Mane of Glory Recap #6


Sacrifice is the name of the game this week as our saguek hotties learn that princely love is not as easy as it sounds.  Come join us as we chat this week’s hottest moments as well as what happens when love turns deadly.


Post Kiss – At least So is aware he is crazy in love (emphasis on the crazy)

CLKYTTA: While Su isn’t completely on Team So yet, she still wants him to be happy.  He knows he scared her and he’s trying to fix that. I love that they are both honest about their feelings. He won’t give up on her even though she’s in love with someone else.

KMUSE: I cracked up when Wang So was thankful she wasn’t in love with the one brother he liked.  Everyone else he will kill for her.  Yes, I know that is messed up, but there is a tiny cave woman part of me that finds it romantic.


Drama Geek: HUGE SIGH. I really, really, really wish these scenes had been placed anywhere else beside right after that kiss that was neither apologized for or freaked out about on Su’s side. The ocean was beautiful and these were some of the shots from the promo that totally made me swoon for these two. I do agree that at least they’re honest with each other.

KdramaJen: I couldn’t really enjoy this moment because I was freaking out about what might happen if she got caught.  I mean, she is not supposed to leave at all, yet here she is galloping across the countryside with 4th Prince.  I wanted to yell out and remind her that they didn’t mess around with warnings and such.  They could kill her for this offense.

The doomed writing is on the wall for alternate OTP

Jennie: We’ve been building up to the moment when we totally understand that Wook wouldn’t do ANYTHING  for her. He’ll do some things, but this scene made sure that we knew he’ll only do it if he’s comfortable.

KMUSE: Even Wook’s jealousy was pushed back and he stepped away from a fight with So.  If the situation had been reversed, So would have grabbed Su off that horse post haste.  No one takes away what is his.


CLKYTTA:  Something that this made me aware of was how So treats her as a person versus how Wook treats her.  So doesn’t hide his feelings for her at all, but Wook steps back every time.

Drama Geek: I agree with CLYKYTTA. Which is one of the reason’s I feel the kiss (and this is the last time I will bring it up) was so out of character for this incarnation of the 4th prince. He sees her as an equal and his friend.

Jennie: And then he proposes because…?? Well, he can’t have anyone taking something he likes from him, and that’s it.

CLKYTTA: Evil Eyeliner Prince needs to go take a long walk off a short cliff. He’s pushing Wook to the Dark Side and I’m not happy about this one bit.

KMUSE: I am pretty sure Wook is jumping to the dark side with eyes wide open.  Whether it is jealousy or ambition, he wants to choose that path.

Drama Geek: At least one of the prince’s is actively vying for the throne. Not that I like Evil Eyeliner Prince, but if he didn’t exist this would just be one big flower boy party, the princely edition.

Jennie: The sad part was when we all knew who was thinking about as he shot the arrow, and it wasn’t the bad guy.

KdramaJen: I kind of like the idea of a flower boy party, Drama Geek.  How do I score an invitation?

Friend Zone Fail

Jennie: I’m starting to think I need to do my husband’s makeup since every makeup scene is crazy hot. ;)

KMUSE: Poor Su.  Her friend zone speech was so well thought out and Wang So just shut her friend concept down within two sentences.  He really does have a one track mind.  Which is something I find attractive.  Especially when everyone else is so willing to flip flop depending on the King’s mood.


CLKYTTA: They have so much chemistry!  I can absolutely see how her heart is fluttering and the scene is set for So to sweep her off her feet.

Drama Geek: This is the 4th prince they I’ve grown to care for. He tells her that he loves her and backs it up with acknowledging that she has a choice. And he’s a bit crazy and doesn’t let her friend zone him. LOL. Yup, sweet puppy on the inside and totally crazy on the outside. That’s Wang So.

KdramaJen: This was such a great scene.  She had such a pretty little speech prepared and really did a nice job of politely stepping away from him and creating a clear line.  He just deftly stepped over that line and made his intentions very clear.


CLKYTTA: Queen Yoo is so devious she makes my teeth hurt from clenching them.  She thinks she can control So and she has him cornered.  I can’t wait until he finally turns on her and she meets some horrible end. Please let her meet a horrible end! Can we talk about how absolutely beautiful she is though?

