Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 9 & 10: A Highlight Recap


It was a week of mediocre kisses and great plot movement as our mermaid and hero become closer emotionally.  Unfortunately for our OTP (one true pairing), danger in the form of reincarnated bad guys also comes closer as they attempt to end our couples love story…..permanently, or at least until the next reincarnation.  Join us as we chat all our favorite moments of Episodes 9 & 10.

This week we are doing something a tiny bit different.  Sadly, I was out of commission due to a kidney stone and while I did force myself to watch the episodes through the pain, there was no way I was going to be able to sit up and blog………I officially found my kaddict limit.  So since it is the holidays and I was not able to get the blog post rolling for my other Fangirls, we decided this would be a good time for a highlight recap.  This means that each of us is going to pick one thing or moment that we want to discuss above all others, and well, discuss.  So I hope you will join us even though it is not quite our regular format.


My favorite concept from this week is not our adorable OTP (although I do love them to bits) but the relationship between historical Lee Min Ho and the present Lee Min Ho.  This concept is turning out to be one of my favorite things ever.  I love the visions into each other’s lives and the whole speaking to the other from the grave…….or through the life-size portrait with a very specific message written on the side as the case may be.  There is something just so cool about the two Lee Min Ho’s trying to change the future.  It just makes me happy……or that might just be the drugs talking.  I might have to do a rewatch to make sure I actually remember everything as it was and not from a painkiller induced haze.

CLKYTTA: Finally!  Now this part of the story has my interest and I’m invested in our hero of the past.  I liked this concept a lot and it really ties in the whole past lives plot that we all have been wondering about.

Drama Geek: The dream where they talk was possibly my favorite moment this week. It gave me a Nine Times Nine Travel feel with leaving clues in the past and finding them in the future (Or Signal).


I didn’t feel that connected to Joon Jae until now. I mean, he’s adorable to watch denying his feeling and being super jealous, but I just didn’t feel a depth to him. But when he finally broke down and cried, letting her see some of the scars from his past I grew closer to him just like she did. His stepmom is horrid and the dad is just as bad being so blind to not see what happened to his child. I’m actually betting that his mom’s disappearance had everything to do with the evil stepmom wanting her place.


Kmuse: I was really impressed with the depth we got from this scene.  Joon Jae is seriously traumatized from his childhood.  It wasn’t just a case of losing a mother and having his father remarry.  He was literally abused and neglected which makes it realistic that he keeps pushing away Chung and expects her to leave him like everyone else.  The fact that Chung refused to abandon Joon Jae when he was so sad really just set a good tone to the future of their relationship.  If she can somehow resist leaving him for his own good of course. #NobleIdiotsSuck

CLKYTTA: I want the evil stepmother to have a really bad ending.  Dad doesn’t deserve any happiness either.  I’m also hoping that Joon Jae doesn’t turn into a noble idiot and leave, but I worry more about that stupid Little Mermaid story and that someone is going to convince Chung that she needs to leave so Joon Jae will be safe.


I laughed so hard I almost spilled hot tea all over me!  Tae Oh’s character barely speaks, so when he blurts out that he likes Shi Ah it surprised everyone.  Now we all know that he’s stalling, but she doesn’t. She’s sitting there all flattered and trying to let him down easy.  I can’t help but like her character.  Back to Tae Oh…  He is the epitome of adorableness sitting there peeking up at her, it seriously made my noona heart flutter.  I always love it when actors are good with facial expressions and Tae Oh is a scene stealer for sure.

Kmuse: Tae Oh is just the cutest grumpy side character.  His face is so expressive and adorable that I just want to pinch his cheeks.  Way to take one for the team.

Drama Geek: Can someone please get the actor who plays Tae Oh a cute web drama to do where I can see him be adorable and get the girl?


LotBS actually made me think this week. It all revolved around the idea of our mermaid’s “real voice”. I like the fact that Joon Jae is starting to hear it, although I would have liked a clear reason why. There was no silent realization of love or new traumatic event that bonded them together. He just heard her, along with her hidden fears that he will reject her because she’s different. I love how this revelation opened the door in his mind to all of their moments together in both the recent past and the centuries old past. The scenes of her floating back into all those empty spaces in his memories was so symbolic, yet pretty.

