do about Ra On.  Tough choices.  Still, he has great hair!

Jennie: Poor kid doesn’t want anyone to feel the pain he’s felt, and since the prince loves Ra On, he really doesn’t want her in the middle of everyone’s games.

KMUSE:I was a little disappointed that the super secret leader of the rebellion was so obvious.  Oh well, I guess I will get past it since this drama is not doing a lot to keep foreshadowing from running rampant.

DRAMA GEEK: For a millisecond I thought maybe it was teacher nim, but wasn’t surprised at all when this guy showed up. Though I’m left wondering how much of a friend he was to Ra On’s father and how much he’s a part of fueling the king’s crazy.

Someone Is All Angles


CLKYTTA: It’s refreshing to see that someone misses how she looked before.  I kind of like this princess.  She’s spoiled, but she’s not evil.  I hope that she and the scholar are able to be a couple.

KMUSE: These poor wayward puppies.  They are both so awkward and cute.  Now if only they can find a happy medium and stop with all the misunderstandings.


DRAMA GEEK: This actress it totes adorable. I was sad to see her chubby cheeks go and was worried she’d lose a bit of her personality (like Gong Shim and her wig) but she was still able to produce the same cute facial expressions and quirkiness sans cheeks. And I love that the scholar prefers her plump.

Jennie: I actually preferred her plump. She was too cute! She’s still cute, but sometimes I wish characters could be plump and be a love interest without needing to be funny *dream world*

Winning in the Political Arena

CLKYTTA: I love how he played the game and then changed the rules.  Prince Bo Gum is no one’s puppet.

KMUSE: One of my favorite things about Prince Bo Gum is that he is using his mind to win battles.  Now if he can just use his brains to avoid all of his father’s neurotic issues, I will be happy.

Jennie: King daddy drives me crazy, he has one emotion and it’s anger. I’m glad his son is more level-headed.


KdramaJen: He is no pushover and certainly nobody is going to pull his strings.  I love that he is smart and witty and so darn adorable.

DRAMA GEEK: One of my favorite things about him is that he’s constantly trying to think outside of the box that his demented father and PM Kim created. It’s also why he was able to accept his love for Eunuch Hong before he knew she was Ra On.

So Many Tears

KMUSE: Prince Bo Gum and Ra On are the most beautiful criers.  I didn’t even mind that there were so many crying scenes because they do it so well.

DRAMA GEEK: Yes, please have more criers like them. You don’t have to break down and blubber to cry with all of your emotion.


KMUSE: For once there seems to be a good reason for a character to go all noble idiot and leave a relationship.  Getting past the whole fake boy/treason thing is not a small issue.  Especially when one-half of the couple is the future king of the country.  There is no way that Ra On will be able to marry the Prince.  Or even openly date him for that matter.   It might be different if he was the king.  But at this point, Prince Bo Gum’s arms really are tied.

KdramaJen: While Guard Kim emotes with his hair, these two manage to share their pain through their eyes and every movement.  I could feel the heartache.

DRAMA GEEK: These two are doomed in so many ways. If she comes to him as a woman (was anyone else freaked out when she showed up in the garden dressed as Ra On? The palace sees all and hears all, you two. Be more careful!) she’ll be put to death. And there is no way she can disappear as a eunuch and then just show back up as a girl he could take as his concubine or something. Everyone knows what she looks like.


Jennie: I’m guessing her true identity will give her a reason to unite the country AND become the prince’s wife. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me anyway.

KMUSE: I might have gotten teary eyed myself a few times through these episodes.  My favorite scene was when Prince Bo Gum learned sign language to tell her to stay.  Was I the only one that rolled their eyes when a ton of people just waited behind the Prince?  There is no way that his intention was not shouted out to the world at that moment.

CLKYTTA: I agree, he was so obvious.  Even without saying a word, no one would misunderstand what was going on.


Jennie: I’m choosing to ignore reality and enjoy the cuteness. Probably my favorite scene in both episodes.

DRAMA GEEK: I held my breath through the whole thing. They are just shouting their love at every turn and it’s got me super scared. Though, death might be worth seeing these two while he told her to say with this hands. Gah, so SWOONY!!!

