The Fangirl’s Hodgepodge Awards of 2016


There are just so many best and worst moments that we just don’t have time to cover everything.  So to close out our end of year reviews we thought it would be fun to do our own little random list of what we liked and what totally sucked.  So come join us as we say goodbye to 2016 and look forward to a new year of drama.

Favorite Kiss

a1aCLKYTTA: Weightlifting Fairy first, second, and ongoing kisses.  This was such a great scene, they looked like they were in love and those kisses went from cute and sweet to him pulling her close and laying a really steamy one on her. That’s how it’s supposed to be done!

KdramaJen: The handcuff kiss in W.  Wait, the kisses in Shopping King.  No, wait…maybe Descendants of the Sun‘s wine kiss?  Sure, the music was too loud, but Song Joong Ki was pure Khottie wrapped up in a uniform.  All of them. Yes. That is my vote.  All of the above.


KMUSE: There were so many great kisses.  I have a tie for the smooches in W: Two Worlds and the intense kisses in Another Miss Oh.  YAY for a year of good kisses.

Drama Geek: I agree with all the choices up above. I’d like to add for smoldering hot kisses-Jealousy Incarnate’s hospital changing room kiss & Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim the hospital store room kiss  (apparently I’m not spending enough time in hospitals). And for steal your breath kiss-Moonlight Drawn by Clouds-Is he kisses what he thinks is a boy or a girl? Just the way he pulls her in with purpose but waited for permission. Then the second she closed her eyes the smile that spread across his face was priceless. Oh man, I think I might fall down the Tumbler rabbit hole again.

Least Favorite Kiss


CLKYTTA: The first kiss in Legend of the Blue Sea.  It was just so underwhelming and awkward. Thankfully it got a lot better.(Drama Geek: The under the water kiss or the other really stage one?)

KdramaJen: The violent seal of ownership kiss by Wang So in Scarlet Heart.  Not cool, Wang So.  Luckily, he redeems himself.

KMUSE: The dancing in the rain kiss from Doctors was horrible and awkward on so many levels.  Also, for once, I don’t think it was Park Shin Hye’s fault.  This was totally a directing misstep of epic proportion.

Drama Geek: Hmm, you guys listed the ones that come to mind. Oh, and I’ll probably get TONS of hate for this. But KMUSE was trying to help me decide if I wanted to keep watching Love O2O so we were talking about the OTP. Well, I decided to look theirs up since I didn’t make it that far. Whoa boy, that was just all kinds of awkward.

Favorite OTP


CLKYTTA: Shopping King Louie these two were made for each other.  They literally were cuteness overload and they totally trusted each other.  I still smile every time I think of these two.

KdramaJen: Prince Bo Gum and his lady eunuch were just lovely in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.  I loved the way they smiled, sacrificed for one another, and did it all for love.  Loved them!

KMUSE: We all know mine was Shopping King Louie… but since yet again I want to be different I am nominating the OTP from Something About 1 Percent.  This was a remake that completely surpassed the original in cuteness and quality of OTP.  When it comes from a couple standpoint, this one is a must watch.

Drama Geek: I’m the same and want to nominate one that’s not listed even though my fav is probably one of those two. I think both the OTP in A Girl & Three Sweethearts (Japanese drama) and the totally adorkable Beautiful Gong Shim couple deserve a nod. With both dramas the OTP made them what they were and I giggled with glee anytime they were together.

Worst OTP Pairing


CLKYTTA: K2, I’ve mentioned this before, but I spent the whole drama shipping him with the evil stepmom.

KdramaJen: It hurts my Healer-loving heart to say the K2 couple left me cold. Maybe it was too many scenes of our leading lady limping around in a nightgown while crying, but I just never felt any connection.

KMUSE: Since K2 has been covered I will search elsewhere for my least favorite.  I think I am going to throw out the OTP from Drinking Solo as my choice.  He is a narcissist jerk and she is a mopey pushover.  There was no character growth and I ended up detesting their relationship.  They need therapy not romance.

Drama Geek: Moon Lovers So/Soo couple. I’m sorry. They had moments where I liked them together but for the most part they were just toxic. Their first kiss still burns with fire in my soul and the end of their relationship crashed and burned too.

Most Unexpected Chemistry


CLKYTTA: Beautiful Mind, I didn’t expect to fall in love with the characters as they fell in love.  He may not have been able to feel much emotion, but when it came to her the chemistry was fantastic!

KMUSE: Weightlifting Fairy couple has some of the best chemistry I have seen in years and it came totally out of left field from two rookie actors.

