The Fangirl’s End of Year Countdown – Favorite Drama OTB (One True Bromance) of 2016

FotorCreated.jpgThere is one thing that can make or break a drama.  Is it the main couple?  The writer?  The director?  Nope!  We are discussing bromances!  Specifically those bromances that can be considered OTBs (One True Bromances).


Jealousy Incarnate (Lee Hwa Shin & Go Jeong Won)


Hwa Shin and Jeong Won really made an impression on me throughout the drama.  Despite all the trauma of loving the same woman, their love for each other also stayed strong.  I really enjoyed these two characters and hope we see more of both actors in the future.

CLKYTTA: I have to admit that the two of them together is just too much hotness for this fan to handle.  These two make me smile a really dopey happy smile and wish I had them fighting over me!

Bring it On Ghost (Kim In Rang & Choi Cheon Sang)


These two characters are just so darn adorable.  They even had me shipping them at a similar level as the OTP (One True Pairing).  Which makes me think, when all is said and done, these two boys are just meant to be.

CLKYTTA: I don’t know if I ship these guys together or if they are just pure comedy bromance gold. Personally, as flaky as Cheon Sang was I would have probably left him on the side of the road, but In Rang was always there to save him.  I loved how they played off of each other’s good qualities and they were sincerely the best of friends.  I’m curious if these guys are friends in real life because they played their roles easily and it was very believable.  I really want to see more of these two, maybe as bumbling cops?

Drama Geek: They’re relationship rivaled the OTP for me. Whether it be a real relationship or just the bestest best friends ever, I just want them to keep making new clubs and creating new adventures to have.

 Age of Youth Cast


We usually don’t have many sismances that are notable enough to recommend.  Age of Youth is the exception.  So while not a OTB drama, I felt it was worth giving it some more promotion.  Did I mention I loved this drama?

CLKYTTA: I loved this drama and I loved the relationship between all these girls.  The petty fights, passive aggressiveness, and food stealing were spot on with what we all hate about roommates.  On the flip side though, they supported each other through a lot of really hard times and they were like sisters.  I really hope that we see more dramas like this one, it was nice to see real relationships and issues handled in a responsible way.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (Prince Bo Gum & Guard Kim)


CLKYTTA: Guard Kim and Prince Bo Gum had a friendship for the ages.  I don’t think we’ve ever had a bromance like this one before.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved our OTP, but the real relationship we were all rooting for was this one.  I cried buckets when I thought Guard Kim was dead.  Prince Bo Gum trusted Guard Kim so much that even though he knew something was going on, he never called him on it, never pushed him away, and Guard Kim was worthy of that trust.

KMUSE: Guard Kim and Prince Bo Gum were such a great Sageuk bromance.  Loyal and strong of character, these two just shined when they were both onscreen.

Drama Geek: These two had the type of relationship that you just can’t find most places. The loyalty and love (especially at Guard Kim’s almost end) was so touching.

Drinking Solo (Gong Myung & Kim Ki Bum (Key)& Kim Dong Young)

CLKYTTA: I loved this little bromance triangle.  These guys were why I watched the drama all the way through.  Every time I thought I had the dynamic of this little group down, one of the guys would step up and be the leader.  I loved how they would make fun of each other and be brutally honest about things, but also how they protected each other from the things that would really hurt.

KMUSE: I watched 100% for Key.  He was my main focus and I enjoyed his interaction with the two besties.  Why couldn’t they have been the leads of the drama?  Would have turned out much more entertaining in my opinion.

Drama Geek

Signal (Hae Young & Jae Han)


I loved that they weaved their relationship through both timelines. They really did become each other’s connection to reality and support. They helped each other through the hardest times and it was mostly through talking to each other. They will go down as one of the most unique bromances and probably one of the strongest ones I’ve seen. I love these guys. Season 2 please!

KMUSE: It was awesome how much chemistry they had considering they never really met beyond talking to each other on a magical walkie talkie.

Squad 38 (Sung Il & Jung Do)


The romance in this show was non existent. But the bromance was off the charts. These two actors are both amazing at having great onscreen chemistry with their male costars and this show put it on full display. I loved Sung Il’s straight grumpy guy up against Jung Do’s conman. And each of them spent some time in prison for the other. How can you argue with a bromance that is so strong one will go to prison for the other?

Shopping King Louie (Louie and Butler)


Though Louie bonded with everyone in this show, his relationship with his butler was the one (besides Bok Sil) that touched my heart the most.

KMUSE: Louie had such great bromance chemistry with all the men in this drama.  I personally think Seo In Guk does bromance as well as romance in most cases.  I also loved his frenemy relationship with Joong Won.

CLKYTTA: I agree Kmuse, Seo In Guk just has that magic quality where he meshes well with other actors and we leave his dramas thinking that he’s made friends for life. The butler was one of my favorite characters, he and Louie were so similar so I can see how they were so close.


This concludes our OTB end of year countdown.  Did your favorite Bromance make the cut?  Share your thoughts in the comments and be sure to check out our other End of Year Recaps HERE!

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  1. I always love me some good BroTPs!

    It was love at first sight with the Moonlight duo but I have to say I think my favourite pair though, is Sung Il & Jung Do. Theirs was a built up trust and we viewers were part of the process, which gave me more feels. I didn’t love In Rang & Chun Sang at first, but they got to me after a couple of episodes and I couldn’t stop laughing after that.

  2. I feel the bromance in Squad 38 too much that I did not even care about romance :p I agree with the two of you that Seo In Guk have great chemistry with his co-actors! (yes,another biased fan 🙂 sorrynotsorry)

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