But then I started to think, is this “real voice” exclusive to mermaids? How many of us truly say what we think and feel inside? Whether it’s because of politeness, or embarrassment, or fear, we often hold our true selves back from all but those closest to us. It’s only the people we love that get to hear our real voices. Who says dramas aren’t realistic!

KMUSE: I was so happy that he could hear what she was saying.  Especially since her misunderstanding of human nature would ensure that she never actually told him the truth if she had a choice.

Worst Moment of the Week Poll

Be sure to tell us in the comments what your pick is for worst moment of the week.  What didn’t work for you?  Here are our options or choose your own and tell us why it beats out our picks.

#1 Smooch & Pose


Kmuse: This scene felt like the director wanted to have them kiss and then was intended to spin the camera around the actors. A technique which makes it seem like the couple is intently kissing even if they are not.  But then they somehow forgot to actually spin the camera.  Which made this kiss very awkward and long. Was this the vibe the director was going for? Neither of the leads is a young idol trying to keep a virginal reputation so I really don’t know why we got such a lackluster kiss.

CLKYTTA:: I’m not sure what happened here, both of these actors know how to do an on screen kiss so it’s really weird that this kiss was so…meh.

Dramarookie: If kisses aren’t done well, or at least filmed well, it can really ruin a drama for me. It reminds me that these are actors just playing at love. I don’t want to remember. I want to be swept away in the moment. Not good, Mr. Director.

Drama Geek: I’m digging deep here but I feel like the director wanted this kiss to be like this because they have so many secrets between the two of them and hopefully later when they actually know each other the kiss will be more meaningful and deep.

#2 Heirs wants its fuzzy green sweater back


Kmuse: I am too focused on hating turtlenecks this winter to really rampage about the fuzzy sweater.  If I was dating Lee Min Ho and he happened to have an ugly sweater fetish I would probably learn to deal with it.

Dramarookie: Maybe I’m shallow, but I don’t think I could date a guy that wore this sweater for anything other than a joke. Even if he looked like Lee Min Ho.

CLKYTTA: Well, it’s a fuzzy sweater in the new “it” color of the year for 2017 and we know how Koreans feel about fashion.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of this color in the next few episodes.  I think it’s a horrible color and it looks like he’s wearing Grandma’s carpet, but it’s LMH and he call pull off almost anything.

Drama Geek: I think LMH really likes fuzzy sweaters. They make him feel comfy and cuddly. I also think in this drama with the mermaid wearing such crazy things that he wanted to get in on the action.

Our Thoughts:


Kmuse: I am really enjoying almost everything about this drama.  Sure I am not exactly enthralled, but the two hours are always a very solid watch.   I think my favorite aspect is still the little moments between our leads.  They have this easy chemistry that is angst free and intimate.  This is never going to be one of those dramas that makes me want to watch over and over but sometimes solid is just as good.

CLKYTTA: I am åstill enjoying this drama a lot.  There is good chemistry with the leads and now the storyline is finally shaping up.  I like the side characters and I’m rooting for Joon Jae to see his mom. I’m still iffy about Reply Dad being a villain, it still doesn’t sit right with me.  There are several interesting directions this story could go in and I like that.

Dramarookie: I like it. Kind of. But it hasn’t lived up to that initial thrill that the first week gave me. The quirky characters are fun, but I need more toe-tingling romance for it to be a must watch, and then rewatch.

Drama Geek: I like our leads, and the story is really intriguing me. I like some of our side characters but I haven’t fallen in the love with most of them. The bad guy doesn’t really do it for me, and the evil stepmom does bad things but the actress doesn’t give me chills. So this is a really good show but unless the romance knocks it out of the park, it probably won’t go on my favorites list.

So that concludes this week’s thoughts and hopefully the upcoming week will see us all in better health and with a bit more time on our hands.  Be sure to let us know what your choice of worst moment of the week is in the comments!

Til next time,

The Fangirls


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