Ji Sung Promises Thrills & Chills in Defendant 1st Teaser


Wow!  It only took a 30 second teaser for this drama to burst onto my “must watch” list.  Defendant promises us intense murders, hot Ji Sung, and from what I can see so far, a pretty intricate plot.  All things I love for my dramas to contain so this is a total win… at least teaserwise.a1a

** SYNOPSIS: The lead character is the best prosecutor in the violent crimes division, he’s never once lost a case. One day he wakes up to find himself in prison and has no memory of why he’s a criminal who ended up in jail. He suffers from temporary amnesia while faced with the worst possible dilemma, and the drama is about his desperate fight to clear his name before his time on death row is up.


I got chills from watching the killer go through our prosecutor’s house.  A scene which made me desperate to find out how the murders occurred.  Not to mention, how Ji Sung developed amnesia in the first place. Now if the drama can actually follow through with a solid suspenseful drama.  Defendant is set to air on January 23rd

1st Teaser


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