CLKYTTA: This is where you can really tell we are dealing with veteran actors.  The crying scenes are done so well.  How do they still look so good even when they are sobbing?

Let’s Give Romance A Try

CLKYTTA: I thought this was a dream sequence the whole time and had to watch it twice. It took so much bravery for her to do that and she was well rewarded for coming to him as Ra On.

KMUSE: Prince Bo Gum’s smile is perfection.  That said, how is Ra On roaming about in girl clothes and no one notices?  That just seems a tad unrealistic.  But cute despite its improbability. (DRAMA GEEK: See my earlier comment. I was totally freaking out. She was being brave but extremely stupid. But it was a beautiful scene. I think the show is just trying to make her look like a girl as much as they can.)


KdramaJen: It must be nice to have a private garden where you can sit around and read books while beautiful ladies come to visit you.  Prince Bo Gum has a pretty sweet deal.

PDA (Public Displays of Affection)

KMUSE: I think this is the new drama bar for couple chemistry.  These two knocked it out of the ballpark.  Their relationship as a couple really keeps me in the moment and I totally squealed through the whole episode.

**Even to the point my husband started mocking me.  Their relationship was so adorable I even put up with that level of embarrassment.  It was literally impossible not to clap and be happy for this OTP.

DRAMA GEEK: Raises hand for the squeal. I had a perma smile through this episode. They are just the cutest couple that has ever walked into the palace. Can they please just get married and have the most adorable puppy babies ever?


KMUSE: This was the perfect moment for all us fangirls.  I think we were all imagining what it would be like to run our fingers along Park Bo Gum’s face.  He really is visual perfection, just like a classic Italian sculpture.

KdramaJen: Beautiful.  Wow.  Just beautiful.

CLKYTTA: The best fan service here.  Sleepy Prince Bo Gum is just yummy.

DRAMA GEEK: Who needs a bath scene when you can have a sleeping Bo Gum scene? Okay, so I do kind of wish she was old enough and they could include the steamy bath scene that’s been floating around from the webtoon.

Jennie: Bath scene? My gosh, let’s not be killed.

KMUSE: Holy Heck!  These two have no boundaries when it comes to PDA.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved every single romantic moment of their flirting, but sometimes I wanted to shout at them “Be Careful”.


CLKYTTA: The PDA scenes made me smile the whole show.  They are so honest about their feelings with each other.  The chemistry between these two actors is just off the charts.  I would be perfectly happy with the rest of the drama just being cute scenes between these two. That said, they are a disaster waiting to happen because they are not using any common sense with the PDA.

DRAMA GEEK: So much PDA and cute that I had a smile on my face but was clenching my fists. Disaster is about to strike. You two are being way too obvious! Run away now! Yeah, so I know this is the adorable calm before the storm and I’m trying to prepare myself.

2nd Lead Waiting In The Wings


CLKYTTA: Keep waiting in the wings Second Lead.  You deserve happiness too, but you need to back up off Ra On, she’s taken.  I loved the showdown below where he tells Prince Bo Gum that he loves Ra On.  Don’t think for a minute that PBG is going to just hand her over to you Former Best Friend.

DRAMA GEEK: I still think these two will end up joining forces to save her life. Hopefully with Guard Kim too.

KdramaJen: One of my favorite scenes was when Jinyoung’s character (I can’t remember his name!) called Puppy Prince out for hurting Ra On and then declaring his love for her.  I like that he is not evil and manipulative.  He is just putting it out there.  I think if he had any other competition other than Prince Bo Gum, then he would have no contest.  I am REALLY looking forward to seeing him in a drama where he gets to be the leading man and his co-star is not a mopey-faced pouter. (Yes, I am looking at you, Persevere Girl.)

Freaking Little Mermaid Foreshadowing

KMUSE: I hate King Dad and his issues and his whole making Prince Bo Gum marry scheme.


What I hate even more is that stupid mermaid story that always foreshadows doom and gloom for our OTPs.  If I never see that used in another kdrama, I will be a happy viewer.

KdramaJen: Yup.  When they start talking about mermaids and sea foam we know we are in for big trouble.