Drama Geek: Pardon me while I drool over the queen. Seriously, it’s rare women of her age are allowed to be sexy in Korean dramas and she’s in two right now where she just oozes sex appeal. Okay, and murderous bitch in this one, but hey, she does it looking fabulous.


Jennie: Someone I love to hate. And dang, she’s smart too. If she used it for good no one would have to die. Then again, it wouldn’t be a saguek without a villain.

KdramaJen: Go away and take your evil, face-scarring, mommy dearest self far far away from your family.

Love Means Sacrifice

KdramaJen: Oh, his eyes!  They tell the whole story.  I hope Su will be able to see just what this man is willing to do for her.  We sometimes write about noble idiots, but there is just something so…noble? about the way Wang So sacrifices himself for the sake of Soo, his brother, and even his crappy family.  He could have revealed the plan, but that would implicate his family.  So, what does he do?  He tries to get rid of the poisoned cup.  Then, when he realizes it is not the cup, but the tea that is poisoned, he just keeps drinking it.  I am a sucker for this kind of hero.

CLKYTTA: I’m going to admit that even though I knew they weren’t going to kill off the lead, I was worried.  This was the most tense scene we’ve seen so far.  Evil is not a strong enough word to describe his mother, she just sat there scheming the whole time he was drinking poison.  LJK is such a good actor.  His facial expressions as he struggles to keep calm and not let anyone know about the poison made me want to cry.


Drama Geek: Has anyone looked so beautiful while killing themselves? I don’t think so. This is where So was able to completely win me back over to his side. He not only sacrificed himself for Su but I truly believe he did it for the Crown Prince, as well. And LJK really deserves an award for this scene. I doubt with the ratings the network will give it to him (pouts because of stupid network politics) but he still deserves it.


Jennie: My heartuuuu!! He didn’t know what to do to fix it, so he did the best he could. Bless him.

KMUSE: This scene was simply stunning.  Every inch of Lee Joon Ki’s body was involved in showing the extreme pain he was in.  Just look at his neck muscles. AMAZING.

Jennie: I swear to you, directors love putting blood on his face (Not going to mention any previous vampire dramas…)

Incestuous Princess SUCKS


CLKYTTA: I want her sold off to work a salt mine or something.  She is why they can’t have nice things; everything she touches is ruined.  This princess needs her comeuppance and she needs it to happen soon and in a spectacular fashion.

Drama Geek: Off with her head! Seriously, she is gross and evil. Be gone with you.

Jennie: I love that she drove her beloved brother to murder. I mean, really?

KMUSE: The fact that she has no remorse whatsoever for any of her actions.  Pure evil.

Classy to the End


Jennie: I almost can’t say anything looking at this picture because it makes big fat tears well in my eyes. Why is it the good ones?

KMUSE: Lady Oh was such a beautiful and complicated character.  I really appreciated how she helped Su navigate the trials of the palace as much as she could. I’m a little sad they didn’t have a chance to be together now that Su has matured a bit.

CLKYTTA: I don’t normally get emotional and cry during drama watching, but I bawled like a three year old who lost her teddy bear. I loved Lady Oh’s character, she was the most decent person in the palace.

Drama Geek: Lady Oh you are my hero. She was an amazing character that I’m super sad to see go, and her parting scene was done beautifully. I’m worried for Su after this. She really is a pawn to almost everyone in the world she finds herself in, and Lady Oh was the one person that was looking out for only Su’s needs.

KdramaJen: This is what nobility and sacrifice looks like.  My heart hurt as we saw her give her life to protect Su.  I sincerely hope she becomes a ghost who will haunt Queen Yoo forever and ever.

Jennie: When all is said and done, she’ll be the character I remember most. Because her actions matter way more than going down in history as a hero.

Cowardly Betrayal


CLKYTTA: Otherwise known as, when my ship exploded into a thousand pieces because my hero turned douchebag.

KMUSEThis scene really worked for me.  It let Su know 100% that Wook had deserted her.  She needed to literally see him turn his back to understand that he wasn’t the fantasy she had fixed in her head.

Drama Geek: Hahaha. Poor, CLKYTTA, I feel for you. Wook has always come across as weak to me, and his actions in this episode didn’t surprise me. I LOVE KHN’s performance but I wasn’t really on his ship. I’m really glad she physically saw Wook come toward her and then cowardly back away. She probably had an inkling that he’d already betrayed her, but with this she really has no doubts.

