Shopping King Louie Episode 7: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps


Perhaps was the theme this week. Is Louie close to finding out his true identity? Perhaps. Has Cha realized he doesn’t have a cupcake’s chance in Kindergarten with Go Bok Sil? Perhaps. Did Seo In Guk find new ways of being adorable? Duh!

Perhaps Louie emits royalty rays


Why does everyone cater to Louie? From Grouchy Ahjumma Landlady to Bitter Love Rival Cha Joong Won, people wait on this boy, hand and foot. They may shout and stew about it, but they still do it. Don’t get me wrong. I admit Louie’s a frowsy-haired ball of charm. But, as a person, I’m not sure I could put up with it. As a viewer, I find it hilarious. Especially when the show starts numbering them Maids 1, 2, and 3 and Butler Cha.

Perhaps three is still a crowd


Speaking of Butler Cha, he’s left holding the bag . . . er, bags. Again. Our poor second lead just can’t catch a break. Even when the object of his affection falls into his lap (literally), there’s always that inconvenient way Bok Sil looks at Louie with her heart in her eyes to keep him from getting his hopes up.


How endearingly pathetic was Sourpuss Cha as he barked out orders: Don’t say sorry! Don’t say thank you! Don’t touch anything! Then he picks up the phone in a heartbeat to order his girl a second helping of jajangmyeon. But that’s just the problem. She’s not his girl. He knows this already. But at the end of the episode, it looks like he really KNOWS this now. It’s hard to miss the fact that you were rendered invisible by a simple coin falling on a grill. Did anyone even know he was in the room by that point?

Perhaps petty is back in style


Why does watching the hero grind his jealous teeth never get old? And Louie is especially childish about it. I loved his pouting plank protest on the couch after catching Cha and Bok Sil’s awkward moment.

And the chopstick battle over Bok Sil’s side dishes . . . so petty. So entertaining. Yet, you can’t help but swoon when Louie declares that no one can eat her food but him. Who doesn’t want to be adored that much?

Perhaps love isn’t a battlefield, after all


Is anyone else in the market for an ITS? By that, I mean the Incomprehensible Trust System Louie and Bok Sil have found. Slacker Hyung from downstairs nailed it on the head with this description. It doesn’t make sense, but these two barely-more-than-strangers have an unwavering faith in each other. Louie repeats his familiar “Believe in me” line and Go Bok Sil smiles in agreement. She has no reason to trust him. Most people would have thrown him out on his ear after the first online shopping spree, but not her.

Even when he’s an accused murder suspect without memory of his past, she staunchly reminds him who he truly is: a kind, beautiful, and lovely person. She knows this deep down. She doesn’t need evidence or a last name to confirm it for her. Her ITS tells her it’s so.

My thoughts:

I like this couple. I really, really like this couple. When you list all the makjang elements in this drama (Amnesia, Serial Killer, Evil Money-grubbing relatives, etc.), it seems ridiculous to say this. But I like their SIMPLE relationship. There’s no lies. No push-and-pull. No trying to be the emotional winner. They like each other, and so they act like it. If only real life were that simple.

If only the commercials were that simple, too. I’m about to mini-rant about the previews, so *Spoiler Alert* stop reading now if you don’t like to know what’s coming up next week. Or at least, SUPPOSEDLY it will be next week. Is everybody gone that doesn’t want to be here? Okay. This week’s preview shows the same kiss scene that we were shown two episodes ago. How long are they gonna string us along?!?! I think previews should only show what is coming up in the next episode. At least Bok Sil proved my faith in her from the last recap. This new preview shows that our girl isn’t going anywhere as Louie leans in. I knew I liked her.


Until next time, keep the K-love alive!



6 thoughts on “Shopping King Louie Episode 7: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

  1. This episode was so good and utterly hilarious!
    I hope they get some kind of best comedy K-drama award or something…do they have awards?

    At any rate for once I don’t mind the suspended “wait they all discover who Louie truly is” wait…because every bit of this show is so precious and hilarious…Gukkie is extraordinary, but every member of the cast is amazing in their role. Great recap…I’m all smiles! OMG, his food stuffed cheeks this week…so cute!

    • HAHA. I’ve been thinking of mentioning how much he eats in the recap. Luv the chipmunk cheeks. I wonder if SIG gained weight with this role.

  2. eh… they might very well tease us FOREVER. I thought this was a new drama, but I suspect it is that con show season 2 we so wanted… I didnt want it like this though.

    Louie being petty jealous – I want to see more of that and then I dont. I am so torn between scenes that show new sides of them and scenes that give us what we are used to getting, the cute

  3. ‘yeh…everyone is so funny! of course SIG with his ‘child-like makeface’ of Louie is dork and adorable…and the ‘trio’ ;Louie, Bok Sil & Mr. Cha is dynamite!…my mouth is widening with smile and laughter with this romcom…haha, Oh just my ‘hint’…perhaps, Louie is back to his senses… perhaps, he’s just pretending not to be…perhaps, for a reason esp. for Bok Sil…prrrttt…until next eps. thanks for the recapp…

  4. Bok Sil is consistent in this drama. She is the best lead actress character for me! She says what is in her mind without being rude, she is kind but not a pushover weak type, she is simple ❤❤❤

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