A Chilling 1st Teaser for Upcoming OCN Thriller The Voice

a1The female lead (Lee Hana) casting has been confirmed only for a day or so and already we have our first teaser for OCN’s suspense drama The Voice.  Needless to say, the leads are not in it, but that doesn’t seem to matter since my interest just skyrocketed.  I love a good thriller and so far they have me on board.  Who knew that just a scene with a car by the river could be so chilling?

SYNOPSIS: The plot focuses on the workers of a 112 call center who are looking for the serial killer who murdered their families. Handling emergencies related to crimes, they are all aware of the brief golden time that exists at crime scenes for quick resolutions. Among them, Moo Jin Hyuk is a former star detective who was demoted due to excessive repression.


I am a huge fan of Jang Hyuk in serious, slightly disturbed, roles which makes this a dream casting for me.  As for Lee Hana……… well, this is an OCN crime drama and they are not known for having much of a female presence in their dramas.  So whether I like her or not, I am not sure if it will really matter in the end.  The Voice begins airing on December 31st.


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  1. Disturbing! I’m hooked. OCN consistently puts out some high quality dramas. I wish the female leads featured more, but I actually like the fact that they’re not used as pretty ornaments and are squeezed and pushed along in a sappy love story. I find that OCN dramas have meat and substance and don’t rely on overused tropes and romantic silliness. It’s a breath of fresh air.

    And Jang Hyuk is the lead??? YASSS!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so sorry to say, I wasn’t a fan of most of his latest dramas. None of them worked for me. I was really hoping to love The Merchant of Gaekju too. I think I liked that the most out of the others. 🙁 (Ducks from eggs and kimchi slaps)

    Somehow with him it’s like Young Elvis vs. “Old” Elvis. And with Jang Hyuk I prefer those earlier dramas like Tazza, Chuno, Midas, Robbers, and Tree with Deep Roots.

    But now i’m excited again!!

    • Hmmm but TWDR, Midas etc are not that old? I didn’t like Gaekju at all but definitely LOVED his performance in Beautiful Mind. I’m feeling neutral about Voice for now.

        • @LadyG Since you mentioned young vs old Elvis where the difference is recognizable, I didn’t quite get the comparison. I mean I can see a huge difference between pre MS and post MS Jang Hyuk but I don’t see a significant change starting four years ago.

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