Legend of the Blue Sea Recap: Episode 14 & 15



There was a lot of great plot movement this week!  Not that I don’t love watching our OTP (one true pairing) be awesome but when you have twenty episodes it is nice when other things begin to happen as well.  So come join us as we discuss running plotline jokes, ridiculous fated meetings, and everything else that happens in Ep 14 & 15.

A Little Too Convenient

KMUSE: OK, I can forgive the random moments of fated meetings since that is just a part of watching a kdrama.  But seeing Evil Killer just happen to open the door and overhear Joon Jae’s discussion on his past life was just too ridiculous to believe.

And while I am on the topic of our big bad serial killer…. am I the only one that is confused over his personality?  Sometimes he seems super evil wanting to kill people, but other times we get a confused and scared vibe.  It just doesn’t work for me.  I need him to totally commit to being a bad guy with a hammer fetish or just a sidekick villain to his black widow girlfriend.  At least the historical version had a set focus of greed and revenge that didn’t deviate.

Drama Geek: Lazy writing through and through. And I think what the writer is trying to do is show that he really isn’t as bad as everyone thinks and he is a puppet, but it’s just weird storytelling and acting.


CLKYTTA: I hope they aren’t trying to give him a redeeming angle.  He’s a bad guy, make him a bad guy.

Jennie: I still can’t see past my favorite dad in the Reply series.

Ongoing Jokes

There have been several ongoing side plots that are mostly humorous filler.  For the most part, we have not focused on them so I think it is time to do a little chat about the filler and whether it is working for us.

The Cop & The Conman


Drama Geek: It was so fun this week that Joon Jae remembered what they were to each other in their past lives. By the end of this drama, they will totally be partners and solving mysteries together.

KMUSE: I think I have to agree with DramaGeek previous comment.  I would love to watch a show with these two solving crimes and cracking jokes.  Their connection is just so adorable and it makes me happy to see it crossed time to be established again in modern times.

CLKYTTA: Yep, they are destined to work together.  These guys have good chemistry together and I think the whole team will work together.  I want a spin off!

Jennie: I love how he walked in there and started bossing everyone around. Such a great friendship budding here. I think Joon Jae will become a cop in the end or at least a CI.

2nd Lead & Mom


KMUSE: I have heard some rumblings about how selfish the 2nd lead girl is since she doesn’t just tell Joon Jae about his mom.  Personally, I see it as a running joke and I don’t take it to heart.  2nd Lead Girl has always been just a fluff character and shallow to the nth degree. There is no chance that she will be truly evil so having her be part of these funny side plots fits.

Wait…. I just watched 15 and it stops being funny and just super selfish and annoying.  Oh 2nd lead girl, I expected more from you….kind of.

Drama Geek: I think the rumblings were from me. LOL. She cares zero about Joon Jae. If she did, she wouldn’t care how bad she looked, she’d tell him right away. And if the last scene of 15 ends up with either our mom or son hit by a Truck of Doom, then I’m going to purpose we hog tie her and leave her for the birds.

CLKYTTA: Rubs hands together in glee!  Oh the joy of knowing that 2nd lead irritating girl has just realized that she’s mistreated Joon Jae’s precious Mama! This girl irritates me so much and I know she is only going to cause more problems.

Jennie: I love how she’s totally falling for Tae Ho without realizing it, too. She is so clueless. Personally, I think Tae Ho is way too good for her.

Tae Ho’s in Love


KMUSE: Tae Ho is all that is adorable. His cute red ears can be on my TV anytime.  While I do find 2nd Lead Girl’s misconception of his undying love amusing, I think I am ready for us to move on.  The joke has run its course in my opinion.

Dramarookie: Actually, I still get a kick out of the misunderstanding. His barely restrained eye rolling, or horror that he accidentally answered her phone call cracks me up.

Drama Geek: This guy is just so adorable and I want him to get speaking parts. Please drama gods, in 2017 can he please do a web drama where he’s the lead, or be a really fun BFF to the lead or something in a bigger show?

CLKYTTA: I love this guy.  His character is adorable and he’s got so much potential.  He’s the perfect boy next door.  He can blush, he’s got a great smile, and someone needs to totally make bank on that because girls like the boy next door.

