Mane of Glory Recap #7


It’s a week full of fighting, politicking, and love which means lots and lots of sexy men doing sexy things!  Come check out this weeks Mane of Glory recap where we discuss all the happenings of all the saguek khotties in Scarlet Heart & Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.


The Signs of Upcoming Sadness


KMUSE: Ra On is doing all types of little things that foreshadow our OTP’s separation.  She is saving up memories, doing all the chores that would make Prince Bo Gum’s life easier, initiating lots of skinship.  Yup, our girl is going to bolt.  Which only makes sense considering the insurmountable odds that these two face if they stay together.

CLKYTTA: This was so bittersweet, every little touch and sad smile made me want to shake her and tell her to just TELL HIM THE TRUTH!  He’s a smart guy and he will figure out a way to make things work, it’s Prince Bo Gum for goodness sake!


Drama Geek: Usually when a character does this it makes me mad, but honestly I feel like her staying as long as she did wasn’t that smart. And watching her say goodbye and treasure every moment was so sweet. And yay for the reverse back hug!

Princess Romance is Flourishing


CLKYTTA: I giggled like a little girl during this scene.  Her little countdown and the whole “keep it cool” look she’s got was so adorable.  I really did not expect this to develop as far as it has and I’m rooting for our Stuttering Scholar.

Drama Geek: These two are just the cutest thing ever. Seriously, the princess is adorable and Stuttering Scholar is such a wonderful character. I’m thrilled he has become Prince Bo Gum’s right hand man. He will make a wonderful addition to the royal family. (CLKYTTA: I thought that too!)


KMUSE: At least someone is happy this episode.  Their cute romance is the only thing keeping all the drama feelz from overwhelming me.

 Everyone Wants a Piece of Hong Ra On


KMUSE: For someone who stayed hidden for so many years, information is flowing fast and loose….. pretty much everywhere.  Very impressive considering they couldn’t just stalk Ra On on Facebook.  They had to do some old-fashioned sleuthing to find out her secrets.

CLKYTTA: I swear they are sending messages by arrow or smoke signals or something.

Drama Geek: Oh drama, where on earth is everyone suddenly getting all this info? And why did Jin Young (I’m just using his name since everyone else is. LOL) taking you back to live with her mother? Um, doesn’t both Head Eunuch and Prince Bo Gum know where she lives? How much is she really hiding?


KMUSE: I also loved that it was Jin Young who took her out from everyone’s noses. Don’t come between a 2nd lead and his love.

CLKYTTA: I am so in love with Jin Young’s character.  I really really want to see him in a leading man role.

Drama Geek: Poor Ra On didn’t realize leaving so late might get her caught, but I am glad that Guard Kim was looking out for her and that Jin Young was there when she needed him.

Ra On’s Farewell


KMUSE: Sleepy couple skinship is awesome!  Especially when it involves Prince Park Bo Gum who has obviously perfected the art of looking perfect when dozing.  I can’t imagine him ever drooling or snoring.

CLKYTTA: Bo Gum really does sleepy kiss scenes like no one else.  This was so beautiful and so sad.  I will happily volunteer to be his kiss alarm clock though.

Drama Geek: This scene had me gasping the same way the dance scene did earlier in the series. This director (and costume designer) knows how to make the perfect picture. Bo Gum sure does look like an angel while he sleeps. And Ra On’s word and that sweet kiss her just perfection.

Jin Young is Hitting All The Right Notes


KMUSE: Jin Young is just perfection incarnate.  I feel like this is the kdrama version of the bachelor.  Jin Young might not get the girl this time, but everyone is wanting to make him the star of the next show so he can find love.

Drama Geek: He is doing such a fantastic job. His character is hitting all the right spots for me with his choices and loyalties. And I could not be happier with the hanbok’s they choose for him. Each one is a work of art if you look close enough.


CLKYTTA: Second lead can be a tricky role to play, and some people are pigeonholed into being second lead their entire lives, but I don’t see that for Jin Young.  He totally has Main Lead potential and I also want to see him get the girl sometime soon.

Sucks to be Second Best


KMUSE: I officially take back my previous words saying I wished 2nd lead girl didn’t exist. (Drama Geek: I told you! LOL) This actress is really quite talented.  Sadly, I still don’t want her anywhere near my Prince Bo Gum.  Those lips and that body belong to Ra On.  Hands off.

