Hwarang’s 2nd Teaser Finally Catches My Attention

Now this is what Hwarang should have been popping out in it’s teasers from the start.  Forget trying to create some epic historical full of angst and politicking, all while our leads are stuck wearing buy in bulk wigs…..Sorry, that was never going to really fly for this viewer.  I demand bromantic fighting and a huffy historic version of a principal trying to keep them in line instead.  That is a drama I can get behind.

While many of these green to saguek actors might not be able to pull of a dignified classic historic role, I think they will do just fine if the show focuses on the school hijinks.  And thankfully, this teaser is chock full of them.  Be sure to check out this drama starting on December 19th and be on the lookout for the return of our Mane of Glory posts if the show ends up being worthwhile.

Teaser #2

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