Drama Geek: Bring It On, Ghost. Yes, their age difference turned a lot of people off but the writer and director handled it really well and they ended up having a really great vibe. And unlike in Moon Lovers where I felt Jun Ki was running circles around IU in acting, Kim So Hyun brought all that is good about Taecyeon’s acting. They were so fun and entertaining to watch.

Favorite Drama Styling


KdramaJen: Lee Jong Suk was pretty swoon-worthy in W.  I usually love how he can wear almost anything and he looks fantastic, but all of his suits in this show just seemed to fit him to perfection.

KMUSE: I actually have two for this catagory.  The first are the modernized hanbok’s from web series Love Me For A Thousand More.  They are adorable!  My second choice is pretty much all the leading lady’s dresses from Rookie Agent Rogue.  Yan Zhi makes being a spy look stylish.

CLKYTTA: I’m going to second KMUSE and Love Me For A Thousand More.  The hanbok inspired looks were amazing.

Drama Geek: I have to third LMFATM. I honestly want to know if they sell them. I’d have to say there were a lot of great choices this year. The one that stands out the most would be Jun Ji Hyun in Legends of the Blue Sea. She can wear anything and look fabulous but they’ve put her in some really great outfits that not many people could pull of and she does it so well.

The Worst Drama Styling


KdramaJen: Sorry, Lee Min Ho, but even though you look pretty darn yummy in MOST of Legend of the Blue Sea, that one unfortunate fuzzy lime green sweater was just… Yeah, not my thing.

KMUSE: I know that this one is another show that covers both 2016 and 2017 but my vote goes for Hwarang.  I hate the styling so much they might even be my least favorite of 2017 as well.  Just say no to boring clothes and bulk bought wigs.

CLKYTTA: She Was Pretty, I hated her clothes, all of them. Edited to add Drama Geek is right, I mixed up my dramas. I meant Lucky Romance.

Drama Geek: I think She Was Pretty was a 2015 drama but I’ll put her on this list for Lucky Romance. Why for the love of all that is good did she have to put jeans under all her dresses. She was so layer up the whole time I thought she might fall over.

Favorite Drama Watched Due to Peer Pressure


CLKYTTA: Weightlifting Fairy was not originally on my radar and I started it only because everyone told me it was awesome.  They were right.

KdramaJen: Hmm…  It’s not really peer pressure, but Goblin wasn’t really one I was anticipating.  I think Amber Kmuse posted a teaser, though, and then I started counting down the days for it to begin.

KMUSE: I have a tie between Weightlifting Fairy and Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim.  Both are ones I dumped and both I picked up again due to peer pressure.  Thankfully, both ended up making me a very happy drama watcher.  YAY for peer pressure.

Drama Geek: Mine is also Weightlifting Fairy. Everyone just wouldn’t stop raving about how cute they were so I had to go back after dropping it. So glad I did.

Favorite 2016 Drama Tropes


KdramaJen: I don’t usually like amnesia tropes, but I loved how Shopping King Louis used it.  It just worked.

KMUSE: I also give my vote to amnesia.  Shopping King Louie made the trope fun again.

CLKYTTA: A third vote for amnesia, and it’s all because of Shopping King Louie.

Drama Geek: A fourth vote for the King Louie amnesia. I hate this trope with a passion and they actually made me enjoy it’s inclusion in the storyline. Twice!

Worst 2016 Drama Tropes


KdramaJen: Cancer and other terminal illnesses of that ilk.  I like to watch dramas to escape.  I don’t like my fantasy world to be marred by crappy things I see in everyday life.

KMUSE: It was not a good year for the revenge trope.  All the dramas featuring this specific plot were either mediocre or outright horrible.  I hope that it fairs better in 2017 since I love a good revenge story.

CLKYTTA: I’m tired of the evil stepmom/step-sibling out to steal the company trope. Can we move on to something different for a little while? I know this is a tried and true trope, but it was really refreshing in Something about 1%, when the cousin turned out to be a good guy.

Drama Geek: The saguek secret identity for the female lead that turns her from the somewhat useful love interest into a political pawn. This was by far the weakest part of Moonlight. I think I’m just tired in general of the female lead character in historical dramas just being wedged into the male centered storyline. It’s one of the reasons I enjoyed Mirror of the Witch. The guy was the side story. It would be so much better if both characters had an active part in whatever the main conflict was.