KdramaJen: That moment when he decided to keep quiet (and use his hair-pin-thingy to kill someone who knew too much) in order to protect his family’s position is when I yelled at my screen and said very bad words.  You, Mr. 8th Prince, are dead to me.

I Will Always Love You.

KMUSE: WOOT!  4th Prince for the win.  The fact that he literally is willing to die for her 2 to 3 times in one episode makes So extremely attractive.   This is a man who will stick with you no matter what.

Jennie: So glad she’s started to realize who’s really on her side here.


CLKYTTA: Su had been through so much and the poor girl was barely able to walk after being tortured.  Unlike some people, yeah I’m talking about you Wook, So is more concerned about Su than about saving his own neck.  He may not be the one in her heart, but he’s not going to let anyone take her from him.


Drama Geek: The juxtaposition of So vs. Wook through everything Su went through was perfect. The only way she was going to the gallows was through his sword. And the King’s anger be damned, he was going to done his Batman cloak and protect her from the rain no matter what. In all seriousness, I loved this scene. IU did a wonderful job being vulnerable while doing the only thing she could to save the one she loved. This is the strength I fell for back when she almost married the King.

Jennie: I think also need to get my husband a giant black cloak. I may have a problem…

CLKYTTA: This was my moment when my ship sank and I fell completely in love with So.  He doesn’t try to stop her. He doesn’t say a word. He just shelters her.

Jennie: As scary as he looks, it was so touching to watch this. Totally rooting for him, now!

KdramaJen: This scene was so romantic.  Well, it was as romantic as a scene can be  when one of them is covered in blood and barely alive after kneeling on the ground for two days post-torture.  Others chose not to intervene or walked away or did a small amount from afar, but Wang So was her shelter during this storm.  Yes, his actions became a perfect metaphor for the role he would love to play in her life.


CLKYTTA: Before Wook came to look and walk away, Su was in a defeated pose.  When she realizes that Wook has left her and So is the one she must depend on, she straightens up into his sheltering arm.  I love how this drama is able to use body language and facial expressions to set a scene, no words were spoken but we all know what just happened.

Drama Geek: CLYTTA said it beautifully. I’ve never been more thankful that the director did long shots. Acting is so much more than your face and this scene showed that.

Out Thoughts:

CLKYTTA: This drama is killing me, but in a good way.  I am on the edge of my seat wanting to know what will happen and I am hoping that there is some happiness in Su’s future.  I’m pretty sure that Wook just became the king who is going to kill everyone and that breaks my heart.

Drama Geek: I honestly almost stopped watching this week, but I’m glad I stuck it out. I feel like the emotional pay off was worth it. And we finally have the pieces positioned to take us home. Wook will continue to spiral down his path for power. And So and Su will grow closer together while they figure out how to not kill all the puppy princes and live happily ever after. Yeah… not sure the happy part is exactly in the cards, but it’ll be fun to watch anyway.


Jennie: I take back what I said a few weeks ago, this drama has kept me totally on my toes. I find myself wanting to watch it first. It’s also the most discussed drama I’ve seen lately lately on Facebook, so it must be doing something right.

KdramaJen: I am sub-stalking this one and I impatiently wait for Mondays and Tuesdays.  It has its flaws, but it feels like it is getting better and better each week.

KMUSE: I am 100% in love with this drama.  Even to the point where the extreme closeups only annoy me 20% of the time.  Can’t wait for next week.


Everyone loves a good purge.

KMUSE: I am starting to loathe all the adults in this show.  To the point I am starting to see the rebellion leader’s point of view.  They really are horrible human beings.  Can’t we have a good old fashioned purge and kill them all off except Prince Bo Gum and Cutie 2nd Lead?  If I have to hear the nobles be complete jerks one more time…..

CLKYTTA:  I agree with you 100% KMUSE, our sham of a king and shady court people just need to kill each other off and let Prince Bo Gum change the world for the better.

Drama Geek: I put on my sageuk ears when the adults start talking and everyone sounds like they do in Charlie Brown. That’s the only way I can watch these things. :)


I Support This Ship

KMUSE: These two are a bright ray of cute among all the main OTP (One True Pairing) angst.  Not that they can out-cute Prince Bo Gum, but this couple has a better chance at a happily ever after so I don’t have to brace myself for the bad days to come.

