Ambition and Strong Women Abound in Night Light Teasers

1a5It is almost time for MBC‘s latest Monday/Tuesday drama and Night Light looks like it is channeling strong women to the nth degree.  Lee Yo-Won and  Uee will battle it out for wealth and love amid the highest levels of Korean Society.  Who will be the victor?


Good looking and coming from a wealthy family that runs a large company, Park Gun-Woo has always been in love with Seo Yi-Kyung.  Yi-Kyung doesn’t believe greed is a sin, so she ambitiously wants to build her own empire. On the other hand Lee Se-Jin comes from a poor background and she desperately wants to escape from her situation.


While originally I was not overly excited, the teasers have some serious energy that is pulling me in.  I also really enjoyed this screenwriter’s drama Last which had many layers of gray, so I am hoping this will be similar in tone.  Night Light is all set to air on November 21st.

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

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