Shopping King Louie Episode 5: Who cares?


A hammer wielding psycho on the loose. Who cares? Not I. Evil Uncle knows that Louie survived. Who cares? Not I. Our Innocent One True Pairing gets a couple’s perm. Who cares? Me, me, me!  

It sounds totally hypocritical after complaining about no plot movement, last week. But I really am here for the cute. And with Louie and Bok Sil around, this show just oozes the fun. I know Butler Kim suspects Louis is alive. I know Cha Joong Won stepped up his second lead shenanigans. And I know there may be a serial killer just waiting to off the new tenants of the cursed apartment. But I just want to talk about our cutie-pie couple. Anybody mind? Didn’t think so.

“I’m her guardian.”

Louie staking his claim on sick Bok Sil in front of her co-workers must have caused more than one viewer’s heart to flutter. The way he refused to let go of her hand, and then tucked it closer under his arm . . . just give me a moment.

Okay, I’m back. Now that I think about it, in a K-drama world full of wrist-grabbing alpha males, Louie may be the most respectful hero I’ve ever seen. He’s a messy spendthrift who needs to get a job, but he always treats Bok Sil as an equal . . . I may need another moment.

You think I’m fat, don’t you?


Poor Seo In Guk not only had to perform the required piggyback, he had to carry his leading lady up a steep flight of steps. And he did it with a smile on his face. Did you notice how Bok Sil snuggled right up to him? No shy prevarication with this girl. I loved his honest reply of “Of course” when she asked if she was heavy. But the next line really cinched it. “My body feels heavy and tired, but my heart feels warm.”

Everybody’s wearing it


Porridge is the new black. At least, when Seo In Guk is wearing it. Could we all see the comedy coming from a mile away? Bok Sil spilled steaming hot soup on her roommate as her jealous boss approached the apartment. The setup was obvious. But I expected some shirt-peeling, not a full strip search. Neither did poor Cha Joong Won who just about lost his ever-loving mind. (So glad they changed his hair from that bowl-cut about halfway through the episode, by the way!) He tries to bully Louie into leaving Bok Sil and living with him, but our puppy dug his paws in and refused. And he wasn’t the only one who hated the idea, as we can see by Bok Sil’s later reaction. These two crack me up with how comfortable they are to live with each other, and never question why.

Starry, Starry Night

Although I admire Van Gogh’s famous painting, what does it have to do with our Korean shopping king? When Louie suffers painful flashbacks while on a Busan beach, Bok Sil brushes the sand from his face and holds him tight. He’s such an optimistic, smiley character that it’s easy to forget what a traumatic journey this is for him. His name, his family, his past. All forgotten. But in the middle of a dark and scary time, Bok Sil is the star that lights his way and keeps him on course. She is his starry, starry night.

My thoughts:


I’m a sucker for a good romance. Thank you Shopping King Louie for piling it on. But it’s not just about piggybacks and first loves. It’s the tender way Louie and Bok Sil care for each other that’s such a pleasure to watch. SPOILER ALERT: It’s cruel that they only aired one episode this week, especially since the preview hinted that we might see a kiss in Episode 6. If her past history is any indicator, I don’t see Bok Sil pulling away when Louie leans in like that. Our girl may be innocent, but she isn’t stupid.

Until next time, keep the K-love alive!



0 thoughts on “Shopping King Louie Episode 5: Who cares?

  1. I really enjoyed the warmth in their interactions, the uncomplicated affectiom. Do you know why there is only one ep this week?

  2. love their chemistry, it’s innocent and sweet. Nam Ji Hyun is a breath of fresh air and I guess Seo In Guk gels best with his younger leading ladies. Oh, I hope he won’t crush on NJH, it’s so difficult to date when you are this popular and headed to the army on top of everything else, fan meetings, magazine shoots, etc. But I still think Eun Ji could have been it, if only they have a chance to date.
    ‘love that moment on the beach, it’s being there for each other and not really defining what their relationship is but they know in their hearts that they are meant to be together, slowly but surely.
    but the piggyback ride up the stairs is sweet, forget all the piggyback rides we saw from other kdramas, they’re usually drunk anyway or something. I just loved it when Bok-shil snuggled close. Pretty sure, Seo In Guk’s smile was genuine.
    Your star is so bright, Mr.Seo, good job!

  3. I am soooo loving this drama – love SIG no matter what, and he’s super uber-adorable here 😀 Plus Oska looking dorky & sweet, plus a silly little storyline that just keeps the romance fun : This is the sweetest show since Hogu’s Love :d

  4. I just want a miniature version of them both to put into an aquarium or a cute little dollhouse. I might have to ask Viplala to twinkle them into liliputs so I can keep them forever.

  5. lovey dovey seo in guk and nam ji .really like there chemistry together i really like beach scene, piggy back scene the way seo in guk hold nam ji ……………………lovey dovey

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