DRAMA GEEK: The moment Ra On said she read a fairytale I knew it was going to be the doomed Little Mermaid. I seriously hate when a member of the OTP starts with these stories. Then for the rest of the drama you’re just hoping she doesn’t turn into freaking bubbles. With this story though, I’m more worried about our prince. History is not on his side. :(

Jennie: Why does every drama pick the sad little mermaid? No. Just no.

KMUSE: With all the mermaid foreshadowing (#$*@# Mermaid) it is no surprise that Creepy Head Eunuch shows up to take Ra On.  The biggest shocker is that Prince Bo Gum also shows up at the same time and confronts the big bad over knowing Ra On’s real name.  At least Eunuch won’t be able to kidnap her, leaving no trace for our puppy prince.

CLKYTTA: Please, please, please! Drama Gods, don’t let creepy Head Eunuch ruin everything!!!  Also, after watching so many dramas with the Little Mermaid story, it’s now my most hated fairy tale of all. (DRAMA GEEK: Ha! Mine too)



CLKYTTA: I wondered what happened to that court lady.  Stepmonster Queen is devious, she’s determined for a son and a son she will have regardless.  We seem to have a trend of queens who will sacrifice their children to move up politically.  Meanwhile, Queen Yoo is seeing that the son she threw away may have been the most valuable.

KMUSE: But does she actually see So as valuable?  I still get the vibe Queen mom sees him as worthless and not a threat.  Which is really stupid after that disaster of a family dinner.  When it comes down to it, I get more evil vibes from Moonlight bitch queen.  Scarlet queen comes across as just heartless to me.

CLKYTTA: I think she sees him as a pawn she can move around to benefit Evil Eyeliner Prince and that makes him valuable.  She seems to have this misguided idea that he will do whatever she wants.


KdramaJen: I still want to slap the snot out of Moonlight queen.  I don’t know which one is more evil.  I mean, it does appear she has a pregnant lady locked in a chamber and plans to steal her baby.  That’s pretty low.

DRAMA GEEK: Does anyone else flash to Scarlet Evil Queen’s other character in Jealousy Incarnate now? During the table scene I kept wanting her partner in crime to sidle up and make a joke. Anyway, stealing court ladies babies is so low. I think Moonlight Witch wins this week.


Brother Bonding

CLKYTTA: I have to say I was relieved by this little bonding session.  I was not impressed that he looked away from So’s face when the mask was taken off. After hearing his explanation and So’s response I was happy again.  These brothers need to love and trust each other.  We all know there is a big red cloud over the whole situation, but a girl can hope that the writers will just go the fan fiction way and not follow history, right?

DRAMA GEEK: I was happy they had this talk. It’s nice that Wang So has a brother that cares about his feelings and he can talk to.


KMUSE: I did appreciate that they fixed their rift. Wang So really needs at least one brother on his side.  Also, I love how perfect Wang So looks lying there and watching the stars that remind him of Su.  So beautiful.

KdramaJen: I kind of wasn’t paying attention to the reconciliation part.  Why?  Because he just looks so lovely.  I was distracted.

Jennie:  Bromance win! I was hope for a ton of bromance in this show. So far, I haven’t seen that much.

Bear Girl Charms Her Man……Kinda


CLKYTTA: I really like her character.  I want him to like her as much as she likes him.

KMUSE: Hahahaha, she cracks me up and I am loving this actress. When Bear Girl kills the sparrow and then wonders what the issue is when EXO Prince stalks away. Died when she wondered if he was going to eat it while it was alive.  Not to mention her relationship with her father is also great.  Poor dad is going to have a twit as a son-in-law.


KdramaJen: I also really like her.  I hope she helps the young prince to grow up a bit.

DRAMA GEEK: She’s super adorable and I want her to be happy. I also want her to help Puppet Prince become a man. If only so that he stops talking like that.

Jennie: I love her! I want #10 to see what a great girl he has.

Alternate OTP


KMUSE: They continue to be very pretty.  I just am wondering if maybe it is time to start separating them emotionally.  I need a leading lady that it free and clear to move on to a new relationship.  So far Su is none of those things.

