Drama Banchan: Dramathoning Like A Fangirl #7


I think it is funny that we all chat together on Facebook about what we are watching, but sometimes we forget that we have a blog and our readers would also probably love some drama suggestions beyond just our recapping project.  So it is time again for The Fangirls to do some proper fangirling and do a Drama Banchan post!  Join us as we share what we like and don’t like about the current crop of shows.



JENNIE: I’m really liking how this story is beginning. I’m not putting all my hopes in it yet, but it has me curious. I never pictured a Goblin so hot!

CLKYTTA: I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this one will continue to be good. Fantasy Kdramas have a bad habit of starting out strong and then fizzling out.  I’m with Jennie, I never pictured a Goblin or a Reaper so hot!! I’m absolutely in love with this show!

KMUSE: I am officially declaring Goblin as having my favorite beginning episodes to a drama ever.  The characters are vibrant and so many of the scenes are truly memorable.   Sure there is always the chance it will implode in the future but I would forgive a lot of mediocre moments in the future for something that has brought me so much enjoyment to this point.  It is rare that I find a drama where I enjoy all the characters in it but so far this show has delivered.

Drama Geek: I’m not sure there has ever been a better pair of roomates or a sexier Goblin and Reaper. These two were born for these parts. I am in love with the look of this drama, the music (even the over the top stuff, it just fits), and I love each side character. Even the people who die are interesting. I have never been a fan of this writer but she is proving me wrong (so far) and I am so glad she is. I can’t wait for more interaction from our Reaper and Sunny and I think they have a very interesting back story that could be as sad and our main couples current story. Drama gods, please do not let this one disappoint!


Princess Wei Young


CLKYTTA: I just started this one, but so far it’s keeping me interested.  Everyone else was watching it so I had to see what it was all about. I love that Wei Young is a strong character, but I want to throat punch her maid and the older half sister.

KMUSE: I am really enjoying this drama despite the fact that it is getting to the point that things are getting a tad bit repetitive.  If Wei Young gets framed for one more murder/attempted murder/poisoning/theft I might scream but it is still worth the watch.  With only ten episodes to go, I doubt I will get overly mad and will for sure finish.

Drama Geek: I have to admit I’m stalled at 28. I wish I liked the main couple more and I think if I did then I’d power through the repetative framing. I might skip a few and finish it out. We’ll see.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo


JENNIE: I’m loving this show!!! I seriously didn’t know if I would like it, but our leads are super cute! Yes, it bugs me that he calls her fatty, especially after she told him not to, but he’s so endearing otherwise. And I like that she hasn’t really noticed him yet because of the beautiful Hyung. More girls should notice the amazing second leads!

KMUSE: I let Jennie’s enthusiasm push me into giving this drama a try and I am glad I did.  I was also really annoyed that they were having this stick thin (even with baggy clothes and an extra 20 lbs) playing a national Olympian.  But the cute OTP (one true pairing) have won me over.  Their friendship is so natural that you can’t help but love them.  I was also worried that the sports theme would just be one of those throwaway tropes that are ignored for the romance. However, they focus a lot of the story on the give and take necessary for competitive athletes.  I really appreciate that it isn’t just all fluff, or even them making every moment one of extreme drama and angst.  There is a great blend that I wasn’t expecting from a rom-com.


Drama Geek: Yup, Jennie won me over too. I had started it but didn’t think I could handle the body shaming, but I’m happy that it doesn’t really focus on that. I applaud our girl for taking on this role, I do wish she’d allow herself to be a bit more natural and not try so hard, but it’s such a little gripe. I enjoy all the characters except for mopey gymnast girl. Unfortunealy you could quote most of her lines from any past clingy second lead.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim


KMUSE: Yet another drama I got talked into giving a second chance.  Peer pressure is alive and well here among the DWASOK bloggers.  Surprisingly, I am glad I did.  Original I had dumped this after one episode because it was so over the top and stuffed with medical drama tropes.  But the high ratings and online nagging convinced me to give it another chance and it ended up being pretty interesting.  I like that the focus is more on how flawed the doctors personalities are and how they grow to become better doctors and people.  It doesn’t hurt that they are stuck in a quirky hospital in the middle of the country while they develop their personalities.  I crack up every time it becomes Friday again and the ER goes insane.

Shuttle Love Millennium

1a6.jpgCLKYTTA: I just started this one too.  I loved Queen In Hyun’s Man and I liked Love Through a  Millennium.  I like that this one isn’t a real sequel, but a similar style and theme story.

KMUSE: So many of my kbesties are enjoying this so I am sure I will as well.  I have to say I am not really hooked after two episodes but I will give it at least two more before making my final decision on whether to continue.  I do love a good time travel drama so crossing fingers.

Love for a Thousand More

KMUSE: I impromptu clicked on this web drama and I am LOVING it.  I even kind of wish it was a full series…..or at least a good 6 hours worth of show.  The leading lady, Mi Jo, is just so likable as the immortal girl who is sick of love but makes her living as a love expert.  I think I like Hwang Seung Eon so much that she will go on my “to watch for future greatness” actor list.  Sure the two men are super green idol actors but not to the point where they annoy me and the story is fun and quirky.   All in all, it is an entertaining and fast watch which I highly suggest for when you just need a dose of good drama but don’t have a ton of time.

Drama Geek: Kmuse sent me the link and then kept commenting on the first episode. Until her power went out, by the time we talked again, I’d passed her up. If you only check it out for the updated hanbok frocks she wears you will be pleased. I really wish I could find them somewhere, they are adorable. The boys are green but they’re both from Winner so if you are a fan of that group you’ll love this drama.

This concludes our Drama Banchan post!  Let us know what you are watching.  Maybe you can peer pressure us to trying something we are currently ignoring since we are obviously susceptible to suggestion.

Til next time,

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  1. I picked up Love for a thousand more after returning from a family trip with a wretched cold and loved it. The premise (and the opening scene) is very funny and interesting – especially when she’s comparing modern day guys to the historical figures that she dated. This could be remade with slightly more experienced actors and it would rock. Kind of like a Joseon X-files or Night Watchmen or even The Mystic Nine – only from a girl’s perspective.

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