The Fangirls Drama Roundtable: Love O2O Final Thoughts

2a50There is so much love being thrown at Love o2o that we thought it would be fun to take a moment and discuss what it is that made this drama so special. So come join The Fangirls as we chat OTP’s, side characters, and what we would want to change if we were in charge.  It’s time to jump into everything Love O2O!  

WARNING:  We will be discussing some spoilers for this drama so do not read further if you have not already watched or are actively avoiding spoilers.  For our spoiler free review CLICK HERE!


The Premise


KMUSE: This story was so unique and fun.  I love everything about the online gaming transitioning to real life relationship concept.  I think one of the reasons this show was so popular was because it was so relatable to the younger generations. I could see this totally working as a modern day fairytale romance.

CLKYTTA: It really was a modern day fairy tale.  I liked the mix of real life and game life in this too.

The OTP (One True Pairing)


CLKYTTA: I loved this couple.  He could have been a robot genius, but he wasn’t, and  I liked how playful he was.  I also really appreciated the dedication that this couple had to each other. Instead of playing all the break up and make up games they  *gasp* trusted each other! It was really refreshing to see a strong couple.

KMUSE: I also liked that we didn’t sink into the usual drama makjang that we are so used to.  It is one of the joys when watching a show by this writer.  The OTP’s confidence in themselves and their skills was also a great aspect of their relationship.  It was a nice change from the opposites attract trope.


DRAMAROOKIE: Consistency and Trust. It’s in short supply in dramas and sometimes even real life. The OTP’s refusal to be swayed by gossip and spiteful third parties  was a joy to behold.

Our Favorite Side Characters

CLKYTTA: My favorite side character is KO.  When he first showed up I was convinced he was going to sabotage the company or something. As his storyline developed, it was obvious why he was so eager to join the company.  I was pleasantly surprised that they kept him pretty true to his character in the novel.


KMUSE: I totally have a girl crush on Er Xi.  She is just so darn cute and chipper.  I loved Er Xi’s character so much that I hope to see the actress who portrayed her get a lead role in the future.  Tons of natural charm packed in that tiny body.


DRAMAROOKIE: Er Xi = Adorable. Although it was ridiculous that everyone treated her like an ugly duckling. She’s more than pretty enough to be the lead in her own drama.

Our Favorite Couples

CLKYTTA: Hao Mei and KO were my favorite couple not including our OTP.  I loved their romance/bromance.  It cracks me up that he won over Hao Mei with food. The way to a man’s heart is truly through his stomach.

KMUSE: I have to agree.  Hao Mei and KO were awesome!  I loved how KO kept hacking Hao Mei’s computer and switched it from his girlie photos.  That is such a couple thing to do (My own husband has been known to sneak into my computer and switch my khottie wallpaper.)  I only wish we had more screen time with these two.  The negative of China banning gay storylines in entertainment. (CLKYTTA: I was happy that they still alluded to their romance even though we didn’t get the whole story.  Love is love, and I’m a sucker for a good love story.)


What We Would Do Different?

CLKYTTA: I’d weed out half of the whole Cao Guang storyline.  That was the most boring part for me.  It felt like those parts just dragged on and on.

KMUSE: CLKYTTA and I are on the same wavelength.  I also would kick Cao Guang’s character out of the show.  He was mildly annoying in the beginning but once he joined the online gaming community I got really cranky. Er Xi can definitely do better.


The only other thing I would change is maybe having the leading lady eat a cheesburger now and then to put on some weight.  I usually have nothing against actresses wanting to be thin.  Is it healthy? No, but it is the way the entertainment industry is.  However, Wei Wei really started to look frail around half way through the drama.  You know it is bad if the actress visually loses weight between the start and the finish of a show.

CLKYTTA: The weight thing really shocked me because Wei Wei is supposed to be really curvy and famous for eating.  It was really worrisome to see this actress so thin, I agree with KMUSE, she looked way too frail.


DRAMAROOKIE: I third that opinion on weight. I hope she wasn’t sick during the drama and just soldiering through!

Would We Recommend This Drama?

CLKYTTA: I would absolutely recommend this drama.  It kept my attention all the way through even though Cao Guang bored me.  I loved the settings and the characters, it did a good job of going back and forth between reality and virtual reality. This will be one that I watch again.


DRAMAROOKIE: Already recommended it to a friend. I think this is the first C-drama I ever finished. The dubbing thing can really annoy me, but it wasn’t super obvious in this one.

KMUSE: Of course I would recommend this drama to everyone.  It is a great gateway show to Chinese dramas and is just a fun cracktastic watch.  So if you have read this post and have yet to watch, run to your TV and start.

This completes our final look at the drama Love O2O.  It has been a wonderful ride and we hope that another Chinese drama will soon feel our  rom-com drama needs.  Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments and check out our other Cdrama recommendations and reviews.