CLKYTTA: Seriously, why can’t she be with both guys? This relationship seems so natural and good that I’m having a really hard time letting go of this ship.


KdramaJen: I feel like we are getting a bit too far into the drama for my loyalties to be this divided.  If I am this conflicted, then out leading lady must really be having trouble.

DRAMA GEEK: I’m really not happy with how soft and sweet all of their scenes are and yet they aren’t the OTP. I need to see more of why Wang So would ever feel threatened by this brother. And why Hae Soo’s feelings would change. She’s completely in love with him, and has no reason not to be.

Jennie: I agree with DRAMA GEEK, if she doesn’t actually like the guy, why are they getting together?

OTP (One True Pairing) Skinship Part 1


KMUSE: I love the emotion that Wang So is putting out.  He goes through all the relationship stages…hesitant, awkward, interested, and scared.  He shares so much feeling.  Sadly, we mostly just get wide-eyed blankness or friendship from Su.  I think we might have hit where IU is weak.  There are just not any nuances in her performance that lets me know that Wang So makes any kind of impression as a man.  I don’t need total hearts and rainbows, but more than a blank look would be appreciated.

Jennie: Yes! I felt like he was telling her how she should be looking, but she wasn’t actually looking it.

KdramaJen: I am struggling to figure out how Su really feels.  I think that is why I am having trouble fully committing to either ship. (KMUSE: Well now Wang So has Su in a ship….dingy… literally.  hehehe)

CLKYTTA: There are sparks there, but I don’t think she has real feelings for him like he has for her.  I think she sees him as a project, someone she can help.  From the previews though, it looks like she will hit a turning point next week.

DRAMA GEEK: I totally agree that IU’s acting is putting a strain on my ability to understand her character when she’s with So. I get her love and affection for Wook, but her more complicated feelings (at least I’m assuming she has more complicated ones for him) do not come across.

Making Up

KMUSE: It is moments like this that prove what an amazing eye actor Lee Joon Ki is.  I literally held my breath the first time I watched this scene.  It was truly beautiful.

DRAMA GEEK: So tense and touching all at the same time. Loved this scene.


CLKYTTA: I loved this scene.  At first he’s flustered but then he seems to relax and just enjoy being touched.  I get the feeling that he’s just soaking up the warmth of her.

KdramaJen: THIS was a very sensual scene.  I watched it more than once because it really moved me.  Watching him react to being touched was amazing.  His eyes told the whole story.

Jennie: I may have watched this scene 5 or 6 times.

To Reign or Not To Reign


CLKYTTA: This was such a difficult part to watch, he seemed both mentally and physically beat down.

KMUSE: I just wanted someone to support him during this horrible situation.  His family sucks.

KdramaJen: How could they just stand there and watch this unfold?

DRAMA GEEK: So heartbreaking. The worst was when he ran away because he’s such a formidable person that for him to run that way, you know he was utterly humiliated.

Jennie: Just looking at this picture hurts.

CLKYTTA: The power play is real.  Evil Eyeliner Prince has moved all his chess pieces so that he is the one who gets all the glory and then his plans are completely ruined.  Wang So walks up, unmarked and oozing power and magnetism and takes his rightful place.  To add insult to injury, it actually starts raining and now our Wolf Prince is a hero.

DRAMA GEEK: Wang So looked and acted every bit the future king here. I cheered when his mask fell off, and Yo was shocked to see him for the person he really is. Also, he just looks amazing in white.

Jennie: The white is fantastic!

KMUSE: I totally cheered when he came in and shocked everyone.  Also loved Su’s look of support and happiness.

DRAMA GEEK: Can the drama end here? I really want Hae Su’s character to continue treating So the way she did during his triumphant moment.

CLKYTTA: Poor Su, we all wish she remembered her history better.  Is he or isn’t he the one who will kill all his brothers?  Is her faulty memory going to cause a rift in time and change history?

KMUSE: This is the first part of the Korean adaptation that I DO NOT LIKE.  In the Chinese version, the girl was a historian and knew all the events that would transpire.  This whole murky understanding of history bugs the heck out of me.  Especially when Su is basing her emotions and how she treats everyone on those vague memories.