CLKYTTA: She is very talented, and way too believable.  I still can’t figure out if she is going to help or hurt our Prince Bo Gum.  Once she finds out who Ra On is, well, I’m pretty sure the claws are going to come out.

Drama Geek: I find her refreshing as a second lead girl. I could see her as the lead in a different drama where the prince was still in love with his childhood sweetheart and she had to win him over. Especially the scene where he tells her to never come into the garden again. I feel for her, and I really hope the drama doesn’t make her turn evil. We have enough mustache twirling bad guys around (yes, one actually twirled his beard this week).


Drama Geek: I’m a little bummed they fell for the plan. Mainly because the bad guys aren’t that smart. But they could surprise us next week. I didn’t think for a second that our Prince Bo Gum would be angry with her. If this were a different drama with a different character then he probably would hate her, but this is our Moonlight couple and though they may face insurmountable adversity they always stay true to each. (Show, please don’t make me eat my words.)

CLKYTTA: Drama Geek, I’m hoping it’s one of those switcharoos where Prince Bo Gum and Ra On are in one place and the bad guys are at a completely different place.

Our Thoughts:

KMUSE:  I love this couple so much.  That said, this week just felt a bit boring to me.  I think that I have been anticipating the fallout for so long, that now that it is here I feel a little bit let down.  Or it might be because I am so involved in Scarlet Heart that this feels a little bit anti-climatic in comparison.   Too bad Prince Bo Gum doesn’t have a few hottie brother’s to feud with.  A treason plot among brothers always perks things up.


CLKYTTA: I think it’s because we have so much going on with this and Scarlet Heart. I’m leaning more toward this drama this week.  I flip flop every week though.  I still feel like this is the calm before the storm in Moonlight, we have them reuniting and now the real meat of the drama begins.

Drama Geek: This drama hinges on these two and their amazing chemistry. The side stuff can be fun, and the cinematography beautiful, but face it, we tune in to watch these two be in love with each other. So I think that’s why this week may have bored some. I am ready for them to be on the same page, everyone fighting against their common enemy. And some more sleepy kisses wouldn’t bug me.


So much Park Bo Gum…. so little time to stare at him. Enjoy!



KMUSE: Before we get into the recapping, can I just give a slow clap for them actually showing Su have long term issues from the torture.  I hate how most dramas have the girls tortured and then they are up and running about the next day.

clapping GIF.gif

CLKYTTA: I agree KMUSE! I find it really odd that they haven’t really brought it up in the storyline as an excuse for a piggyback or for someone to carry her though.

Drama Geek: I totally agree. The torture anyone has to endure in these dramas would leave most scared and crippled. And I’m glad that they’ve left that reminder of what Su has been through.

King Daddy Knows Best


KMUSE: Is anyone surprised that King Daddy decides to get rid of Hae Su while Wang So is off being an ambassador to the Chinese?  Considering that was So’s one request (that the King take care of Su) I predict that this is not going to be a good thing for the father/son relationship

CLKYTTA: Nope, not at all.  Hae Su is the weakest link for So.  King Daddy tossed aside Lady Oh like a used kleenex for the throne and what’s good enough for the father is good enough for the son.  I knew KD would find a way to get rid of her because she’s too tempting to all of the princes.  She’s a threat to the throne and he’s not willing to let her mess with any of his plans.

Drama Geek: Honestly I feel like sending Su away from the palace might have been what was best for her at the time. Not that King Daddy was doing it for her.

Jennie: Not surprising in the least, but I agree with Drama Geek, she needed to be out of the limelight for a while.


KMUSE: I found it interesting that King Daddy figured out that Su is similar to the astrologer and can see the future.  I liked how he told her “don’t get so caught up in the future that you can’t live in the present.”  I think that is words that Su really needs to take to heart.  Especially if she is going to get through the upcoming political upheaval.

CLKYTTA: Isn’t it ironic that he spends so much time keeping her at a distance from his boys and now he’s saying “follow your heart”?  Kind words of wisdom means that King Daddy has to die within the next 30 minutes though, it’s part of the drama formula.

