The Fangirl’s Cyber Meet-up to Watch K2 Episode 1 + Snack & Face Mask Reviews


The Fangirls are celebrating so many things this month.  First, it is Kdrama Jen’s birthday so WOOT!  Second, we are almost at 2000 likes on our Facebook Page (there will be a giveaway when we reach that milestone so go like us if you haven’t already).  Finally, we have been a blog for a whole year!  Yup, we have been toiling away to bring you all the latest news, recaps, and reviews for 12 months.  And what better way to celebrate than to gather all together and appreciate the beauty that is Ji Chang Wook?  So come join us as we give a quick recap of episode 1 as well as reviews on tons of Korean snacks.  Because what is a party without some yummy food!

The Snacks


Jennie: So, I was planning on going to Hmart and buying all the things when I sprained my ankle. These Honey Butter Peanuts were basically the only thing I could find online and have shipped to my house in time. However, I was not disappointed. I’m a big fan of honey roasted peanuts so I was expecting that flavor, but it wasn’t like that at all. It had a crunchy shell on the outside with the flavoring. It wasn’t as sweet as honey roasted peanuts and there was a lot more peanut flavor. As I kept eating I started to taste the butter undertone, and it was delicious. I recommend taking big handfuls of this so you can taste it, but I’ll warn you that it’s addictive.

Shelly: I brought Aloe Drink and Nori seaweed snacks because they started as curiosities and have become staples of my pantry. The aloe drink is basically an aloe Sugar drink with small aloe bits floating in it. It takes some getting used to and some people with texture issues might not like it but I love it.  Nori snacks are dried seaweed with oil and salt. Kinda like the stuff they wrap sushi in. It’s pretty clean eating and full of iodine. Those with seafood aversion might not like them but even my anti-fish kids happily eat nori snacks. The honey apple snacks were really yummy. Those were a crowd pleaser. A little like Honey Nut Cheerios, but shaped like crinkle fries, and in cracker form.


KMUSE: I will start with the good first.  The Banana Kick snacks were very good.  It was like eating a Banana flavored Runts in puff form.  If you like Banana flavored snacks this is the one for you.  Now for the bad.  Winter Gourd Juice is one of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted.  Think butterscotch syrup with a veggie aftertaste.  (Drama Geek, I concur. SO GROSS!) One sip and I had the taste stuck in my mouth for the next six hours despite multiple trips to brush my teeth.  I would NOT suggest trying this one.

KdramaJen:  I also tried the Banana Kick.  OK.  Confession time.  I bought yummy snacks to eat, but my children ate them all before the sleepover.  Banana Kick is one of our favorites, though.  They are like banana-flavored Cheese Doodles.  We love them.  I also tried green tea from Bosung.  It was tea I had the opportunity to pick myself and then dry while visiting Korea this summer.  Truthfully, it was bitter and not at all delicious, and we were warned that it would not be top quality because we were picking tea leaves in July.  Luckily, I was given some FABULOUS tea that was picked earlier in the season.  I had no idea the season could make such a difference, but it truly does affect the taste.  So, I sipped my tea while watching JCW kick butt.  It was pretty awesome.


Dramarookie: One of the reasons I love K-dramas and Koreans is how sappy they are. They even make their cookies all about the romance. The box on the left is Waffle Mate and if you look closely under the Hangul name, you can see the English phrase, “Be my soul mate! Be my waffle mate!” They taste like a slightly sweeter waffle cone and I think they would make a really cute garnish for a bowl of ice cream. The box on the right is an upgraded version of the Pepero stick. Have y’all seen the K-variety game where two people will get on each side of the cookie, Lady-and-the-tramp style, and bite away until there’s only a sliver left? Sadly, I was eating these alone, but the bright side was that it left more for me. These things are delicious! Kind of like a skinny Oreo stick. If you see them, buy them!