Jennie: The thing I hate most is people who judge without talking to the person and figuring out their motivations. ugh.

DRAMA GEEK: It annoys me so much that they’ve made Su’s character so clueless. I’m also annoyed at the writer for making So’s brother’s flower boys. I understand it’s fun for the audience to have tons of puppy princes running around. But then what does that make a prince who goes against all of them to gain power? Heartless. But if you have factions jostling for power and it’s a eat or be eaten world then gaining power by force isn’t so horrible.


KdramaJen: This is where my own history geek side gets me into trouble.  I know what is going to happen.  Wait.  Maybe I should switch places with Su.

Su’s Visions & New Personality


KMUSE: To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know if I agree that what she sees are real. Wang So laughing over their corpses just doesn’t ring true to me.  I am not saying that some of his brothers are not going to die, but I highly doubt it will be an unprovoked mass murder.  So just isn’t that type of person.

Also, I am so annoyed with how this director is filming Su’s mental breakdown over historical issues.  Every scene in episode 9 involved Su doing one freaking outlook.  There were no nuances or micro expressions.  Also, it felt like she suddenly lost all her ability to be supportive.  It is not like she was not aware that one of the princes was the future ruler.  But suddenly it is overwhelming and has broken her emotionally.  I don’t know what is wrong, but I just didn’t enjoy her character at all this episode.

CLKYTTA: I just can’t see him turning completely evil. He’s held on to his humanity for so long and been through so much that I just can’t see him going all power crazy and killing everyone. Something isn’t right.

DRAMA GEEK: I just don’t understand why the show is having her see these visions. They can’t be of the real future. At least I hope not. The Wang So they’ve portrayed so far would kill, and do it ruthlessly, but I don’t think he’d laugh and enjoy it. Not the way she sees it. And it’s caused her to lose herself when she’s around him. I hate the direction they took with her character. I would have preferred she knew the history from the beginning and was scared of his character but through getting to know him she came to understand that history doesn’t record everything.

Jennie: I like DRAMA GEEK’s idea, let’s do that instead.


KdramaJen: I was starting to really like this show, but after this episode I have some serious concerns about where it will go.  I wonder if I would feel differently if the leading lady could connect like Kim Yoo Jung.  I feel like I am missing something because I can’t read IU’s expressions.

CLKYTTA: Exactly, she isn’t really emoting much and so she’s hard to read.  She always looks surprised to me.

10th Prince Finds His Inner Actor

KMUSE: First, I loved that Bear Girl kicked Prince Ji Soo’s butt and he was happy about it.  That was awesome.  Second, who knew that Prince EXO can actually act?  I was shocked at how good 10th Prince was right before his wedding.  Yet another thing to chalk up against this director.  I think the character could have been improved with a defter directing hand.  Kind of makes me want to give EXO boy another chance in another drama.  Maybe with the Reply Series director?  That would be a better fit for a very green actor.

KdramaJen: I 100% agree with Kmuse on this one.  I was stunned by his ability to act when he was not forced to be a buffoon.  There was true depth to his scenes, especially right before the wedding.  Maybe Bear Girl is a good influence on him.


CLKYTTA: EXO Prince really held his own this time.  We should have known something was up though because Ji Soo hasn’t been used to his full potential either.  I’m sorry EXO Prince, I didn’t give you a fair chance and now I really like you.

DRAMA GEEK: Bows low to the EXO fans and asks forgiveness. Okay, so I admit I was wrong about Puppet Prince. If this director would have just toned him down a bit and told him to speak normally then he could have been super adorable. The scene leading up to the wedding showed a ton of depth in his acting. I really hope that for the rest of the show this is the 10th Prince we get.

Jennie: This is the Baekhyun I know and love. We need more of this!

Don’t Talk Politics at Dinner

KMUSE: This was by far my favorite scene of the episode.  We get Wang So sharing his Machiavellian ambition with his crazy family and pretty much shutting his mom down.  It was perfect.  Especially when So admitted to knowing that the King was trying to let the people punish his least important son and he said he knew and took the opportunity despite that.   I need more of this and less annoying Su.

