Missing 9 Releases Dark Suspenseful Teaser


Am I the only one surprised at how not fluffy this first teaser for Missing 9 feels?  For some reason, I was still under the impression that this would be more of a rom-com Gilligan Island kind of drama.  Instead, we get Lord of the Flies meets Kpop in a fast paced and suspenseful teaser that promises us twists and turns for our nine leads.1a5

** SYNOPSIS: The drama will be set in a deserted island and cover all the things that happen when a plane crash lands there, inside carrying a fallen boy band member dealing with a plagiarism scandal, a girl group, an actor, a bodyguard, an entertainment reporter, and a flight attendant.  They will have to deal with how they survive in the wild, and through the adventure and adversity they learn the meaning of love.


I can already feel the influence of the writer (Bad Boys & Squad 38) from the tone of the teaser and look forward to whatever twists he might bring.  Not to mention Jung Kyung Ho does serious and intense very very well which just might make this combo of actor and writer a perfect storm of drama awesomeness.  Missing 9 premieres on January 18th.

1st Teaser


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