CLKYTTA: I tried melon flavor Milkis.  We love regular and strawberry Milkis and I wasn’t sure if melon was going to be my flavor, but it was really good.  Milkis are kind of like an Italian Cream soda, think Sprite with cream in it. The melon flavor is very melony, but not in a bad way.   My favorite snack of the night was the Lotte Chocolate Rice Pie.  It’s like a Moon Pie except it’s a rice cake with red bean paste. It’s chewy and kind of gummy, so it’s a little weird when you first bite in, but the blend of tastes is fantastic. My daughter has been putting one in her lunch box because she loves them so much.


DONGSAENG: I was feeling super lazy and didn’t want to drive across town to the local Korean market, so I just grabbed some things from my local, plain old American, boring supermarket. But hey, at least my boring old American supermarket actually sells a few Korean snacks, so who can complain? The only downside to this approach was not being able to try something new and exciting, but there’s nothing wrong with old standbys either, right? My top pick was of course the Choco Pies. Now, if you have never tried Choco Pie, you need to fix that and right that wrong as soon as you can, if for no other reason than the fact that they are kinda iconic as far as Korean snacks go. I ate mine both at room temp and frozen, but can’t say which way I prefer them, both ways having their own appeal. So, they are like Moon Pies, if you are familiar with those – marshmallow and cake coated in chocolate. Kinda dry and really not all that super fantastic, yet still oddly addicting. In addition to the Choco Pie, I also did a couple of popped rice/grain snacks – sweet, crunchy rolls (these particular ones were spiced with cinnamon and were the best I had ever had) and Moon Pops. Moon Pops are these flat, puffy, wafer-y like discs, slightly sweet but mostly near-flavorless. Ten points if you can name a drama that featured some poor leading lady selling these by the roadside…. They’re interesting and again, oddly addicting, though it’s really hard to say why because there’s not a whole lot to them. My kids polished both of these puffed rice/grain snacks off before I got more than a couple of bites in for myself. I also gave some Potato Snacks a try. I’m less familiar with these, usually preferring the sweet potato variety, but since the store was out of the sweet potato option, I decided to give the plain potato a shot. They ended up reminding me more of Shrimp Crackers/Chips than potato chips which I can’t even begin to explain away.

Drama Geek: I had an assortment of snacks but because my house was total chaos that night, I didn’t take pictures and I’m not sure I remember exactly what I ate.  I do know I had some honey butter chips that were pretty good and cuttlefish crackers that my 2 year-old niece devoured. They kind of taste like Chicken and a Biscuit but fishier. I also made a soybean noodle dish that was super yummy. (Picture below). I was dry unlike ramen and had a heavier taste to it. And for dessert I had Pejoy Green Tea Sticks. If you like green tea they’re really good and the whole inside is filled, not just dipped on the outside.

The Face Masks & Accessories

Jennie: I got the I’m Real 12 pack set from Amazon. It comes in a lot of delicious flavors. I love pomegranate so I decided to try that first. Not going to lie, I was a little disappointed it wasn’t red like pomegranates are, but it’s okay. This is actually one of the better masks I’ve tried. You have to keep it on for longer, but I could really feel it tingling on my skin and doing what it’s supposed to do. I also tried the avocado last night and enjoyed that as well. I for sure recommend them!


Shelly: Snail mask. Because it’s a favorite everyone should try once.

KMUSE: I got the cheap animal print masks from Hmart because my daughter wanted to be a deer.  Not a great mask for anything other than its cuteness level.  I actually prefer these masks featured above which I order on Amazon.


Dramarookie: Like Kmuse, my mask had an animal theme. Penguin, to be exact. The problem is how over saturated it was. I wrung out the excess moisture before applying it, but then it dried too quickly. Sigh. The struggle is real.


