Shopping King Louie Episode 15: Louie’s Way

a1The title of this episode “My Way” refers to one of the legendary Frank Sinatra’s most famous songs. (Not my favorite, and not his either from what I’ve heard.) But the first line of the song is so fitting for the show. “And now the end is near. And so I face the final curtain.” It’s almost midnight everyone. Our Shopping Cinderella is about to head home. Louie’s way was sweet while it lasted.

Seo In Guk can aaaaaaaaact


It’s not just the way he cries. It’s not just the toe-curling kisses. (That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the shenanigans behind that hospital curtain.) But I think the real charm of Seo In Guk is in the little moments. The plaintive way he cries Bok Siiiiiiiiil that should be annoying, but comes out adorable. The gentle way he floats through a room like a little kid. His embarrassed gaze as he takes in the monstrosity of a ponytail he created. He makes even the smallest moment enjoyable.

Just one of those days


Has K-world ever seen a more inept bad guy? Let’s make a list.

  1. Supposed to cause a fender bender, but killed a stranger, instead.
  2. Blackmailed Uncle for hush money, then lost it to a shady grandma.
  3. Kidnapped Uncle’s daughter for another payout, but grabbed the wrong girl.
  4. Caused a car accident (again) which freed his captive and left him lying unconscious in the hospital (again).
  5. Tried to blame it all on Uncle, but his cell has this pesky audio recording that contradicts him. Oops!

Uncle Smirky redeems himself


So the Uncle is not as dastardly as he first appeared. It makes sense. How could he have such a sweet, adorable (though somewhat vapid) wife if he were really a villain? He never plotted Louie’s death, just tried to dent his bumper a little so that Grandma would send him back to France. Remembering how overprotective she was, this was a totally viable plan.

How Convenient


Have you ever heard of a Deus Ex Machina? That’s a fancy term for when something magically appears in a story (that was never even hinted at) that wipes away every problem. Sound familiar? Yeah, more than one of those in episode 15. Uncle turns out not so bad. He turns himself in, but his flunkie tries to lay all the blame at his door. What’s a poor accidental murderer to do? How can he prove his innocence? Ta-dah. Enter a stalker who staked out his wife’s store and just happened to take pictures of Uncle paying off the Flunkie. How Convenient! You know what would have been just as convenient, but imminently more believable: an empty car parked across the street with one of those black box cameras that k-dramas love to use. But, wait! There’s still the pesky fact that someone died in the car accident he orchestrated. How can he ever prove he planned a fender bender, not a homicide? If only someone had recorded one of his phone conversations where he stated exactly that. Oh, wait! Somebody did. How convenient! Anybody wish their real life had that kind of serendipitous timing?

Grab the tissues

Grandma walks off into the sunset in her red high heels, knowing that her precious grandson is surrounded by people that love and cherish him. She passes away peacefully in her sleep and Louie is the one to find her. Although Seo In Guk is a great crier, Butler Ahjumma grabbed my heart. After the opening scene we got of Gutsy Grandma looking past Jung Ran’s thug appearance and applauding her potential, Ahjumma’s heartbroken cries really hit home.

My thoughts:

Maybe about halfway through this episode, I wondered what was left for the finale. Hadn’t every secret been revealed? Then I remembered the treasure box. At the point of writing this recap, I have not watched the last episode, yet. But I fully expect to see flashback scenes that show Louie and Bok Sil together as children. Will we also get a wedding? I hope they come up with something creative that can match the red carpet alley scene. Please, Louie! Give us one last adorable, romantic, unexpected gesture that sweeps us all off our feet. As Frank Sinatra might say, one more for the road.

Until next time, keep the K-love alive!


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