Drama Geek: Haha. I totally knew the moment they had the King Daddy saying nice things his minutes on screen were numbered. I did find all the scenes with Su and him to be riveting though.

Jennie: I think King daddy realized in the end all his power didn’t matter as much as the people he could’ve spent time around. I’m glad So is already thinking that way and saving Su from herself.

Prince Wook Who?


KMUSE: Coward, craven, dastard, ambitious, delusional, jerk…. all nouns that describe Prince Wook.  I feel no sympathy for him and hope he and his creepy sister just die and leave our OTP alone.

CLKYTTA: Wook is dead to me.

Drama Geek: Sadly I had to look Dastard up. LOl. But Wook is that indeed. I was sad that Su didn’t have more anger for him when he appeared after a year. I think at this point she’s blaming herself for everything and can’t see that Wook could have done more but chose not to.


Jennie: His name leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

KMUSE: I especially was pissed when Wook came to find her A FLIPPING YEAR LATER and  told her that he could do nothing for her.  Uhm…. I am pretty sure she has figured that one out by now.  At least Su has had a year to heal and get over Wook so So can come sneak into her heart.

CLKYTTA: He is pond scum, good for nothing but dirtying up the water so people can’t see clearly.  She’s learned that he will always choose his own neck over her heart any day. I’m very bitter that I loved him so much and he turned into a cowardly power hungry dastard (thanks for that word KMUSE, it’s my new favorite).

Jennie: And he doesn’t even have the guts to admit what a coward he is to himself.

100% Ship So

KMUSE: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Wang So just makes my heart flutter.  He really knows how to pull a woman in for a romantic moment.  Now if only we get a kiss someday (and not an extremely awkward unrequited one.)

CLKYTTA: Sail away, sail away, sail away! I loved his little sneak attack kiss.  He is breaking down the barriers around her heart and that makes me so happy.  I want them both to be happy.

Jennie: Just look at them!! My goodness his stare would slay me with a glance.


KMUSE: And then we had the whole wearing the mask every day til he could get back to Su confession.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand why Su might not want to be back into the court intrigues, but I was still shouting at her to accept So’s heart.  The extent that he obviously loves her is the stuff legends are made of.

CLKYTTA: Her distress over his wearing the mask gave my heart hope that she’s feeling more than just friendship for him. I’m a sucker for the Beauty and the Beast storyline, you know, the one where she sees the true man and not the mask aka beast.

Drama Geek: This scene made my heart flutter. I loved how she saw him and probably thought she was imagining things and then he showed up in front of her. I also LOVED that she was concerned when she saw the mask. She knows what it meant to finally be able to take it off, and didn’t want him to revert back to his old self.

Jennie: Honestly, if I were to go back to that time and suffer all the things Su has suffered I would have a hard time believing in love, luckily So is the right person to help her get through that pain.

Politicking Part 1

KMUSE: So many princes and so much intrigue going on.  Bet the king is wishing he had a few more daughters rather than sons right about now………oh wait, if they were anything like the incestuous princess, maybe not.

CLKYTTA: I have to admit that the princely intrigue is very exciting.  They’ve drawn a line in the dirt and sides have been taken and it’s interesting to see who picked what side to support. I’d much rather watch princes fight than King vs. Court Ministers. Also, Prince Ji Soo has grown up quite a bit and is showing a lot of maturity, I’m really hoping Wook doesn’t drag him down.


Drama Geek: Dude, this is what happens when you have 100 wives or so. (Yes, I’m exaggerating). But I was happy to finally get to the part where they choose sides and stop being so chummy with each other.

Jennie: I love how this is portrayed. Although far from historically accurate, as a retelling the character motivations are very real and sympathetic. We like all the right people and hate all the right people. I say, let the games begin!

Women that make you say “What the Fudge?”

KMUSE: It is getting to the point that I start dry heaving anytime the princess is trying to seduce one of her half brothers.  I just can’t get past how “ew” that is.  Especially when she is equally as horrible in every other aspect of her behavior.  There is ambition and then there is her.  So much ew.

CLKYTTA: I can’t stand her!  How has she not been caught in any of her schemes? If she were a man she’d be King in a heartbeat and I kind of admire that.  Not that I don’t want her to go down in flames, but I admire her being able to survive in a man’s world.