Jennie: I’ve been crazy about him ever since Big, so I agree with Drama Geek. Please let him talk more!! His secret crush is really cute, though. I felt soo bad for him in ep. 15.

A Titanic Style Date


KMUSE: Aw.  Joon Jae and Cheong’s date was so flipping adorable.  The fact that Joon Jae took Cheong to see Titanic just so he could make a point about her not dying if he died was epic.  Kudos for thinking of the perfect object lesson to try and get his point across.

Drama Geek: Do they really still show this movie in theaters in Korea? That aside, I loved their date. So cute. And her dress. But I think I’m in love with her whole wardrobe for this show. (KMUSE: I think it is the 20th anniversary or something like that.  I remember it was playing in Portland recently for a week or two.)



CLKYTTA: I almost died laughing on this part.  I wanted her to yell out that there was room for two on that raft!  Her outfit was fabulous, JJH could literally wear a trash bag and look like a million dollars though.

Dramarookie: I must be too conservative. I don’t care if it IS the glamorous Jeon Ji Hyun wearing them, the red and white stripes remind me of clown pants. (KMUSE: *whispers* me too)

Jennie: Red striped pants aside, I’m loving her wardobe, too. I could never wear the stuff she wears though. Also, I hope that theater worker left that job and became stinking rich.

Who’s The Big Bad?

KMUSE: I don’t mind the stepbrother being the big bad of the show.  I just wish they had developed the character a bit better so it didn’t feel like narrative whiplash.  You can’t just give a guy an evil updo and expect us to believe he went from wanna-be good son to crazy killer overnight.

Drama Geek: Where is Shin Sung Rok when you need him? Since this is the same writer as My Love From Another Star, it’s really hard to not compare the bad guys. There are still running jokes about- if anyone asks how your health is you should run away as fast as you can. Not only was Sung Rok’s performance stellar, the character was well written and you knew you were scared of him from the moment he stepped on screen. The stepbrother’s character is so muddy. And I about choked on my tea the moment he showed up with the updo and possibly a smidge of eyeliner. Wardrobe changes do not equal character development.

CLKYTTA:  I called it! I called it! An updo and some eyeliner and voila! we got us a villain!

Memory Wipe Take 2 & 3

KMUSE: Cheong can be hella scary when she wants to be.  I totally loved the scary music as she moved in to wipe Con Bestie’s memories of her mermaid state.  She truly is a force to be reckoned with.

Drama Geek: I was so excited that she took this situation in her own hands and dealt with the problem. And it was fun seeing Con Bestie get his comeuppance. I would have let him stub his toe a few more times than she did.

CLKYTTA: We knew Con Bestie would sell her down the river if he found out the truth, and I’m so glad she did what she did. I love that our mermaid will protect herself and not wait for a man to save her.

Dramarookie: This guy is played for comedy one minute, and creepin me out the next. Let’s not forget he took a teenage genius and turned him into a conman that he’s been living off of for a long time. He better get a bigger comeuppance than a stubbed toe before this show is over!

Jennie: I honestly wonder if he could be the Big Bad..with the unfleshed-out side characters, it could be anyone.

She Knows He Knows


Drama Geek: I’m really glad we didn’t drag this out too long. It was adorable that he could hear her, and she didn’t know, but everything is always better when a couple is on the same page. And the purposed memory wipe was hilarious with her slamming him up against the wall. I’m glad she didn’t though.

CLKYTTA: I really felt like this was well done.  I really liked how it all came to a climax when he realized that their fates were tied.  He stopped pretending and started demanding answers and it was nice to see them talk about it head on.  Once it was all out in the open it was fun to watch them play as she was threatening to wipe his memory.

KMUSE: I cracked up when Joon Jae was trying to decide if getting some smooches was worth chancing a memory swipe.  Boys will be boys.

Dramarookie: We’ve still got five episodes. How awesome would it be if she started hearing Joon Jae’s thoughts, too. Isn’t love a two-way street?

Jennie: The role-reversal of both the wall and sleeping holding hands thing was great. Only this character could pull it off, though.


