Hwarang’s 1st Teaser Introduces our New Saguek Hottie Warriors


It looks like I am going to have to somehow get past the fact that the stylist decided that every guy should be wearing the same wig.  For a culture that is known for the complex development of the male hairstyle, you would think they would put a bit more effort into it… but regardless of my Mane of Glory thoughts, Hwarang is on its way to premiering and we get our first glimpse of what is to come.a2

Usually, this type of drama would be right up my alley.  It has everything I love.  Secret identities, gender bender, cohabitation hijinks, it even is a saguek which we all know is one of my weaknesses. I love a Khottie in historical garb.  But for whatever reason, all of the promo pictures and such have been hitting a sour note.  That can be fixed with a solid plot (plot trumps bad hair) so let us all pray to the drama gods that the writer has something amazing up their sleeve.


Hwarang premiers Dec 19th.


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