Drama Geek: FF. Blech. FF. At least she’s played by a decent actress. But she still grosses me out.

Jennie: She really has no moral compass, does she?


CLKYTTA: I’m totally confused about this character.  I don’t really know who she is, or what she has to add to the story. I’m not sure I support this couple at all.

KMUSE: I think that they have done the last princess of Baekje a disservice in not going into detail about her background (historically she is very interesting).  Not to mention her death of the king plot was so weak.  It served her right that he died before she could get revenge.  That’s what you get for being boring.


Drama Geek: I feel like she did her job, and had they spent more time on her character we would have been annoyed.

Jennie: I was annoyed. Every time she came on screen I was tempted to hit the FF button.

Death of a King


KMUSE: This whole scene was beautiful.  Also, the music was absolute perfection.  And for once the director zoomed out a bit which made this moment even better. Wang So totally took control of the situation and you can practically see the powerful king that he will become.

CLKYTTA: Death brings out the best and the worst in people. Wang So rises as a King contender, while his mother sinks to all new lows.  I have to admit that I loved seeing Wook’s mom stand up and take control though, I can see her becoming a force to be reckoned with in the future.


Drama Geek: Wang So really is so much more prepared to be king than the Crown Prince. And this scene shows exactly why. Also… can we please take a moment to appreciate how wonderful Jun Ki looked when he still had tears of sorrow streaming down his face and he got all angry and badass with the Queens.

Jennie: Drama Geek- yes, yes we can. A powerful man is very tempting.


CLKYTTA: This is the look of a King. Side note, since this is a Mane of Glory post, his bangs flipping a little at the ends draws so much attention to his beautiful eyes. I can’t decide if I want to brush them away from his eyes or just appreciate the frame they provide.

Death of Alternate OTP


KMUSE: The king is dying and gives Su the task of finding the Crown Prince.  He also warns her that anyone that asks if he has died is a traitor.  No surprise that the first person to ask is Wook.  I was so impressed that she didn’t waver and give up the King.

CLKYTTA: I didn’t think that she would give up the King, but I knew she hoped he would be the one she could trust.  When it’s apparent that he’s throne hungry, you can see a little part of her die. I need him to be sent to the other side of the country where he can’t play with her emotions any more.  We all have that little soft spot in our hearts that belongs to our first love, and he’s the type to totally take advantage of that.

Drama Geek: Okay, first. Why is the King sending Su (who has a limp, no access to a horse, and it’s not allowed out of the palace) to get the Crown Prince. It’s not like Astrologer Choi isn’t a trusted and loyal servant who isn’t standing somewhere close by. I do appreciate their conversation leading to this and that it made her come face to face with Wook and his ambitions.

Jennie: I had the same thought, Drama Geek, but I think the King did it so she would know she can trust So. He’s regretting his own lost love and doesn’t want his sons to make the same mistake.


KMUSE: Thank goodness Su has finally kicked Wook to the curb.  His true intentions have been uncovered and she see’s him for the power hungry jerk that he is.

CLKYTTA: I think this took way too long to happen.  He should have been drop kicked to the curb when he walked away while she was in the rain.


Drama Geek: I do somewhat understand Su not realizing his true nature until this. When he abandoned her before she thought that it was because he couldn’t do anything instead of that he chose not to do anything. Note: in the later scene where Su realizes that Wook did it to test her, I wanted to smack him when he acted all indigent that she went to So first. Um, when she was being led to her death, who ran in and put himself in danger for her? And when she sat in the rain and no one else would go against the King’s words, who comforted her? Yeah, it wasn’t you, you beautiful jerk of man.

Politicking Part 2

KMUSE: Did anyone else notice that So didn’t even have to ask before Su was trusting him with all the information regarding the king’s health?  This is completely different than her hesitation with Wook.

CLKYTTA: I noticed that too, Kmuse.  I think it’s got a lot to do with the relationship between the Crown Prince and So.  Su knows that So (what a tongue twister!) supports his brother and he’s proven time and time again that he can be trusted. He stays to fight for what he thinks is right and the people he loves, while Wook just waits in the wings.

