Mane of Glory #14: Goodbye Hwarang, Hello Rebel Hong Gil Dong

.;a1a.pngI just can’t.  I can’t try to pretend that over half of the drama doesn’t skeeve me the heck out.  So while I will be continuing to watch Hwarang for the fun school antics I will be liberally fast forwarding the fake incest parts.  This also means that I won’t be recapping it at all in the future.

I just can’t get over the fact that she is falling for the man she considers her brother physically without really any reasonable reason other than he is hot and shirtless.  Sorry.  Sibling relationships and taboos just don’t go away at the site of a naked chest.


The answer of, should I be lusting after my brother, is ALWAYS no!

Which brings us to what we will be doing with our Mane of Glory post.  For now, it will remain dormant until we check out upcoming drama Rebel Hong Gil Dong starring the charismatic Yoon Kyun Sang.  SQUEEEEE!  I am already having Moo Hyul flashbacks.

Rebel Hong Gil Dong will begin airing on January 30th so we have a  bit of time before our next Mane of Glory post.  Which means bye for now and I look forward to chatting with you in the future.

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0 thoughts on “Mane of Glory #14: Goodbye Hwarang, Hello Rebel Hong Gil Dong

  1. Don’t really care much for Yoon Kyun Sang, saw him as second leads both in Time we were not in love with you and Doctor Crush ( which I dropped after the first kiss, I find it boring). But I saw him in that reality show with Eric Mun and learned that he has two super adorable cats, so I will pay him some attention now. Yea, just coz of the cats.

  2. I plan to exercise my FF button just to watch Hyungsik now. If not for him, I most likely be dropping the show. Other than the fake incest relationship, I see this mindless drama a meh and weak 😐

  3. The original Hong Gil Dong left me needing three months of Running Man therapy. Broke my heart and put the Hong Sisters at the top of my “If I ever win a million dollars I am gonna hire ninjas to track you down” list.

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