CLKYTTA: This couple is charming.  At first I wasn’t sure about this guy, but now I really want him to get his pudgy princess back.  Those little quips he keeps throwing at her are really confusing her in a really good way.  Talking about how someone is all angles now! I wish she had taken at least one of the cookies though, or given the box to me, I like those cookies too!

Drama Geek: I heart these two so much. And I love this actress. She really is adorable.

Jennie: Yes to everything! They are the best!!

Queen Showdown Part 2


CLKYTTA: I swear that her baby is going to be a demon baby, there isn’t a shred of goodness or kindness in Evil Stepmonster Queen.

Jennie: It’s worse that she tries to sugar-coat it too. I have a feeling most of it is for her father, though. I still think she might have redemption left.

KdramaJen: I don’t see redemption in her future.  I think she has slapped too many faces and let’s not forget she is currently holding someone hostage to steal their baby.

CLKYTTA: Prince Bo Gum is so clever, smart isn’t a strong enough word, he’s clever.  He knows not to show any sign of fear in front of Evil Stepmonster Queen. He turns her words on her and tells her to strip Ra On; playing his cards that she will back off.  His bluff isn’t working until Head Eunuch shows up to back him up and Evil Stepmonster Queen backs down.


Drama Geek: Prince Bo Gum played this well, though I’m pretty sure if the head eunuch hadn’t shown up Evil Stepmonster Queen would have disrobed Ra On. Speaking of that. Seriously, how does everyone in the palace not know she’s a girl? I know she’d have to leave PBG’s side, but I think her outing is overdue.

 KMUSE: Ra On’s outing is way overdue.  Maybe the birth secret reveal with final push the story along.

Why Can’t We Just Be In Love


CLKYTTA: I love this desk setting and how they flip flop who’s laying with their head down while the other one works.  It’s so intimate and it gives us a nice close environment for deep loving looks and smiles.

Drama Geek: Okay, okay. I take outing her gender back. When these two are together they are as cute as babies playing with puppies.

KdramaJen: Their chemistry is some of the best I have seen.  There is not intense skinship, but their glances, smiles, and movements create such a sense of intimacy.  It’s so much fun to watch them together!

KMUSE: Prince Bo Gum’s playful side just makes me swoon.  He is perfection.



Unexpected Connections

CLKYTTA: While I’m happy to see Ra On reconnect with her people, I have a sinking feeling that she just went from living a complicated secret life to becoming a pawn between the rebels and royals.

Drama Geek: I’m sure most of us called this as soon as she suddenly started talking about her grandpa. He’s the only adult that I don’t zone out when they start talking. They are really cute together.

Jennie: They are so cute! I’m glad she has someone she can depend on.


CLKYTTA: Please don’t make her have to choose her mother or Prince Bo Gum!  I know that’s what’s going to happen, but I really want her to magically become a leading contender for the Crown Princess role and for them to all be one big happy family.

Drama Geek: Excuse me while I lose my breath again. This PD is just KILLING it with the shots. So gorgeous. I’m happy she found her mom, and I hope it opens up the next chapter in this story for Ra On. I love seeing our two puppies mooning over each other, but I want Ra On to take an active role in the plot outside the romance.

KdramaJen: I fear that having Mom and having Bo Gum are mutually exclusive.  I don’t think like can go on as usual once it is known Ra On is the rebel’s daughter.

KMUSE: This director loves his sunset scenes and I love watching them.

Jin Young Chooses a Side

KMUSE: Bad Ass second lead is my favorite part of Jin Young’s character.  Not to mention Jin Young’s fight scenes were totally on point.  Am I the only one who really wants to see him be the lead in the next action sageuk?

CLKYTTA: I love this second lead more than words can say.  He’s the most non second lead, second lead, I’ve ever watched.  Instead of being in the way and causing more problems, this guy jumps in and protects both the prince and his girl.

Drama Geek: YAY!!! I’m so happy that he stepped out of the backseat he’d taken with his family and made his move. I honestly feel like when he went to warn the Crown Prince he wasn’t just worried about Ra On.


KdramaJen: Jinyoung is one of the swooniest (I don’t care if it is a real word) second leads.  I loved it when he crashed through the wall and started slashing at baddies.