Drama Geek: Kmuse, I think I IM’d you at this moment because I was so happy. LOL. The second she sees him she immediately tells him about the King’s death and Wook’s plan. I agree with CLKYTTA that it’s because she knows he’s on the CP’s side, but I think it’s also because he’s personally proven that he’ll be there for her in her time of need.

Jennie: And So has been an outsider from the beginning. Not to mention, how Su had to come to terms with what she knew in history. She already had her moment of mistrust and that’s all vanished now.

KMUSE: The whole traitor/crown prince fight for the throne was really well done.  We got some great action, some fighting between our two leading men, and the capture of Prince Yo (who was betrayed by Wook).  The only negative is that Wook  managed to come out ahead in the situation. Stupid Wook.

CLKYTTA: I was really disappointed that Wook ended up being a part of the plan to get the Crown Prince back in time.  We all know he was playing both sides so he’d be safe whatever happened. Slime ball. The fight scenes were so well done though.  I had to pause several times to appreciate the clash of princes.

Drama Geek: The fight between Wook And So was awesome. And I have to give it to Wook, he really is smart. He’s going about it the same way he does everything else. He wants the throne, and he’s willing to do what it takes to get it, but he wants to look like the good guy. Especially since he’s delusional that once he sits on the throne, Su will come back to him.

Who do you think is ready to be king? I feel like they picked a great actor for CP’s part because he looks and feels very unkingly. He may be amazing in battle, but he does not command respect or fear. Not that kings need people to fear them, but when you have 13ish brother’s who want to slit your throat for the throne, a little fear goes a long way.

Jennie: Nothing like a good dog fight (I think that’s what they call male cat fights, no? ) anyway, it was nice to see them finally going head to head instead of dancing around everything.

Prince Yo Falls Over the Edge (Literally)

KMUSE: Hahahaha.  It is the one ledge in Saguekland that no one ever dies from falling off.  I can’t count how many shows throw people off this ledge only to find them pop up later on.  I am already predicting that we have not seen the end of Prince Yo.

CLKYTTA: His name is Prince Yo, I’m pretty sure a yo yo joke is allowed here. He will bounce back. LOL!

Jennie: I was thinking the same thing! I must visit this magic ledge someday and find out it secrets.

Drama Geek: Um… how did we get here director? I seriously can’t even fathom how you go from the picture above with Yo on his knees surrounded by troops to them running through the forest on foot. Everyone even had time to change into different clothes. I wish that So hadn’t stopped Wook from putting that arrow through him. Then at least his death wouldn’t be on So’s conscience.

All Hail The True OTP

Drama Geek: But then we wouldn’t have this! And dang, I’m so glad Su saw how much this affected So. I know she realized a while ago that So wasn’t the animal her visions made her think he was, but this just solidified that for her.


KMUSE: This better be the start of a beautiful love story.

CLKYTTA: I think this was more poignant than any kiss scene.  So needs comfort so he calls Su to come to him and she doesn’t disappoint us. I had so many feels watching her hold him as he cried for his brother. The fact that she initiated it means that she feels something for him and I am looking forward to seeing some sweet moments between these two.

Jennie: Finally, we see the potential they have as a couple. There’s nothing as powerful as two people who can really depend on each other without barriers between them.

Our Thoughts:


KMUSE: I am very happy with how things are turning out.  Politically, they have stayed very true to the Chinese version.  There are a few tweaks here and there, but not as many as I thought there would be.

CLKYTTA: I finally feel like we are moving forward with our OTP.  Now that the King is dead and Wook has showed his true colors things will get more interesting. I don’t think we are done with Yo by any means, dead isn’t dead until they burn or bury the body.

Drama Geek: I’m happy that both the political aspect of the story and OTP seem to be in full swing. I can’t wait for Yo to crawl out of wherever he ended up, and fight for the throne again. Hey, I love me some Evil Eyeliner to keep the story going. I just wish the sister would get pushed off that cliff somehow.

Jennie: This is one drama that started slow, but has me totally captivated. Even though I see the general ending starting to form, I still don’t want to miss a second of the story to get there.

Looks like things are going to remain tense for all our princely hotties.  Why don’t we appreciate some of their beauty while they are all still alive.

Be sure to check out all our past Mane of Glory Posts HERE and share in all the gorgeous characters and hair along with us.

