The Pros and Cons of Watching Cdrama The Princess Wei Young

1a56The Princess Wei Young is the perfect new drama to binge watch over the holidays.  This story has it all.  A brilliant and beautiful princess leading a double life, a  fairy tale romance, and enough revenge to satisfy everyone.  This is truly a great drama that deserves a chance to suck you in.  So come discuss why I am enjoying this story, as well as a few cons, and maybe you too could be as addicted as I am.

For the first time in years, I am watching more Cdramas than Kdramas.  Everyone take a moment of stunned silence to let this sink in (I promise it is only temporary…….I have no intention of having to change my handle to Cmuse.)  But while this anomaly continues, join me as I chat about the reasons you should join me in my love of The Princess Wei Young.



SYNOPSIS: The Northern Wei Dynasty was obliterated one night leaving behind the kindhearted Princess Feng Xin Er as an orphan. Although she escapes death, she accidentally enters her enemy’s territory and she assumes the identity of Li Wei Young. She suffers many hardships but eventually utilizes her wisdom and sense of justice to become a powerful woman as well as gaining a beautiful romance.


Wei Young

I love our revenge driven Princess.  She is truly a brilliant kick ass character that does not back down from going after her enemies.  Something that I really appreciate since as long term readers know, there is nothing I hate more than mediocre revenge where everyone just talks about it and never gets around to actual revenging.  I like my justice swift and often bloody (at least in dramas.)  a6

Wei Young also has the ability to stand up for herself despite being the illegitimate younger daughter (even if it is fake) of the family.  From the get go our leading lady doesn’t cower to anyone.  Wei Young kicks butt and uses her wits to create the better life (and revenge) that she deserves.


Brilliant Costumes and Cinematography

I think the photos speak for themselves.  Watching this drama is a visual delight.

On Point Casting

I love how thoughtfully they cast this drama.  From the evil sisters to the maids, and everyone in between, the drama has memorable characters that don’t just phone in their performance.

I especially like the actor who plays Lin Min De (Wei Young’s younger foster brother.)  His performance is especially memorable and I hope he works his way up to a leading man when he gets older.


Politicking & Revenge

This show has not yet reached the level of revenge epicness that Nirvana in Fire did early this year, but it is satisfying in its own right.  There have been several scenes that have surprised me and I can’t get enough of watching Wei Young’s enemies losing to her brilliant plotting.


Gender Bender Disaster

This show should never do a gender bender story line.  Their attempt is bad……….really really bad.  So bad that if it had continued beyond the first 15 minutes I might have had to dump the show altogether.  No one would ever, ever, in a million years, believe that these two were men.  And anyone who does is an idiot.

Prince Charming

I will openly admit that I am watching this drama for Wei Young and her revenge.  The romance leaves me a bit………underwhelmed.  It isn’t that there is anything that is openly horrible, just the leading man is your quintessential “prince charming.”  Tuo Ba Jun is very handsome, kind to puppies and random women, and very romantic……….but dig deeper (at least so far) and there is not much more.


I literally feel like I am watching a Disney prince come to life.  His only purpose is to look handsome and be the person the princess falls in love with.  Hopefully, with time, something more will emerge, but I really wish it had been there from the get go so Tuo Ba Jun could be equal to Wei Young’s brilliance.


Not Enough Vanness Wu

I am really enjoying his character Prince Ba Yu, or as I usually refer to him, Tiger Prince (doesn’t he totally resemble a Tiger just sitting back and watching everyone implode before he attacks?)  While I don’t necessarily feel any romantic connection between him and Wei Young, I do enjoy that he understands her better than anyone else in the drama.  And really, who doesn’t want more Vaness Wu on their TV screens?
There you have it.  The Pros and Cons of The Princess Wei Young.  In my opinion, the Cons are not really that negative and do little to detract from the joy that is this drama.  So check it out and get back to me.  Because if there is one thing I do know………binge watchers love company.

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7 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Watching Cdrama The Princess Wei Young

  1. I am totally sucked in! One other pro (or con if you have a life) is that two episodes are released every week day right now. That is adding up to a lot of brightly colored schemers fluttering around my screen and keeping me from mundane tasks like cleaning the bathroom, holding down my full time job, and ensuring my children are bathed and fed. Totally worth it, though!

  2. Yes, that male lead could be the next Asian Disney Prince. Lovely, over-whitened and a bit dull. I vote for Vanness Wu (Tuoba Yu) or even the bad general, Chiyun Nan. Dudes getting things done!

    A minor detail that gets me all the time – the lead, WeiYoung, and her bad stepsister, Change Le, have nearly identical eyebrows so that I get them confused at first glance all the time.

  3. Count me in, I’m hooked as well. I guess the major pro of Chinese series is that they have 45 episodes. It’s like watching Dallas or Dynasty in the eighties. A show with gorgeous looking siblings in rich surroundings, planning & plotting all kind of evil deeds against each other, in an endless game of win and lose, and win again, because there’s plenty of time to make a come back in these series.
    And a con: the fake horseback riding scenes. The actors look ridiculous, it’s like watching a spoof.
    I still recommend it though, at least until episode 25. After that I couldn’t find any more episodes with english subs 🙁

  4. Hooray for another excellent C-drama! I don’t always go for the “palace” type dramas with so much scheming, lying and manipulating (it just wears a body down), but this one has enough action to keep things real. All I need now is a happy ending…fingers crossed!

  5. Cons – totally deviate from the novel version, it is just the names and some parts of the novel is used. As Princess Weiyoung Drama by itself, it is not bad but comparing to the novel… sighs…

  6. I absolutely adore this show. I had never heard about it until I was browsing on Drama Fever (where I had been watching another show called Isabel lovely show too by the way.) Then I saw it and thought to myself hey why not give this a try so I found the trailer on you tube and said okay lets start watching it. So I did and man every single episode has me seething in rage on most of the characters with their underhand plots and 99.9% of the time stupid moves were driving me up a wall. I loved
    Xin-Er/ WeiYoung she was a very kick-ass character . And Tubo Jin OMG he was so darn cute!!!! I was like he is so darn cute and was immediately smitten with him.

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