Til next time,

The Fangirls

13 thoughts on “The Fangirls Drama Roundtable: Love O2O Final Thoughts

  1. Story was fluff & we know it. So not gonna discuss on that aspect. If the OTP didn’t have chemistry, I would really have big issues with this show. Acting was stiff & cringy at times, but they made it work somehow. Like you guys mentioned, I was thankful for the “angst-less” love between the OTP.
    I have no clue what ZS has done to her body, but I want her to start eating well & be healthy. I also wish she stopped standing like a log when he kissed her.
    And yes, I wanted CG’s character out of the show. ErXi would have been better with XN’s roommate. Overall it’s a show I’d recommend to first timers & ppl looking for fluff. Too late in RL, but still where do I get another XN for myself? 😂

  2. when I watched the trailer of this show for the first time, wasn’t sure if i should watch it because of ZS,since she was such a disappointment in Cave of love; still, because of Yang Yang i tried it, and liked it a lot. Wasn’t ZS so bad or it’s all about Xiao Nai’s magic, who knows?

  3. I enjoy your reviews so much because you do take on the “elephants in the room.” Thanks for giving us a place to get them off our chests!

    Competency is the sexiest thing besides consistency and trust in a relationship. In this modern world, clumsiness, silliness and poor life skills are not cute plot lines anymore. I can see why a manga might write a character like that to appeal to adolescents with low self esteem but modern adult women want more. Men and women who do their jobs with enthusiasm and skill are attractive life partners.

    From what I’ve read online, when this drama was being filmed (more than a year ago – maybe even two), the lead actress, Zheng Shuang, was getting a lot of online hate for dating some other star. Being called fat was the least of the insults. The article I read mentioned that in her more recent dramas, she was looking more healthy. I can’t say if her acting style changed, though!

    Oh, Cao Guang, I found you charming in small doses. His character is the kid of a political party leader and I can see him both liking getting the money and attention and feeling embarrassed that everyone knows he didn’t get these things – school position, club president, etc. – on his own. I would have liked him to be her secret source of information and loving her at a distance instead of trying to get “revenge.” And ditch the perm.

    • About Cao Guang, its exactly what I thought! To feel like your emotions are getting trampled, even when it’s a misunderstanding is pretty harsh, and to still come out the bad guy in the end… The way Wei Wei talked to him afterwards, I felt more sorry for him than anything. That other girl, too, Yi Ran. It was pretty clear in the beginning she was actually a nice girl, just getting bad advice from friends who only wanted to use her. And the thing with Zheng and his dad… Heartbreaking. If he had an idea of his dad’s unethical business practices beforehand, then ending up the way he did wouldn’t even have been a surprise.
      I really feel like all that could have gone better than the way it was shown. Because of these little points, the drama started losing its shine for me in the second half. Xiao Nai, KO and Hao Mei cuteness was what saved it for me 🙂

  4. This is also my first Chinese drama, and I enjoyed it so much! Not too many angst with OTP, almost too perfect ML and a refreshing FL that’s a gamer to boot but so lovely to watch them together! Love their friendships with their roommates. Have to admit I have to ff some scenes, especially ones that involves the rich kids and their rich kid problems, and their constant jealousy of Weiwei. I wish they didn’t make them so darned hateable but they are the worst. Another gripe is Xiao Nai and Weiwei’s kiss scenes, could she have responded more passionately? But I’m guessing again it’s the Chinese censors at work, but then again that Yang Yang can kiss well 😉 Also, having been used to kdramas, the pacing is slower but I appreciate that they had time to establish plot and resolve conflicts more satisfyingly because of episode length, although I find some scenes unnecessary or random that doesn’t add much to the story. Overall, a fun watch and piqued my interest for Chinese dramas! Not totally related, but liking the production of this one made me decide to check out Scarlet Heart since I’m watching Moon Lovers anyway and will continue to seek out other C-dramas that are similar to this one.

  5. ok im coming in late because just discovered this drama by accident. some korean fansite was recommending other dramas outside Kdrama and this is number one. I again accidentally downloaded the movie, i thought it was episode 1 and i liked it very much! i must admit though that when i realized it will be 30 episodes, i hesitated because man, I dont have that much time to watch! and being a kdrama fan Im used to the 16 at the most 20-24 episodes and its already a bit much for me.

    This is also my first Cdrama. I loved the movie so much and the characters and actors Jing Boran and Angelababy. So i was a little apprehensive watching diff t actors playing their parts. Yangyang I was sold to after he loosened up a bit after a few episodes-( boy, I love his smile!) I have to cringe though at the over the top fangirling, i mean cmon, nobody can be THAT popular and merit that kind of superstar level of attention in school. Still, I feel Xiao Nai’s character better in his portrayal because well, that’s 30 episodes and the drama took it’s time really,plot wise. I dont mind coz I was enjoying it. He’s too perfect though that he’s barely relatable. Well, it doesnt hurt to think there might just be one like him out there though. Le sigh.

    I have to agree the Cao Guang arc was bleh, hello, can we move on already? How is he still there in the first place? Ah, to be the supposed second pairing with Er-Xi? And pls dont bash me but I find Er-Xi character irritating, Im sorry. So suffice it to conclude that I skipped her and Cao guang’s parts mostly but not enough to miss the eventual conflict that followed- I just got the gist enough to understand how it impacted our couple.

