Shopping King Louie Episode 13: Well, that was random!


Lovers reunited. Check. Amnesia cured. Check. Long-lost brother found. Check. So how do we fill the last few episodes? With random adorableness, apparently. Not that I’m complaining. Just a little confused.

Louie: The Musical


If you asked me yesterday how Episode 13 would start, I don’t think singing showtunes outside an outhouse would have made my top ten. Yet, that is where we find Joong Won. Serenading a frightened Louie as he answers a late night call of nature. And, may I just say, the guy can SAAAANG! Even acapella in the middle of the woods, he sounded great. But that wasn’t the end of it!


When Seo In Guk sat down at the piano, and gave us part two of “This is the Moment.” Well, just mop me up from that melted puddle in front of the screen. I knew he could sing, but the combination of piano playing, sweet and soft melody, and gazing happily at Bok Sil with his heart in his eyes was more than I hoped for. Thank you, music directornim, writernim, or whoevernim was responsible. Gamsahamnida times 1,000. Now, where can I download this track?

Gangster Girls get their comeuppance

My wish from the Episode 2 recap came true!!! The scary schoolgirls get schooled by Busan’s Double Axe AKA Butler Ahjumma. I’m mad that they cut the actual fight out. Show me the suffering! But I’m so glad they have to pay for their psycho bullying. Peeling garlic isn’t nearly enough punishment for them. However, it led to Louie’s offer to serenade them. So that definitely makes it worth it. And if Butler Bestie keeps adding work every time they swear, they may never finish. Fingers crossed!

Spacey Toad + Puppy = Love


Even the mean girls thought garlic was less torture than math homework. (I’ll have to agree with them there. I’d rather peel, too.) Poor Bok Nam is stuck with Calculus, which seems like a big stretch for a guy who still counts on his fingers. But he’s got his new hyung to support him. Can we have a spin-off with Louie and his brother-in-law? They don’t do much. But I get such a kick out of watching them interact. They’re on the same innocent (clueless) wavelength.

Pregnant Pears


Can it get more random than chestnuts falling on Grandma as she sleeps? Turns out it was all a dream, but she thinks it means someone is expecting. Follow this up with Bok Sil bringing her “Pregnant Pears” and she’s convinced a great-grandchild is on the way. The episode left us hanging about who this dream referred to. It seemed to point to the Butler Couple, but don’t forget that Bok Nam is sleeping out now. We don’t know what followed that hug in the kitchen between Louie and Noona. Was this just a throwaway storyline or is there more to come?

Simple works, too


We’ve had red carpet covered alleyways and elaborate, yacht reunions from our puppy. So how does he pop the big question? How about a ring under the food umbrella. After two big, expensive moments that felt more like finales, the real proposal turned out to be simple but sincere. I love the fact that Louie ‘fessed up to his sweet stalking and even apologized. Of course, Bok Sil recognized the awesomeness of it, rather than getting mad. And we see once again, that not only can Seo In Guk sing. He’s quite a fine smoocher, as well. We got kisses on the hand, forehead, lips, and even a reverse backhug. Who could ask for more!

My thoughts:

This show is happy sauce. It doesn’t always make sense, or have much of a plot. I doubt many of us care what Uncle is hiding and why he stole the treasure box. And I still think there’s a Bok Sil birth secret that somehow involves Louie. But as long as they’re not related, I’m good. In the meantime, let’s enjoy all the random romance while it lasts.

Until next time, keep the K-love alive!



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  1. A show about Louis and Boknam would be awesome. Maybe they could chase each other around a bit and then work on their math and spelling.

  2. I feel like a headless chicken cause I suddenly just ship Louis with everyone. All his relationships are so shippable and he is the perFECT hyung, perFECT boyfriend, perFECT bestie, perFECT frenemy, perFECT Grandson, perFECT mentee, perFECT colleague, “PerFECT!”
    I swear, I have never shipped a character with the whole cast. But it is true, the bond between Louis and Bok Nam was instant! though he is using Bok Nam as his shield…

    and autocorrect just corrected “shipped” into “shopped” LMAO

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