Goblin Adds Some Old World Flair in Newest Teaser

a2So much pretty, and for once I am not referring to Gong Yoo.  The visuals of a sleepy coastal city are so beautiful, it has done what multiple teasers have not…..made me excited to watch Goblin.

SYNOPSIS: Kim Shin is a goblin who is also a protector of souls and who guides people to the afterlife once they’ve passed. He lives together with Wang Yeo, an amnesiac grim reaper who is in charge of taking deceased souls. Together, the two of them sees the dead off into the afterlife. Shin doesn’t want to be immortal anymore and seeks a human bride in order to end his immortality. Meanwhile, Ji Eun Tak is a high school student who despite her painful reality, remains optimistic, ends up falling in love with the goblin


There are multiple aspects of this drama I am looking forward to while reading the synopsis.  The fantasy concept opens up all kinds of unusual directions that a drama based in reality can’t explore. The trick is making sure that they don’t dump the fantasy for boring drama tropes halfway through.  Sadly, I am not sure if I trust this writer to not have a choppy go of it. Will just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best.


Goblin premiers on TvN December 2nd.



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