KdramaJen: It hurt my heart a bit to see how the Evil Queen dotes on her other sons and treats So like a pariah.  I don’t really get it.  Can’t she see his potential?  It was pretty awesome to hear him slap her down by revealing that he knows much more than she thought he knew.


CLKYTTA: My favorite part was when Prince Ji Soo told them all off and walked away.  He is so pure hearted.

DRAMA GEEK: I was a little worried So would let his need for love get in the way of seeing this dinner for what it truly was. But he really is the smartest of the bunch and can see people’s motives from a mile away. I too wish we’d get a bit more of this (and that’s coming from someone who usually hates politicking ).

OTP Skinship #2

2a18.pngKMUSE: Oh show.  This was not good.  Not only do we suffer through a lot more of Su’s one note scared look, but we have a forced kiss.  I understand why this whole skinship moment went south, but that doesn’t make it any better as a viewer.  There was nothing romantic about this scene and makes me worry that they won’t be able to convince me of the eventual OTP’s feelings for each other.  The romantic pacing on this drama is just completely off.  I think I will be watching for the politics and future bloodbath instead.

KdramaJen: I really had to ponder this over and over.  First, I was completely teased because the previews made it look like we would be getting a romantic kiss scene.  On top of that, I was primed for it because of the oh-so-hot make-up scene. (By the way, if anyone is keeping track, I totally accidentally called that in my comments last week.  I meant my Goryeo BB Creme comment to be flippant, but it was predictive.)  Anyway… I am trying to keep the forced kiss thing in context.  Wang So has never been given an ounce of softness or love.  He decides to trust Su.  She even says, “I won’t change first.”  And then she goes and gets all crazy-eyed and jumpy.  All he can think is, “Not you too.”  So, he does what he can to hold onto her.  The forced kiss is a sign of his desperation.  At least she didn’t fight it at first and then melt into his arms like the romance novels I read as a teenager.  (You know the ones.  I think Fabio was the cover model for most of them.)


CLKYTTA: Ugh.  That forced kiss did nothing to help this couple along. Nothing.  The more the writers put scenes like this in the more I’m on Team Prince Wook.  Wang So is rough around the edges and I get that he’s not interpreting all her signals correctly, but the forced kiss was horrible. He needs to learn to use a little more finesse. He needs to do a lot of little touches and hand holding and maybe another hug or two, but no more forced kisses.

DRAMA GEEK: Okay, big huge deep breath before I start. Forced kisses are a total hot button for me. Reading comments where people defend So and say “well she stopped struggling toward the end” are a TOTAL hot button. Or “it’s her fault because of all the mixed signals she was giving our poor affection deprived prince.” HUGE HOT BUTTON. I get the kiss in context and I get that he’s a prince, and women back then were property. Especially in the palace. And if this would have been the 8th prince, who I’m eventually supposed to root against then I could get behind the show putting this kind of kiss in. BUT, Wang So is the one she’s going to fall in love with. He’s the end game. And the show is going really light on the power struggle and heavy on the romance so I’m supposed to be caught up in that part of the story. And you have her petrified of him (for reasons he doesn’t understand) and he forces himself on her, not once, but twice. Yeah, in one of the versions he stops because she’s struggling so much but goes back in and kisses her more. He might immediately regret it, and somehow prove that he’s not an animal in the next episode, but the show has totally turned me off to this romance. I want her to suddenly die and get sent back to her time and get far far away from all these crazy princes. Maybe find Wook’s doppelganger and live happily ever after. So as of now I’m on the Hae Su goes home train. By any means possible.

We leave both shows on a intense note so I think we need to finish off with a relaxing dose of pretty.  Let’s all look at our Mane of Glory Hotties and hope for the happier times in the week to come.  To check out past Mane of Glory Recaps click THIS LINK.

Til next time,

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  1. Ah yes Fabio and the bodice rippers I remember them well – I’d rather not see such ugly stuff during my drama watching. Especially not in Lee Joon Ki dramas. Ugh! On the other hand thank you for another wonderful piece. Saved by his Mane of Glory – I am still chuckling over that.

