Shopping King Louie Episode 4: Little things mean a lot


I feel a little like Go Bok Sil in this episode. Exasperated and sighing, one minute. Grinning like an idiot, the next. She isn’t making much progress in training her shopaholic puppy. We aren’t making much progress in the plot. But then Louie does something adorable again, and it doesn’t really seem to matter. Here are a few little things that stood out to me from Episode 4:

So annoying. So cute.

I’m frugal, by nature. (Okay, a friend in college actually called me cheap.) So watching Louie mindlessly ordering half an online catalog really irks me when he already gave away the Ginseng money to a conman. Even if he doesn’t remember his pampered lifestyle, he’s still following old behavior patterns. I really want to see the seeds of maturity start to blossom. Go Bok Sil needs a partner, not a babysitting project.

One minute he’s making her hold a parasol over him while he relaxes. But the next, he’s dashing out in the pouring rain to buy her medicine. He forgets to bring the laundry in, but happily spends time blow-drying her wet shoes. I completely understand why Bok Sil can’t stay mad at him, because neither can I.

Mother Theresa, how we missed you


Speaking of things that irk me. This girl. She donates her designer hand-me-downs to Bok Sil in front of the entire office because she gets a kick out of being called an angel. Of course, we all can see her halo is 24k Fake. (I take notes for the recap while watching the episode. When Bok Sil tells her promotional concept to Ma Ri, I started writing “steals bottle idea” before it even happened. Because that’s the kind of character this is.) Then she has the NERVE to say Bok Sil should THANK HER for making her idea into a reality. Somebody hand me a Clue Club, because this girl needs some sense beaten into her. At least Joong Won is on to her, having seen Bok Sil working late on the idea before Ma Ri ever presented it. But I’m looking forward to some well-deserved public humiliation.

2nd Second Lead


Mr. Detective, you are the real one that’s uselessly handsome. From the moment he showed up in Episode 1, he seemed too pretty for a side character. Maybe the director agrees, because he keeps coming back. Is it really necessary to show Bok Sil talking with the police about her missing brother in every episode? She could mention that she stopped by the station in a throwaway line and we’d never think twice about it. But here is Mr. Hot Cop buying her dinner and even offering her seconds. Are we sure Cha Joong Won is the second lead, because this guy is hard to ignore.

More Questions, Less Answers


So childhood Louie named his beloved pet Gobosi. Hmmmmmm. Why does that sound so familiar? In our latest episode, we see young, flashback Louie playing with a penguin musicbox, identical to the one he bought in one of his shopping sprees. He even writes Gobosi’s name on it, and hides it under the floorboards. Why does this name hold such significance for him? If they follow the normal K-drama pattern, we will eventually learn that Louie and Go Bok Sil somehow met as children. Because, as we all know, it’s not true love unless you shared a brief, meaningful moment with someone twenty years before you actually get together.

My thoughts:

We seem to be on the rinse-repeat cycle. Louie wastes money. Bok Sil gets mad. She forgives him. Aaaaand repeat.


He still reminds me of a child: self-centered and unthinking, but also loving and eager to please. You could argue that this is reality. People don’t change overnight. That’s true, but we only have 12 more episodes. Show me some character development. In the meantime, I’ll keep forgiving Louie for all his flaws. How could I not, when his smile grabs your heart as easily as his fingers tug on Bok Sil’s shirt sleeve.

Until next time, keep the K-love alive!


8 thoughts on “Shopping King Louie Episode 4: Little things mean a lot

  1. I’m so loving this – I don’t CARE if the plot goes at a snail’s pace – really! SIG is beyond adorable here, and his facial expressions! He’s got the most mobile face 😀 Plus Oska – love me some Oska, just saying! So glad that fake Angel there got found out by him LOL
    I need some sweet at this point in my drama-watching – and this episode had me rolling on the floor as well LOL

  2. Ahhh, now I get it …. Goboshi and Go Bok Sil … thanks for the explanation!
    These two are just adorable and funny and heart-touching, and with Joong Won in the mix (have always loved him) … I’m loving this drama!!

  3. this episode it kinda show tht gbs got mad at him like super mad that started to feel super guilty n worried what if gbs decded to leave him. i cant wait for next week. but 1 episode coz of the dmc festval…. whyyyyyyy. more shirtless guk n starting to get posessive over gbs? yas please.

  4. Haha,..i laughed a lot! SIG is so funny, he’s so natural, i love him as Louie…anyway, i think Bok Sil is holding on to her hope that Louie is the most precious key on finding his beloved brother Bok Nam…no matter what Louie got into… as she said; ” i just happy to know that someone is on my side “…and he said; ” i’m grateful to have you on my side “…ohh…and they live happily ever after…haisstt…

  5. Oh yes, if Louis wasn’t so adorable it would be hard to make sense of why Bok Shil decided to take him in. But kicking him out would be like kicking a puppy since he doesn’t really know any better. Granted, I do think it’s time for him to start taking responsibility for his own actions, but I guess I can understand that losing your memory can be quite traumatic in itself and his pampered upbringing doesn’t really help him take care of himself now that he has no clue about his identity. I don’t really mind it that much, though, since Seo In Guk’s performance here is so amusing that I’m willing to be more lenient about him stupidly spending Bok Shil’s money.

    Good point about Goboshi and Bok Shil. I never made the connection that it might hint at them knowing each other as kids. Childhood first loves is a blech trope, but we’ll see how it turns out.

  6. By this time, I just let the drama take me anywhere it wants to take me and it didn’t disappoint. My heart was warm and sweet after watching. The detective is eye catching though.

  7. Annoying but cute. Isn’t that a description of a cat? xD
    Anyway i really agree that Louie is just basically a kid here xD
    Bok Shil is babysitting a big kid xD

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