Character We Would Most Like To Date


KdramaJen:  This is really hard.  I want to say the goblin in Goblin because he has like super cool powers and stuff.  However, the whole sword sticking out of his chest-thing is kind of a deal breaker.  I loved Lee Jong Suk’s character in W, but I think it would be really hard to date him because of the whole two worlds, always disappearing at inopportune moments-thing.  Because I am practical, I would probably have to choose someone like the secretary from Goblin.  He seems fun, hard working, and dependable.  Except he might turn out to be creepy, so maybe I will step away from the pragmatic and boring side of myself and just indulge myself a bit.  My final answer is…Yoon Sung from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (Jinyoung’s character).  I will travel through time and reality to save him from himself and we will see the world as he paints beautiful pictures and sings to me.

KMUSE: I am going to go totally shallow and choose Joon Jae from Legend of the Blue Sea.  Not only has he managed to be a nice human being despite all his childhood trauma, but he gives some seriously good bed snuggles.  I could happily live my life snuggled up to Lee Min Ho.

CLKYTTA: I’m going to say Joon Hyung from Weightlifting Fairy.  He’s a man who knows how he feels and looks beyond the surface. Plus he can kiss and snuggle and he’d bring me a big fluffy coat if I was out in the cold.

Drama Geek: In real life? That’s hard. LOL. My knee jerk reaction is Louie because well… Seo In Guk, but then I remember how tiring it would be to live with him. I think I might pick an oddball one. The idol boy from Love for a Thousand More was pretty low key, loved music, wasn’t embarrassed to dress up in an animal costume to make money, and he helped her find her turtle even though he was scared of it. He even held it for her, and accepted that she was a lot older than him. All the qualities I look for in a man.

Favorite Drama Moment


KMUSE: This was a hard question since there have been so many memorable moments this year.  However the one that sticks out in my mind is the scene in Beautiful Mind where Yeong Oh suspects he might be feeling emotions for the first time.  The music, the directing, the intense hug… everything was 100% epic and provided maximum feels.

KdramaJen: Hands down the very best drama moment shown in 2016 was the total bad-ass runway walk of Goblin and Reaper coming to the rescue of Eun Tak.  I watched it probably 10 times or more.  It ranks as one of my all time favorite drama scenes! (CLKYTTA: I loved this one too!)

CLKYTTA: I think my favorite drama moment of the year came from Shopping King Louie.  When he rolled out the red carpet for her and she was walking on the side because she didn’t connect the dots that it was for her.  I loved how he made her walk on the red carpet and just opened his arms and she went right in.  I love a good over the top romance scene.

Drama Geek: This is such a hard choice. Can I pick all the elevator scenes from Jealousy Incarnate? Or all the library moments in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds? Or possibly the all the walkie-talkie heart to hearts they had in their cars and talked over space and time in Signal? Or the time I almost pissed myself when Faceless Dad finally revealed that he did not have a face in W? I also loved, even though most of the rest of the drama was crap, the moment Wang So stood over Soo in the rain. It was a gorgeous and very powerful moment.


There were so many great dramas this year and moments that stood out.  I almost am tempted to go back and rewatch some of my favorites.  Thanks for joining us in our End of Year Reviews.  You can find all our EOYR posts HERE.  We look forward to chatting dramas with you in the upcoming year and as usual feel free to let us know your favorite and least favorite moments in the comment section.

Til next time,

The Fangirls


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  1. Shopping King Louie was my best drama of the year for me, yeay! Well mostly because of SIG, but overall the drama itself stand strong for its fluffy romance and candy stuff. Not to mention how clever the music director is by putting in some of old hits songs and beautiful OSTs. This year had been a great KDrama year for me, and thanks to SIG, I had faith in KDrama again. Haha!

  2. I would give favorite drama styling to JI. I thought the dresses were pretty apt for work or casual wear and a few men also agreed that the suits on men were best. That show did styling really well and a smart decision later on to change GKP’s hair style. Plus everything looks good on GHJ, but she carries them well too, loved her dresses in the entire show.
    For the best moments, I’ll give it to the mud fight scene in JI. Best mud fight scene till date. Playground fight scene and reunion in jail in PU 38 and the one scene I stayed for in MLSHR for a few more episodes when Su sees Wang So’s scar in the pool and he immediately hides it. That was acting at best from LJK and I was taken aback from that scene, really left me with a good impression for the actor when I haven’t even once seen any of his work completely.

  3. I am grinning like an idiot. This was so fun to read because I agree with you all so much lol!! My fav. moment was definitely the bad-a Goblin walk in. And then how they made fun of themselves with the leeks later on.

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