Shopping King Louie Episode 16 (Finale) – A Viewer’s Fond Farewell

1a45I am slightly devastated that Shopping King Louie is over.  It has been a bright, comedic light in an otherwise very melo drama season.  How am I supposed to go on without my weekly dose of Louie and Bok Sil?  I guess I will have to satisfy myself with falling down the Louie youtube black hole (seriously, there are some great things out there…. check out the below Louie English FMV.)  But for now, let us do one more recap and find out how our story ends.


I love that Louie is reminded by Butler Kim about the documentary way back in episode 1.  It was one of my favorite OTP (One True Pairing) first moments.  Louie’s expression then and now just gives me shivers and happy romantic feels.

Ouch, My Eyes

Just when you think that Joong Won’s wardrobe can not get any worse (apologies to you who love this look, but I personally, am not one of them).  I can’t believe they were able to make a neck bow so big.

Bok Sil 2.0

I personally had been rooting for MaRi to be the final future Mrs. Joong Won.  The fates have decided differently when Joong Won comes across a “spy like” woman selling ginseng. I did think this was a cute cameo by Chae Soo-bin and I like the thought that Joong Won has found a new love.

A Wedding

If you were expecting a Bok Sil/Louie wedding………..well, you would be wrong.  Instead, we get to enjoy a spectacular Butler Couple nuptials.  And the best part of the scene, in my opinion, is all the friends that come to celebrate their blessed union.  We get a small moment with each of the various characters of the drama.


We witness the new bonds of friendship that have developed and how they have come to be a unique type of family.  It embodies everything this show stands for. We see love and friendship not defined by money and prestige.  Never has there been a better drama when it comes to throwing money out the window and letting people be stripped down to the good people they are underneath.  Have I mentioned I love this writer?


A Childhood Connection

I think we all suspected that Louie and Bok Sil had a childhood connection. Did their parents die in the same accident?  Is there some kind of tragic connection that is going to create chaos?  Nope.  We just have a truly beautiful Louie/Bok Sil type of childhood history.

Louie creates a “movie event date” to watch some home videos he had found in his treasure box.  On them was the company event where they were doing a drawing for the special anniversary jewelry boxes.  On the video, we witness a young Bok Sil and her parents win the music box but give it over to a crying Louie.  Awww….. the video just goes to show that these two characters have been the same from birth. Sweet, giving, and just all around wonderful.

A Forever Kind of Love

Despite witnessing Louie’s attempts to practice proposing in his mirror (and adorably squeal in embarrassment half way through), we don’t finish with a romantic proposal.  Instead, we get something so much better.  Louie and Bok Sil have a serious talk  about why they love each other and how they will be there together forever.  We viewers are left with a strong sense that our OTP will be fine in the future.  Living their lives like they always have, focused on each other and their friends.  And it is this that brought me to tears.


Unlike other drama couples, Louie and Bok Sil found a solid strength with each other that was able to transcend worldly concerns.  Whether they are living in a rooftop apartment, a mansion, or a sauna, they will always be the same Bok Sil and Louie that we have learned to love.

Final Thoughts:

Despite the lack of intense plot these last three episodes, I have continued to enjoy this drama.  I adore watching all the characters do normal daily things and just living their lives.  Where usually I would be screaming foul and liberally fast forwarding the boring stuff, with Shopping King Louie I just can’t get enough.  I am leaving the show feeling satisfied.  Which is always a good way to leave a show.


So now it is time to say goodbye.  Be sure to check back this week for our group Legend of the Blue Sea recaps.  Hopefully this drama will help fill the void that Louie has left in our lives.

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0 thoughts on “Shopping King Louie Episode 16 (Finale) – A Viewer’s Fond Farewell

  1. This was such a feel good drama. It’s also one that makes you believe in the good of people and that true love can conquer all. I imagine them all of them ten years down the road meeting for family dinners and lots of kids playing around them.

  2. Shopping King Louie stays true to their treats; rom-com with lots of sweetness! Its been a long time since I watched a sweet, non depressing KDrama and SKL just give me the feels! I am so glad PDnim chose Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun as Louie and Bok Shil; I couldn’t see anyone can portray Louie better that Seo In Guk and vice versa. This cliche drama is such a fun ride, making me laugh all the way until the end. I am already having the withdrawal symptoms, and I do wish the best for our OTPs; Seo In Guk, this Louie is totally yours!

  3. ‘I just love this drama, until now, i haven’t gotten through…the Louie fever is still embedded on me…’It’s true in our hearts that we embraced and relied on the pure heart love and journey of Louie & Bok Shil…until the end it leave us happier and sense of relief of the story…truly SKL is worth remembering!…and lastly… Seo In Guk is the best!…

  4. This is romcom at its finest! Every episode will make you laugh and you will have a lingering feeling of love and sweetness and none of hate or betrayal. The story is solid and the actors were great!

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