Legend of the Blue Sea Recap: Episode 11 & 12


This week we discover that Joon Jae is the most patient and sweetest leading man ever.  Also the director attempts another kiss with slightly better results and our evil bad guys continue to be evil.  Come join The Fangirls as we chat everything mermaid episodes 11 & 12.

Reincarnation Dreams for Everyone


CLKYTTA: The past and present are now firmly linked and I’m intrigued how this will play out.  I feel like things are about to speed up tremendously now and that we will have less cute moments in the future.  I will say that using these linked dreams as a plot device works for me because it makes more sense than randomly going back and forth between past and present.

Drama Geek: My only question is why is everyone suddenly starting to get the dreams? It makes sense for Joon Jae. He’s connected with his past self through dreams and really slow text communication through the painting. He also feared he lost his mermaid love so I can see why they were triggered. But the Reply Bad Guy I just don’t get it. But if his connection to those memories propels us along, I guess I’m willing to go with it.

Dramarookie: My question is why our mermaid doesn’t get the dreams, too. As a mythical creature, you would think she would be the first. Maybe it’s because her past self was so boring, she doesn’t want to remember. Joseon Mermaid spends much of the flashbacks crying pearls and playing damsel-in-distress. I prefer the overeating, fashionably mismatched Chungie any day of the week.

KMUSE: I am going to let you all have the questions and just wonder why evil mom is so much more evil in modern day.  She is still the leading bad guy in my opinion.

I Can Hear Your Voice


CLKYTTA: My thinking is that this is a throwback to the past life.  Fantasy storylines tend to start getting bogged down right about episode 12 when suddenly there is less fantasy, but not this drama, nope they throw in the whole telepathic link and it works!!

Drama Geek: This is the best thing ever. It is so sweet and perfect that when he starts hearing her inner voice. First he’s giddy, tickled and then completely exhausted. I have to say,  I’d be totally screwed if my husband could hear my inner thoughts. No, honey, I was not just thinking about a Khottie. No, I did not just picture BTS dancing that one specific part of their latest comeback while I was supposed to be listening to you.

Dramarookie: I luv, luv, LUV this trope. You can tell the writer is a woman by how accurately she portrays the inner monologue superhighway that is the female brain. If men only knew how much we filter.

KMUSE: I am enjoying how sweet Joon Jae is when dealing with Chung’s confusion.  He doesn’t get cranky and fly off the handle but instead sweetly tries to comfort away all her worries.  Which only leads to more confusion which is hilarious.

Holy Crap She’s a Black Widow


CLKYTTA: So she’s not only a husband stealer and an abusive stepparent, but she’s a black widow too?  There is nothing redeemable about this character.  I was not surprised to find out that she was linked to our villain.  I’m willing to bet that she was trying to poison little Joon Jae back in the day so there would be less competition for Wannabe Bro.

Drama Geek: Um… maybe you should come up with a new mode of killing your husbands. Sudden blindness and then dying is not really that common. You’re going to get caught.

Dramarookie: But why did she spend so long with this victim? It sounds like her other husbands barely made it to an anniversary. Maybe she could never get Joon Jae’s father to relinquish control of his assets.

KMUSE: I am still wondering why stupid jerk dad married her in the first place.  For some reason I thought he had married her for financial reasons and deserted Joon Jae’s mom because they were poor.  But now we learn that this is not the case.  Makes me a lot less sympathetic for the dad.

I’m That Guy


CLKYTTA: Thank you writers for clearing that up and giving us all the cute moments as Joon Jae realized he was jealous of himself.  Lee Min Ho is killing it as Joon Jae, I don’t think I’ve watched anything where he has laughed and smiled so much.  I like him so much more in this drama than in anything else I’ve seen him in.

Drama Geek: Best moment in the drama so far. It took him a bit to get to this conclusion, but man it was so worth it. And I agree with CLKYTTA, Joon Jae is one of his best roles to date.

Dramarookie: I haven’t hid the fact that I’m not a LMH fan. But I think the last two episodes have finally won me over. I’m even thinking of giving Boys Over Flowers a second chance. Well played, sir.

Water is My Nemesis & Other Sauna Misadventures

CLKYTTA: I laughed so hard at this part.  I also loved the cameo by Kim Sun Young, she is such a great comedic actress.  “Honey, when are you going to go home?…Your husband is too peculiar.” Seriously, I was laughing like crazy watching him move the water far far away from her.

Drama Geek: If our mermaid girl was a little faster on the uptake, she would know he has discovered her secret. Love when he’s user protective. So cute.

KMUSE: I loved this whole sequence of events.  The fact that sexy Lee Min Ho is going around like a grumpy 80 year old Ahjussi destroying everyone’s fun just cracks me up.

Dramarookie: If I had to pick the moment LMH transferred from my Naughty to Nice list, it would be when he schlepped that water cooler away from his lady in the uncoolest crab walk a drama hero ever attempted. Dorky sincerity for the win!

A Christmas Miracle

CLKYTTA: This little girl is such a good actress.  I knew our Mermaid was going to show up, but when the whole “family” came it was really heart warming.  I especially loved all the gestures they were sending her and the sign Tae Oh had.

Drama Geek: I loved this little girl, and it was adorable to see her smile so big at Joon Jae. Can we talk about how killer our mermaid looks here?

KMUSE: Loved this so much.  It totally gave me a Christmas glow.