Til next time,

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  1. Ok… Just a side note on the ick factor of Princess Yeonhwa trying to seduce her half-brothers. Remove the modern day taboo on incest and look at it from a historical point of view. In this time period (both in Asia and Europe) it was not uncommon for royals and noble born to intermarry within the family to keep bloodlines “pure” and to solidify familial alliances. We shudder at the ickness of the practice now but back then it was the norm. It makes perfect sense for her to pursue her siblings as marriage was one of the few ways a woman could obtain any semblance of power. If this were set in modern day I’d be dry heaving too but I have to take actions of the characters in the settings they were put in. As much as I detest her character, I have to admire her for her abilities in intrigue and manipulation. She’d be a contender (good or bad) for the throne had she been born male.

    • I know that but for some reason this actress combines with this role just sets me off. I had no problems with the same character played in Shine or Go Crazy so I think it is just in this drama specifically.

    • I guess for me it’s just the way this drama has focused on Princess Yeonhwa and Prince Yo’s attraction to their siblings. If either of them were wanting to do it for connections and to obtain power it wouldn’t make me feel the same way. I do agree with you and have been impressed with her character as long as she’s not throwing longing looks at So.

  2. I loved this commentary – I’m re-watching it very slowly (she’s only up to episode 5) with someone and I have to to hold my squees in at times. They are doing a great job with tidbits of foreshadowing that are also nods to the original c-drama.

    One question: I keep getting mixed up about which prince walks in with the Crown Prince at the end of the fighting scene. Is it 14th (the fighter who also has a crush on Hae Soo) or 13th (who left for Baekjae to get the Crown Prince) – the clothes and hair are throwing me off. 14th is a fighter and on Wook’s side so it makes sense he is the one whom Wook would send with the mentioned letter. Does that mean 13th got there and warned him but did not return with Crown Prince? Hmm, I hope this gets answered soon.

    One comment: I think that is the cliff used in all saeguks. The one the wagon goes off at the beginning of My love from another star, the one the bad-yet-sympathetic second lead throws himself off of in Arang and the Magistrate and perhaps even the one Bi-dam, Deokman, and Kim Yu-sin jump off in Queen Seondeok. It’s just a friggin gorgeous cliff!

    • I was thinking it was the 13th but now I am not sure either. LOL I even went back and looked at the photo but can’t tell since 14th switched his hair and now looks like 13th. ooops.

    • Baek Ah walked in with the Crown Prince. They must have crossed paths along the way. Apparently he knew the super secret path too. LOL.

  3. I can’t help but feel at the hands of a better writer, director and editor, Scarlet Heart could have been super epic! But as it is now, it just falls short. I’m still enjoying the series but it just lack flow and certain fluidity in its storytelling to make it into an epic masterpiece. And not to mention multiple whiplashes from episode to episode, like when things were getting good at episode 8 (after enduring the first 7 episodes of frat boys trying to act as princes), then episode 9 deflated like an expired balloon, then episode 10 slowly picked back up at the end with the ultimate sacrifice by So and episode 11 was soooooo good, but then came episode 12 and it was like “WTF is this hopscotch patchwork of scenes that don’t make sense and don’t flow right”, and now finally episode 13 being back to redeeming itself somewhat into my good graces. The consistency in quality is just waaaay OFF!!! If compared to Moonlight (which I’m also watching and enjoying immensely), Scarlet Heart is just too inconsistent. It’s a pity because Scarlet Heart clearly has the more intriguing story and rich political throne rivalry setting, while admit it, the only reason people watch Moonlight is for the awesome OTP love. So really, with tighter storytelling and more fluidity in presenting the events and characters and showing things instead of being lazy and shoving it offscreen and expect the viewers to just accept it face value (like Su being tortured, the sudden 1 year time jump, Su and Wohee suddenly are friends etc…), Scarlet Heart could have been sooooo much more. Instead right now I’m mourning the death of an epic series that could have been! Boo! The original Chinese series totally felt epic, this one is not even its distant dwarf cousin!!!

    Anyways, i”m still watching this to the end though, seatbelt is still fastnened on so hopefully Scarlet Heart can deliver more thrills and squeees for its remaining run. Down with Woon, let’s go So!!!!

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