  2. Per The Little Mermaid – that story wasn’t even WRITTEN yet when our Puppy Prince lived :D (the drama is set in the early 1800s, Hans Christian Andersen wrote the story in 1836). Maybe SHE’S a time traveler – Ra On, Puppy Prince & little cutiepie princess can just travel into the future? LOL
    As for Wang So – I’m STILL not finding anything on this guy murdering off his brothers the way Taejong of Joseon did (and even there, as shown in the magnificent 6 Flying Dragon, most of the brothers got caught up in various rebellions & conspiracies). As for Gwangjong, all those brothers WERE fighting each other. So no mass slaughter of brothers. Some slaughter of nobles who acted against Wang So (after he takes the throne) – ok lots of slaughter – but not like our leading lady is remembering it AT ALL. I’d say there’s another 5-10 years of life in the old king yet, & then there’s 6 years (& 2 kings – Crown Prince & Eyeliner Prince) before our Wolf Prince ascends to the throne.

  3. Hi guys! Thx for the awesome post. It was fun to go through your comments and of course I enjoyed all the pretty pics with all these manly khotties😉
    I loved the part about the “hot button” because it is exactly how I feel. I perfectly understand LJK fans and possibly I would think the same if it was my bias drama, but watching certain scenes (and later internet comments justifying the harassment) is definitely too much for me. Even if I understand the character (and the historical context) and believe that Soo could forgive him, it is beyond my imagination that a girl from this era would fall for a guy that forces her. Even less if we believe what the drama is telling us about Soo and Wook’s relationship. She is daydreaming with him and completely smitten, c’mon, she thinks of him at night instead of being sleeping in bed. My brain just can’t process this storyline. If I were Soo, I would feel desperate and longing for Wook even more. For me, the problem is a mix of lacking script, too much chemistry between IU and Kang Ha Neul, and knowing in anticipation what is supposed to be the end, because all this simply does not add up.

    Btw, may I point out how much the little princess and Kim Hyung look alike? They have the same eyes, haha!! :D Is it possible that Kim Hyung is a prince or half prince in secret? That would solve many things, since prince Yeong can disappear with Ra On, faking his own death and leaving the throne to Kim Hyung. It’s the only way I can imagine a happy ending for now…

  4. Love love love your Mane of Glory series posts! I’m watching both shows and I’m really enjoying all the commentaries and insights, gives me an additional reason to continue dreaming and dwelling about PBG and LJK into the week! Hehe.

    Moonlight is my absolute crack at the moment! I’ve taken an interest in PBG since I remember you, and then with Reply and now Moonlight, my love for PBG has grown exponentially! Not only is he HOT, the boy can actually act and emote so much, especially through his eyes! He’s fantastic! And KYJ is a no brainier, girl can act too so it’s really a pleasure to watch Moonlight cause the acting is stellar, story is fluffy but no so cheesy that it makes you cringe, in fact the pace and flow is great! Enough angst to pull you in but never dragged on for too long. Fav kdrama of the year! And Kim hyung’s hair is awesome, you guys are right, his hair does all the emoting for him! Hahahahah

    I’m also enjoying Scarlet and at episode 8 I was so so so excited and loving it more, what with the intense and sexy make up scene and then the rain prayer scene, LJK is just killing it! BUT then episode 9 happened and it was like a total whiplash! All my love that blossomed from episode 8 suddenly went Poof! And I’m left scratching my head going “WTH is going on”?! Su suddenly went total paranoia and had a personality lobotomy, and that forced kiss totally created a big hole in my OTP ship. At this point, I think Su and Wook can just ride into the sunset together and disappear for all I care, or rather Su can just go back to modern times and I would rather watch the remaining 11 episodes of LJK vying for the throne and him turning all psycho crazy! I think that’s more fun. I know I shouldn’t compare with the Chinese version but I am seriously questioning the pacing of scarlet! The Chinese version felt epic (granted with more episodes they were able to develop the story and characters more) but this one doesn’t. And the other princes here (apart from So and Wook) all feels like a bunch of frat boys instead of regal princes. Aaaahhh….. So much potential in this remake but so wasted. For LJK, I’ll keep watching till the end though, LJK fighting!

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