CLKYTTA: My mask was a pearl brightening mask.  I didn’t really notice any brightening, but it was fun to try.  I’m blind without my glasses so it was a little awkward, but I made it work.

image-1-1DONGSAENG: I almost broke out my most coveted JYJ mask for this event, but in the end chickened out and just did a cheapy Tea Tree one instead. It was my second mask of the week and so I wanted to use one that I didn’t treasure so much. 😉 This mask ended up being different from any other mask I’ve ever tried in that it was not slimy at all, just drippy wet. It was also the thinnest material I had ever tried. But it was still pleasant and did its job of making my skin feel nice. Someday, JYJ mask, someday. Check out the KDrama shirt though! I was also wearing some “I love Korea” socks to help me fully complete my kdrama slumber party ensemble. Because that’s how I roll, full geeked-out mode!img_8130

Drama Geek: I went with fun fox mask because my niece was hanging out with me. Like Kmuse said, it didn’t do much and I’m planning on ordering one of the ones featured here in the future. 🙂

KdramaJen: So… I tried a snail mask, but had to remove it quickly because by sensitive skin started to protest.  It was not my finest moment.  There is no picture evidence.

The K2 Episode 1 Review

We won’t be doing weekly recaps, but thought it would be fun to watch the premiere for our party.  Here are a few of our thoughts.


Jennie: A whole hour of JCW eye candy? Yes please!

KMUSE: He truly does look spectacular even covered in blood.  Kind of digging his scroungy long hair look.

CLKYTTA: Sorry KMUSE, I am not digging the scroungy long hair.


Jennie: Like seriously, how does he look amazing covered in blood and hair?

DONGSAENG: It’s the magic of JCW, it can’t be explained, just experienced.

Drama Geek: I totally didn’t mind the hair. But… yeah, he’s so much better with a haircut and a tank top.

KdramaJen: It was so much fun watching together because for much of the show we had a stream-of-consciousness-thing going where we would all just type things like, “Ack.  Wow. Even covered in blood he is hot. Dead.  Arms.  Wow.  Kitty.  He is killing me.”

KMUSE: OK, this scene was just JCW fan service.  I loved how the camera was slowly panning over his body.  The director obviously knows what the female watchers want to see.

Jennie: Bless!! This scene was life!! Add in the action scenes and this was the perfect dose of JCW. If the drama goes to crap, at least I can hang onto this moment.

CLKYTTA: This scene totally made up for the weird hair he was rocking earlier. Please let him be in those tank tops the entire show.

DONGSAENG: I still can’t even with this scene. When that kitten showed up, well, can one actually hear ovaries popping or was that just me? Pure, wonderful, blessed fan service – we thank you for such perfection!

Drama Geek: I think the director and the person styling JCW saw how much he’d been working out his arms and was like: Tank tops ya’ll, every scene. Whatever the occasion he has to go home and take the jacket off to reveal the tank top. LOL. The kitty was kind of cute too.

KdramaJen: This scene was so important for moving the plot forward.  I know I appreciated this intricate set up.



Jennie: Amazing weapon of choice. Notice how he unloaded everyone’s guns too? Serious Jason Bourne flashbacks…

Shelly:  This was really well done for a first episode. Unfortunately I’m not really an action film kind of gal so I’ll probably pass on this drama. But that shouldn’t discourage those who are into cool fight scenes and thriller plot lines. The twists and turns were fun and the musical score was awesome. The fight scenes were masterfully done. Ji Chang Wook delivered in every way, and although YoonA’s delivery was mostly crying and running I am happy to see her again. I’ll probably watch something with more pratfalls and more kissing but I hope the writers deliver on this one.

Dramarookie: I suppose it was fitting that we had a virtual sleepover since Yoona spent pretty much the whole episode in a nightgown. The episode failed to capture my interest, but I agree that the action scenes were well done. All of them. Cause there were a lot. The one move that sticks out in my mind is when JCW has a guy pinned on the ground and basically spin walks him around the floor. That was very different and cool.

Drama Geek: The hour was full of JCW kicking butt with style. I’m actually very curious if the fight coordinator had anything to do with Gakistal. Probably not, but the style feels unique yet vaguely familiar. I loved that he chose to incapacitate most of the people he fought against instead of being more lethal. There is a dark backstory to his character and hopefully the drama will flesh it out.

KdramaJen: I love the action scenes that are choreographed to music.  His months of training at an action school certainly paid off!