KMUSE: I will join you in the swooning.  His whole being is so vibrant in this scene I just can’t fangirl enough.

Attack at the Palace

KMUSE: I don’t really understand why Ra On is the only person that isn’t killed.  You would think they would just butcher everyone and quickly kill the prince before they were discovered. I am going to turn off my analytical brain and appreciate the pretty.

CLKYTTA: Please let this be the turning point where these two reunite as friends.  I want to see Prince Bo Gum, Jin Young and Guard Kim clean house and make the world a better place.

Drama Geek: This fight scene was done very well, and I was so happy to see the two friends fighting side by side. I also applaud the costume director. PBG in his lighter lavender outfit looked powerful and vulnerable at the same time while Yoon Sung just looked kick ass powerful in his burgundy with lavender accents. Hmm, symbolism of unity maybe?


KMUSE: One of the few complaints I have is that Ra On is totally useless when it comes to a fight.  Couldn’t she throw things to distract the killers or something? I am never a huge fan of the damsel in distress wringing their hands while the men fight horrible odds.

Guardsman Kim and His Beautifully Emoting Hair

CLKYTTA: I’m curious how this will be dealt with later.  Prince Bo Gum’s trust in Guard Kim has been shaken, or has it?  Did he know that Guard Kim was behind the lookalike? Prince Bo Gum’s comment could be taken either way.

Drama Geek: In what universe does that guy look like Guard Kim? I guess when you’re about to pass out from blood loss. My hope is that Guard Kim’s presence at the end will prove to PBG that this wasn’t the work of the rebels. I also hope this is a turning point for the three friends.


KMUSE: I was wondering the same thing Drama Geek.  There is no way this thug’s hair emotes even a 10th of Guard Kim’s hair.  No way they are the same person.

KdramaJen: It was so heartbreaking when Prince Bo Gum called out Guard Kim’s name.  I definitely think he was questioning if the masked attacked might be him.  It was such a relief to discover that Guard Kim was there to protect him.

Back From the Brink of Death

KMUSE: All of this was shot so beautifully.  I loved the gorgeous rich wood architecture and then the beauty of the back hug.  It was gorgeous.

KdramaJen: Even on his deathbed he is still able to capture my attention.  How can he look so fine even with acupuncture needles sticking out of his skin?

CLKYTTA: Even a step away from death, Prince Bo Gum dominates the screen.  How can a human being be so gorgeous?  I am so thankful that he’s not gone noble idiot on us and that when he woke up he made them bring her to him.

Drama Geek: SWOON. These two are so lovely on the screen. And the director does such a great job making them be affectionate while keeping it proper for her age.

An Unfortunate Truth


CLKYTTA: This scene worried  me so much.  One of the things I’ve loved the most about this drama is that it hasn’t gotten bogged down by a lot of secrets.  I’m hoping that this isn’t going to mean that Ra On and Prince Bo Gum will have to be split up.

Drama Geek: My hope is that the teacher will be able to convince the mom that running away again isn’t the answer. And I’m pretty sure Ra On won’t want to run either.

KdramaJen: I still think our puppy moments are over.  It’s going to get frighteningly real once Bo Gum learns that Ra On is the daughter of the man behind the rebellion.

Our Thoughts:


CLKYTTA: This week there were a lot of reveals in this drama and I know it’s all going to change soon.  I’m hoping our OTP can stay together and be stronger because they are together, but this is drama land and I’m willing to bet there is a time jump or a separation coming up.

Drama Geek: My overall thought for this show is that there are reasonable people in all the teams that seem to oppose each other. If they can just work together they’d be able to overcome the evil that has plagued their lives and create their own happy ending.


KdramaJen: I am preparing myself for the change that is coming.  I think they are going to find themselves separated, not to mention that pesky little marriage thing that all the baddies are trying to expedite.  I am looking forward to seeing how Guard Kim faces his inner-conflict.  I am also eager for more scenes with Jinyoung playing the not-so-tame second lead.  He was fierce once again when he took out one of his grandfather’s own men in order to protect Ra On.  His feelings are very clear.  I love how the story arcs of individual characters are starting to come together.  I can’t WAIT for next week’s episodes!

KMUSE: I keep going into every episode expecting the worst and then happy to find that everything is not going to fall apart….yet.

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