Chinese Movie Review: Bounty Hunters (2016)

Lee Min Ho is back on the big screen in Chinese action movie, Bounty Hunters. Come join Kmuse as she discusses whether the movie is worth watching and if the dubbed voice-over ruined Lee Min Ho’s performance.



Framed as terrorists after a bodyguard job gone wrong, Yi San and Ayo join a team of bounty hunters who are after a crazed hotel chaebol.


Lee Min Ho – Yi San

Wallace Chung – Ayo

Yan Tang – Wonder Woman Cat

Jeremy Tsui – Tommy

Bounty Hunters Trailer:


WARNING:  Movie Spoilers Ahead





The action sequences were really well done.  It was like I was watching a glossy magazine pictorial in movie form.  Everything was very vibrant and fast paced which is just what you want when watching a movie that relies on its action to carry the plot.

The Plot:

Well……… first off I should mention that it was a lot cheesier than I was expecting.  Which is both good and bad.  The good is that Wallace Chung shined as the goofy, always talking, sidekick.  I found him entertaining despite his slightly doofish personality.  The bad is that some of Lee Min Ho’s humorous moments fell flat.  I am not sure if it is because I kept getting distracted by the dubbed voice or it just didn’t work.  Either way, I enjoyed watching him beat up the bad guys much more than anytime he had to talk or attempt to connect with the leading lady.


Also, there were times it felt like we were on a tour of Asia rather than focused on the storyline.  The locations jumped around so much I wondered if the movie was a huge Product Placement for the tourism industry?  Sure it was pretty, but more plot and less sightseeing would have been preferred.

Random Character Observations:

I was indifferent to most of the characters.  They fit the roles they were supposed to play so I don’t really have anything to say good or bad.  However, the bad guy was so over the top super villain that I totally lost interest once he was introduced into the story.


Tommy is a chaebol heir who decides to go bomb happy due to his daddy issues.  Hence, he goes on a bomb induced rampage across Asia in an attempt to destroy what took his Father’s interest away from him.  The whole character just didn’t work for me from start to finish.  I am sure he was evil, but I couldn’t get past how much he looked like a wannabe kpop idol to really care about his plotting.


My Overall Review:


Lee Min Ho is hot and he is pretty when beating people up despite the dubbed voice being a tad distracting.  If that is what you are looking for then give this movie a try.  If you want a show with depth and/or an intricate plot this is not it.


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  1. Guys, I look forward to your movie reviews segment. How about adding ratings/stars at the end of the review? Just in order to get a better understanding of how good/bad the movie is.

  2. When this movie came out I was crushing hard on Lee Min Ho and went to see it by myself in the theatre. My friends and family didn’t ‘get’ by kdrama addiction at the time. While Lee Min Ho looks amazing in the movie, it was hugely disappointing that his voice was dubbed. He has a great voice so as a fan it felt like we were cheated from the full LMH experience. The movie production was big budget and looked it but the storyline was weak and plot non-sensical. There was one very funny scene. Overall I’d give it a 6/10.

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