    While I find Yang Yang almost on equal footing with my love for Jing Boran, Zs characterization pales in comparison with Angelababy (really, that’s her name?). She was supposed to be this femme fatale, tomboyish, cheerful spontaneous girl who takes her looks for granted, she was never vain unlike the usual popular pretty girls. Zs-She looks downright anorexic. her thighs are the size of my arms!! It was alarming to see her jogging, i feel like her joints will come lose and she’ll dissolve into a heap of bones! Im not even exaggerating! I’m not hating on her based on her appearance because she is so beautiful. Her skin is glowing, her teeth are perfect, Her smile is so pretty it lights up her whole face.

    But she’s all sharp angles -there’s skinny and there’s alarmingly skinny its almost cartoonish- and like everyone else here- at the end on 30 episodes that’s how she still responds to every kiss??? Does. not. compute.I mean cmon! It totally kills the fluttering vibes every time YangYang swoops down for a passionate kiss and it looks like he’s kissing a cardboard cutout. I understand maybe the first time he kissed her but she was consistently stiff, and barely responsive till the end. Its so frustrating because I love the drama so much, she’s making me cry! If its Angelababy also in the drama I think I may just die of cuteness!!!It’s like all the drama’s kisses, even if you roll them into one, does not hold candle to that one single elevator kiss in the movie because that one was nuclear. It was incineratingly good and awesome, I feel my face going red just watching it! Ehem.

    This is not to hate on Zs, just.. eat a stick of butter or something! Acting wise, I also find her very stiff and sometimes seemingly painfully conscious of her looks. Sigh, I would have loved to watch Jing Boran’s Love through a Millenium (?) but I will not because once again I might just die of frustration.

    Overall I’m glad i shouldered on through the drama. I had panda eyes for the next 3 days, I could not stop watching it though people around me are calling me mad. I made my friends watch the movie but they balk at a 30 episode marathon. Im happy to know that Yangyang and Jing boran are also friends? Zs is so lucky be partnered with both guys, siiigh! Maybe Im the one who should stop eating butter.

    • Haha! Your comment is too funny! I totally agree about the kissing scenes. Yang Yang looked like he was totally into it whereas ZS was like meh all throughout the drama — it was a bit painful to watch. What a waste! lol

      I enjoyed the drama though. It was too cute although a bit too fairytale-ish especially the parts about Yang Yang’s popularity and awesomeness. Is there such a person in real life? Haha If there is oh gosh I’d definitely be swooning!

      Can’t get enough of Yang Yang. I need more of him. He will be the death of me. Haha! <3

  6. I just started this drama and really like it so far! I saw that this is based off a novel. Does the novel have the same tittle as well and doea anyone know if its translated in english as well? Please help as i would really like to read the novel as well ^^ this was a great review! Thanks!

  7. As far as I know, the actress who did Wei Wei was pretty sick before her role, that’s why she lost so much weight (I don’t remember exactly what it was since it’s been a while), srry). Even if she was skinny before, she wasn’t that much (in theory she was curvier before), and actually the actress had to apologize with the fans because of that and the looks she gave during the series.

    And aha, I was worried for her as well, I thought she was really pretty but way too skinny (almost sick, without trying to be disrespectful or mean to her), even for Chinese standards and yeah, I was right. She was sad because of her body during the filming and even cried. Idk if she’s better now after many years but I hope so, since people were really mean about her and her body (just imagine her position and feelings). Anyway, I really liked her and I got curious to know more about the actress. 🙂

    I do agree she was stiff during many occasions, I just saw the series again like two days ago (lol), and I idk why, but I thought it was because this is a romcom for teens mostly, which means they’re not happy with women who take the lead or touch too much to their partners, etc. I’m already 26 so I’m by no means a teenager, and I had to admit I felt so much cringe while seeing the series again.

    Idk why, but I truly remembered the series with a little smile, but now I just feel a lot of 2nd hand embarrassment (the story is still cute, but there are many stereotypes that can make u feel a bit uncomfy if you’re older or you already cursed university). I still like the main couple a lot, and I actually wanted to see a lot more about KO and the friend, I truly felt so much chemistry.

    Agree that our MC’s BFF was really pretty already, and the other dude with the 👓 was super annoying. He said one line about how he had the right to keep following her until she changes her opinion about dating him and omg, that was the worst. Why did our MC had to invent a fake lover in order to make him understand? She already said no, but he didn’t listen. Geez.

    Anyway, this is nice for teens or people who want to see innocent stories with some fluff. Just take in count that as any other chinese story, it’s a bit long. I always dislike when women are forced to be less than their male partners, but in this series is better in general, which I’m grateful for.

    • Oooh. It is good to know that it wasn’t a personal choice to get that tiny. I always worry when I see actors that I enjoy suddenly get scary skinny. I want them to all be healthy and happy.

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