KMUSE: I actually enjoyed the confrontation.  Sure the reason Real Mom left her house was totally stupid but I enjoyed Black Widow not getting the reaction she wanted.  Not to mention the flaky mom is cracking me up with her expressions during the fight.

Drama Geek: I’m not sure I care… I just want Joon Jae and his mom to find each other.

CLKYTTA: I love, love, love Elizabeth’s Mom.  She’s so real, she’s a social climber, but she’s also got a little bit of heart.  It’s like Real Housewives Korea as she gets on her phone tree to ruin Evil Stepmom’s reputation. I also loved how Joon Jae’s Mom is now her “Unni”.

Jennie: I love her for starting the gossip train right away. Someone needs to ax evil step-mom

The Family That Kills Together Stays Together?

Drama Geek: I’m sure we’ve all guessed who the baby daddy is. It’s good that he cares enough about his son to teach him how to kill and get away with it. Oh, and glasses equal non fugitive on the run??? I guess if it works for Superman.

KMUSE: Evil Stepbrother is not the brightest killer in the family.  I guess when you have parents that are not hands on things will fall through the cracks.

CLKYTTA: Moving on, this part bores me.  Evil Stepbrother trying to act like he has no control over his life and Bad Reply Dad trying to be all Daddish. Eww.

Jennie: Yeah, this scene gave me the hebbie-jibbies. It didn’t work. If it wasn’t for the OTP, I wouldn’t be hanging on.

Its My Birthday

Drama Geek: I wonder why mermaids don’t know when they’re born. It probably has something to do with no parents. Anyway, I thought it was so cute that she just decided to throw a party for herself and that she’s amassed a gaggle of friends to invite over. Also, the polka dot outfit is to DIE for.

CLKYTTA: I loved that she invited all of her friends and is throwing her own party.  Can we talk about Joon Jae’s pink coat?  Never in a million years would I have thought a pink coat was sexy.  It’s like one big happy family, we’ve got Mom, weird brothers, baby sister, and the crazy aunt. I like it!

KMUSE: Joon Jae’s pink coat and gray clothes underneath (Can’t believe I am saying this but even the turtleneck) are crazy attractive.  Love that they matched the flower bouquet and the little girl in the party hat is just adorable.  This party makes me happy.

Jennie: I think I need to invite an eight year old and a homeless person to my next birthday. They sure make it exciting.

Reunited…….With The Truck of Doom?

Drama Geek: As a drama viewer we are trained to get nervous when we see a crosswalk. Especially if there are two people who are reuniting on either end. This can’t end well, can it? Narratively, I’m not sure what purpose having his mom die or end up in the hospital would serve. On the other side, I could see Cheong save the mother and she ends up in the hospital. Or of course, Joon Jae. Personally, I really hope we can circumvent the trope and all go back and eat cake and ice cream.

CLKYTTA: Please let this not be a TOD.  I want this to be a satisfying reunion, but we all know something bad has to happen. I’m impatiently waiting for next week.

KMUSE: I will be so pissed off if this ends up with any of the three in a coma at the hospital.  Sure we need something to push Joon Jae to fight his psycho step-family but does it have to be at the expense of a cute reunion scene?

Jennie: I will curse and throw things if it ends up that way. Can’t we change the crosswalk trope to the one in King of High School where he gives her the best kiss ever. *sigh*

Our Thoughts:


Drama Geek: I know I sound like a broken record each week, but I’m really here for the OTP and that’s is about it. Oh, and Cheong’s outfits and Tae Ho’s smiles. Let’s see if that can continue delighting me for 5 more episodes.

CLKYTTA: I’m with Drama Geek, it’s all about the OTP and the adorable puppy.  I do have to say that the dance off scene this week was epic, but I am really tired of 2nd lead girl.

KMUSE: I also agree.  The OTP is the #1 draw…. and maybe Tae Oh who has stolen my Ahjumma heart.  But other than that it is just an OK plot.

Jennie: OTP! OTP! As long as I keep getting feels and a good laugh, I’m happy.

Thanks for joining us for another discussion of Legend of the Blue Sea.  We are getting closer to the end so I look forward to how everything is going to be resolved.

Til next time,

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