Shopping King Louie Episode 6 -A Date, A Bromance, & A Murder


Somehow Shopping King Louie seems to be getting better and better each episode (as the increase in ratings proves.)  This week was no different as our fish out of water Louie gets a new roommate and continues his goal of becoming a competent man worthy of Bok Sil. 

First off, what kind of Seo In Guk fan would I be if I didn’t share the many gorgeous looks our bias sported in episode 6?  And I am not just talking about his many shirtless scenes, although those were highly appreciated.  Since I can’t go through every single moment he looked hot I am putting together this slideshow.  Enjoy!

**Cough cough** Especially enjoy the shirtless and bubble bath moments!

Now on to the actual plot.

Shopping King Louie Is Alive

We left episode 5 right as Louie was hit by a car when he was walking to a date with Bok Sil.  Who should the driver happen to be, but Ma Ri who was stalking Bok Sil in case she was on a date with Joong Won.


I have to admit I cracked up at the way Louie just got up and demanded $3 for the rose she ruined.  “I did six loads of dishes to earn that money.” he wines.  Hahaha, I seriously love how simple Louie’s outlook on life is.  Shaken, Ma Ri hands over $3 only to have Downstairs Ahjumma rush up and order Louie back onto the ground so they can chalk his outline for the accident report.  BWAHAHAHA!  Downstairs Ahjumma takes Ma Ri for all she has ($2000) and demands a cut for brokering the hospital fees.

Ma Ri rushes home to discuss her find with her father. Who tells Ma Ri that it is better that Louie doesn’t remember who he is since that means they will own the company.  Ma Ri happily agrees.

Am I the only one that catches their breath every time Louie hits his head?  I keep expecting his memories to come back at anytime.

Dating Louie & Bok Sil Style

The initial movie date was postponed due to Louie’s accident but our OTP (One True Pairing) did finally make it to the cinema.  Only to end up watching a famous serial killer flick titled The Chaser.  Hahaha. They both are terrified and rush out in the middle of the show.  These two really are made for each other.


The Odd Couple Louie & Joong Won

While Bok Sil is busy working, Louie spends his day giving advice on products, many of them at Gold Group.  Louie’s negative reviews are impacting the bottom line and Joong Won sets out to find Shopping King Louie’s real identity.  Imagine his surprise when he finds the ID is Bok Sil’s.   It doesn’t take a genius to discover who the real perp is.

This is information that Joong Won uses to blackmail Louie into moving in with him (but only after Louie demands a brand new dryer and fridge for Bok Sil.)


Joong Won and Louie are the most hilarious roommates EVER.  Since Louie didn’t feel the need to treat Joong Won like an equal, he reverts back to his useless chaebol persona ordering Joong Won to get him food, more comfortable pillows, and coffee.  There is absolutely no respect on Louie’s part.  A fact which usually would annoy me, but Seo In Guk is just so charming and Joong Won is so hilarious when upset that I can’t help but laugh.

Now that Louie is living in a more luxurious environment, he promptly starts taking bubble baths again!  Let’s hear it for bubble baths!  Then falls asleep on Joong Won’s bed covered in only a towel.

Enter Joong Won’s parents who detect a different feel to the apartment.  Finding a naked Louie in their son’s bed, the suspect the worst.  Especially when Louie simply states that he has moved in and thinks Joong Won might have a crush on him.  HAHAHAHA.  I literally had to pause the show I was laughing so hard.

The Proper Use of Muscle Patches

Upon finding that Louie has continued to use Bok Sil for money, Joong Won decides it is time for Louie to get a job.  He hooks Louie up loading boxes onto trucks. In Louie’s defense, he works hard.  So hard that Louie demands Joong Won apply icy hot patches to every inch of his body after work.  By the end, Louie looks like a muscle patched mummy (Albeit a hot mummy.)


Saving Bok Sil

A sore Louie orders Joong Won and Next Door Hyung around, catering to him since he was too sore to get off the couch.  That all changes when Next Door Hyung admits that he had a creepy feeling around Bok Sil’s apartment.  NDH then explained about the possible serial killer and the people murdered in their apartment previously.  This inspires Louie to jump off the couch and run out the door sporting only shorts and an insane amount of muscle patches.

Can I just take this moment to say how much I love the music for this drama?  Every song just fits the moment so well.  I couldn’t stop laughing while watching Louie run to Queen’s I Was Born to Love You.

Louie finds Bok Sil safe and sound and she is ecstatic to see Louie back where he belongs (Louie’ leaves a note for Joong Won declaring he is moving back and will pay for the fridge and washer later.)  Louie tells Bok Sil about the apartment’s history but tells her he will protect her.  Aww.


A Murder

Sadly, their happiness is short-lived.  An unknown assailant comes into the apartment while Bok Sil is away and hit’s Louie (I am suspicious as to whether it really is Louie at this point) with a hammer.  Blood pools below the body and Downstairs Hyung discover the victim then calls the cops.  Bok Sil arrives home to find the ER’s wheeling a body into the ambulance and all the neighbors atwitter over another murder.

My Thoughts:

Either the victim is not Louie or he was injured but not killed.  It’s only episode 6 and I am pretty sure we won’t have ten more episodes minus Seo In Guk.


I am also hoping that the person killed in the car crash is not Bok Sil’s brother.  That would put a huge damper on my OTP and I am really hoping that is just a red herring.  Only time will tell.

Til next time,


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  1. hopefully they know better than to hurt a puppy. I can already hear the sound of fangirls transforming into zombie dragons and taring everything apart.

    he looked ok in the preview, although why was he wearing a SUIT time will tell.

  2. The scene with Oska’s parents was too funny! I had to replay it because I was laughing so hard I missed dialog. The poor mother Hahahahahahah He casually knocked her out of her comfort zone then grinned. He is something else.
    I thought that maybe the person knocked on the head by the hammer is the guy that has been spying on Louie and Bok Sil for the evil uncle.

    • at that scene, I thought too bad In Guk is not a European actor, he could fit right in in an italian or french comedy, or maybe something done by Roy Andersson.

      I almost couldn´t watch the scene either for maaaaaaany reasons. Just had to keep telling myself “Imagine it´s an infant, imagine it´s an infant!” because seriously…. I think my smoke detector started beeping.

  3. This is the first Seo In Guk drama that I watched. I am amazed by his complete abandonment when playing Louis. He had me on the palm on his hands. What he was doing was supposedly annoying but the way he did it makes you smile and laugh. He is endearing! I like the drama because of the great story telling, they use usual tropes and clichés then give a twist but I am loving Seo in Guk more and more.

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