The Fangirl’s End of Year Countdown – Favorite Actresses of 2016


I can’t believe we are already at the end of 2016 which can mean only one thing.  It’s time to start our End of Year Countdowns for all our favorite and least favorite aspects involving the dramas of this last year!  And what better way to start, than by looking at our favorite actresses!
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Age of Youth Cast – Han Ye Ri, Ryu Hwa Young, Han Seung Yeon, Park Hye Soo  & Park Eun Bin

This combo of actresses renewed my interest in female focused dramas.  I can’t choose just one that I love more than the other so they all get put on the list!

CLKYTTA: I adored this drama, I agree 100% that these girls should be in the number one spot.

Drama Geek: It’s so rare when women are shown to have strong relationships that have nothing to do with men. They fight, they stand up for each other, and they are totally and fully silly with each other when life gets hard. I love these girls to pieces.

Beautiful Mind – Park So Dam


This was a pairing that I totally discounted back when it was announced.  Not only was I wary of the drama due to all the cast changes but I thought Park So Dam just didn’t fit with Jang Hyuk.  I was so wrong.  Park So Dam became one of my favorite characters of 2016 and totally deserves her current leading lady status.

Amazing Boyfriend – Wu Janice


Wu Janice is just a pint size ball of cute.  Couldn’t get enough of her in Amazing Boyfriend and she is officially on my favorite Chinese actress list.  Now I am just crossing my fingers that Amazing Boyfriend Season 2 actually happens.

Shopping King Louie – Nam Ji Hyun


Nam Ji Hyun has perfected the country girl next door character that everyone loves.  Her dazzling smile just makes a viewer happy.  And after watching Shopping King Louie, I will be anticipating her future roles.

Rookie Agent Rouge – Zhao Zanilia


Zhao Zanilia has never disappointed me when choosing her roles and her latest character might be my favorite so far.  A smart girl turned brilliant spymaster could have gone so wrong with a less talented actress, but Zhao Zanilia nails it.  I didn’t even mind that the romance is a secondary storyline.

Drama Geek: Girls that kick butt are my weakness. Add to that smart, capable and doesn’t really need a man to get the job done, but still has fire hot chemistry with her leading man, and I’m totally sold. Zhao Zanilia did a wonderful job at showing the vulnerability of being a Chinese spy consumed by the war around her, but still having to be strong on the outside. She really can take on any role.

Drama Geek:

Signal – Kim Hye Soo


Didn’t I say kick butt women are my weakness? What I love about Kim Hye Soo ‘s character in Signal, is that in the present she was a tough and hard as nails, but in the past segments she was this rookie cop who had an adorable crush on her sunbae. She had wonderful chemistry with both guys in this drama. And if you watch her at award shows she is so elegant. Girl crush solidified!

KMUSE: I 100% support this pick.  In fact, she might have even been my #1 of 2016.  Kim Hye Soo shined on all fronts of this drama and deserves all accolades that come her way.

A Girl and Three Sweethearts – Mirei Kiritani


I usually try to keep on Japanese drama in my rotation. And this one was so sweet. Mirei Kiritani was adorable and made the perfect match with our gruff middle brother. She just had an aura about her that I loved and she easily made me smile even when she was sad.

W – Han Hyo Joo


Han Hyo Joo was the hero of W even if the show relegated her to side toward the end. Her dad was the baddie. She saved the day over and over again. And she did it while being one of the funnest leading ladies around. Boo on anyone who wants to hate one her. She rocks.

KMUSE: Han Hyo Joo had such great chemistry with Lee Jong Suk (maybe a bit more in the first half of the drama, but the writer’s choice of plot direction really wasn’t her fault.)  I enjoyed her character from start to finish and still plan on checking out some of her past dramas when I get a chance.

Another Miss Oh – Seo Hyun Jin


Seo Hyun Jin ran that show and was a comic genius along with being the heart and soul. I’m so happy that this drama got her the recognition she deserves. I’ve loved her since watching her be the sad queen in Three Musketeers.

Kim So Hyun –  Page Turner


To be honest I feel like she really shined in her other drama of the year more, but this drama was where she got show her talents with a certain Ji Soo. Who actually got the girl for once. She is a bright young star and I can’t wait to see her continue to grow into a powerhouse of a leading lady.


Kmuse already listed several of my favorites so I had to dig deep in my watch history to see what other actresses I liked.

Let’s Fight Ghost-Kim So Hyun  


I loved how plucky her character was in this one.  It made me really happy that she grew as a character, but she didn’t loose that kick butt and take names attitude. I really liked just about everything about this drama. (Drama Geek: DITTO)

One Percent of Something-Jun So Min  

1a42I know this one isn’t finished yet, but I love her facial expressions.  She is adorable and fun to watch.  I haven’t seen her in very many dramas and I was afraid she would be one of those wide eyed actresses who look lost all the time, but instead she is really good at using her expressions to make me believe in her character.

KMUSE: I have not always loved her in past dramas, but She is rocking this role.  I will definitely be recommending this drama in the future and Jun So Min is a huge part of what makes this show work.

Thanks for joining us for the first of many posts to come.  Did we mention any of your favorite leading ladies?  Did we miss some?  Feel free to comment below and keep coming back for our further picks of the best of 2016.

Til next time,

The Fangirls

0 thoughts on “The Fangirl’s End of Year Countdown – Favorite Actresses of 2016

  1. I think Uee did a great job as Hye-soo in Marriage Contract, so I nominate her, too! (Had to think very hard; couldn’t remember if it aired this year or last – how has the year passed so fast?)

    I also think Olivia Wang is bringing Xu Xu to life in When a Snail Loves, so she gets my nomination, too.

    And, yes, I think Han Hyo-joo’s character was shunted to the side in the 2nd half of W, and especially towards the end. I know I’ve ranted about this before, but, it happened in Queen In-hyun’s man, too – the feisty female character gets the ‘watered down’ treatment towards the end. Such a pity.

    Looking at your list, I realise I haven’t watched a lot of dramas this year. Thanks for the suggestions 😎

  2. My list won’t be completed without Kuroki Haru & Gakky.
    It was my first time watching (really watching) Kuroki in a drama & she totally blew me away! Juhan Shuttai is one of my top5 dramas this year. The whole cast were just amazing! I wish they do a sequel and this time I really want my ship to sail! Kentaro & Kuroki were sooooo cute together! 😍
    Gakky’s drama is still on air, but it’s such a sweet little drama & she’s really Wonderful in it!
    I really can’t seem to remember any other actresses right now which I missed out. So maybe later!
    And also just how many dramas does Liying do a year? (Not that Am complaining since I love her). 😉

  3. Kim Hye Soo – has always been a fan of her movies and now, she shined more in Signal. Badass female leads are what I like the most.

    Song Yoon Ah – talk about a rediscovery of an antihero. She’s the only thing good at K2 and she has a commendable presence on screen. Totally gonna watch her future dramas.

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