Caught X 2

CLKYTTA: I smell a bit of Bromance here. I think the cop grudgingly admires Joon Jae. They are all so uncomfortable around each other.  I’m curious how this will all play out though, because obviously our guys are crooks even if they steal from people who won’t report it.

KMUSE: I liked how they brought the cop into the mix.  Was a great sequence both when they were on the hunt for Chung and after at Joon Jae’s apartment.  Such a cute dream team.

Drama Geek: If only Joon Jae wasn’t using this guy’s name he probably would just let them be. Does anyone else think Joon Jae would make a really good detective?

Mermaid-1  Bad Guy-0

CLKYTTA: This scene right here is why I like our modern mermaid more than the mermaid in the past.  She’s cornered and scared, but she is better at protecting herself.  I am worried about what our villain is going to do to her in the future though.

Drama Geek: Okay, so he actually did creep me out in this scene. But she is smart enough to use whatever she had to her advantage. Good girl.

Dramarookie: Was I the only one that thought our mermaid was a bit creepy, as well? In a good way, of course. When she reached out her hand to the killer . . . Shivers!

KMUSE: I really appreciate that modern Chung is not a pushover.  She is a fighter whether it is for Joon Jae’s love or against reincarnated evil.

Hearing Every Little Thought…The Reality

CLKYTTA: This has to be my favorite part of the storyline this week. He knows exactly what she is thinking and while at first it’s kind of cool and he’s amused, but then he’s just wanting her to be quiet! He can’t tell her he hears her, and so he just tries to make life a little easier for her. I really like his character. When this drama first started I was unsure about him, but this character has really grown on me.

Drama Geek: He really is the best guy ever. And the part where he kept trying to tell her she could swim in the pool to her little mermaid heart’s content was the best. Too bad she couldn’t read his code. LOL.


Dramarookie: But her inability to read his signals led to him pressing her against the wall and getting VERY close to reiterate that she could do what she wanted while they were gone. I think her denseness paid off that time.

KMUSE: I love how he keeps switching between giddiness and exasperation that she doesn’t get his inner intent.  Yet despite it all he never looses his temper.  It is this aspect of his character that sets him apart from other Kdrama leading men.

Feeling Bad For Poor Step Brother (a.k.a. The Dad is Kind of An Ass)

CLKYTTA: I’m not sure if I feel bad for Wannabe Bro or not. Yes, the Dad is an ass, but a lot of people are like that when they have a health scare.  They want to take care of their family and honestly, Joon Jae is his biological son.  Wannabe Bro is very capable and Dad is probably thinking that he will carry on in business and do just fine, but he doesn’t know if Joon Jae is financially secure or not.

KMUSE: I saw it more in the light that Dad wanted to take as much possible away from his family (that has been with him for 10 years…..not to mention he doesn’t know his wife is evil) and leave them with as little as possible while giving Joon Jae everything.  He could easily give to both his current family as well as Joon Jae but he is wanting to cut them out. It is almost the reverse of what he did to Joon Jae when he was younger.  Not to mention he became seduced by his wife’s friend and took Joon Jae away from her in the first place.  The more I learn about Dad the less i like him.


Drama Geek: I don’t feel bad for Wannabe Bro because I’m pretty sure he knows his mom is evil and he’s still protecting her.

Dramarookie: I like how considerate he is of Chungie. He didn’t have to let her stay on the swings, or check up on her at the sauna, or clarify to his brother why he was there with her. Taking in to account the woman who raised him and the murdering psychopath that is probably his bio-dad, he’s not doing that bad.

Do I Have To Say The Words or Can I Just Kiss You

KMUSE: I found the forehead kiss more romantic than the actual lip kiss.  But at least this time it looked like Lee Min Ho was actually able to move his lips.  Progress.

CLKYTTA: This was a much better kiss scene than last week, but it was still kind of lacking.  The forehead kiss was sweet and sincere and they really should have stopped there. We have two experienced actors who know how to do a kiss scene, they have decent chemistry, so I’m at a total loss as to why, when it comes to the lip lock it looks so forced and clumsy.

Drama Geek: It’s the posing. This director wants them to be in a perfect pose then they kiss. But the problem is that the arm placement and stuff makes it look awkward that they are standing still like that and kissing. My opinion could be warped because I’m currently doing a Teen Wolf marathon.

Our Thoughts:


CLKYTTA: This drama is still fun to watch and it’s interesting.  It’s not one that I think will go on my rewatch list, but it’s one I’m looking forward to each week right now.  I like the dynamic between the lead characters and the side characters are fun also.  The actor who plays Tae Oh is now firmly on my radar.  I’m also really liking our second lead girl and I’m ready for when she finds out who Joon Jae’s mom is.

Drama Geek: I’ve realized that I’m only invested in our two leads. Everyone else will probably fade from my memory once the show ends. Well, except Tae Oh. He’s totally adorable and I really want that actor to get bigger parts. That being said, I am completely invested in these two finding happiness and figuring out how to live on land and without bad guys lurking around.

Dramarookie: The drama hit a sweet spot for me this week. I appreciated all the laugh-out-loud moments and feel good sincerity at holiday time. But I dread the inevitable angst lurking just around the corner. I hope the writer can still weave that thread of humor in, no matter where the story takes us.

KMUSE: I have to agree with Drama Geek.  I am in this for our leads which I really adore and cutie Tae Oh who is just plain adorable.  Everyone else is standard cookie cutter characters.

Til next time,

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