KMUSE: I enjoyed the first time Yoona was running away from her captors, but the second time was overkill in my opinion.  I would have preferred to see her actually be intelligent and maybe hide and plan.  Our leading lady doesn’t seem overly bright at this point and I hope she develops more character than simply screaming and crying.

CLKYTTA: I got bored with the running.  She runs and runs instead of hiding, and then when he tells her to run, she doesn’t run and she gets caught.  I’m completely underwhelmed by this character. That white nightgown isn’t doing her any favors either.

DONGSAENG: She really did just spend the whole episode running and crying, didn’t she? I’m not anti-Yoona, but I hope that there is more to come from her going forward. I mean, she did a fine job of running and crying, but still.

Drama Geek: The first episode didn’t bode well for my interest in the leading lady. She feels VERY similar to the lead in Yangpal and I ran away from that show the moment she got out of the hospital. I do like Yoona and hope her character becomes interesting.

KdramaJen: I am not one of her fans.  I am also still trying to figure out if her leg was injured or if she was just embracing that creepy lurching run for effect.  The Master’s Sun nightgown and the constant running and crying distracted me from ogling JCW.

KMUSE: One thing that did stick out was how awesome Song Yoon Ah was as the crazy villain.  At first I just assumed she was the poor wife who had a crummy cheating husband.  Little did I know that she is flat out thug crazy.  The crazy psycho vibes run deep in this character. Am interested to see if she was in charge of murdering his first wife and kidnapping his daughter.

CLKYTTA: Really excited that we have a  completely devious and dastardly villainess. Since I’m not too excited about our heroine yet, at least I can be excited about our villainess.

Jennie: Gosh she’s psycho, isn’t she? She doesn’t even try to hide the bad.

Drama Geek: She is an expert at being the perfect first lady when the cameras are rolling, but dang she is total cray, cray. That takes talent.

KdramaJen: I would love for her to time travel and go head to head with the Queens from Scarelet Heart and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.  I think she could take them.

KMUSE: I don’t think this drama is going to sustain me plot wise.  But that sexy white tank top will keep me coming back.  At least for a while.

CLKYTTA: I’m really hoping that something moves this plot forward and hooks me.  Right now it really feels like a poor man’s Healer.

DONGSAENG: Plot? You mean to tell me that there was actually a story line I was meant to be following here? I’m still back with JCW, that tank top, and the kitten. And I don’t really even like cats. I agree though that the fight scenes were impressive. I like me some JCW action scenes for sure. Especially when arms and abs are involved. But yeah, I will never move on from fangirling over JCW long enough to talk story. Sorry, not sorry.

Jennie: I actually forgot there were two episodes out over the weekend until I started writing in this post. I went back and watched it, but was still underwhelmed. I’ll keep watching for JCW, but I’m not afraid to drop it if the need should arise. It might be a hilarious train wreck if watched with the right attitude.


Drama Geek: I watched about 10 minutes of the next episode and realized I was only watching for the action scenes. I have a pretty full plate right now so I’m not sure I will continue, but if everyone starts raving about it. Then I’ll probably tune in again.

KdramaJen: I am worried about where this writer will take us.  I am still recovering from the disappointment that was Yong Pal, but JCW and his action scenes (plus his muscles in a white tee) will keep me coming back for more.

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  1. You guys had fun! It was nice to see you all in your masks. 😀 I have a YongPal feeling about this and I’m not happy. Ah well I’ll give it a few more episodes. I look forward to reading you all again!

  2. So, Ji Chang Wook went to action school? I need to hear more about that. I think I may try to get my daughter to watch this with me – we do a lot of first episodes together. This one seems a bit like Mask mixed with Yong Pal and we all know where those two dramas went.

    My favorite line from this post was “And I don’t really even like cats!”

  3. As for yoona stans I will waiting patiently for next ep. But some non fans being irrelevant judge her acting with just in 2 eps. 😅I know this time will happen..

    • I don’t mind her acting so far. I am more worried about how the writer will develop her character in the future. Mostly because I have disliked some of this writer’s past female characters. Only time will tell if this one will also follow the writer’s same patterns.

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