How to Raise Your Kids to Love Kpop

1Fan girls come in all shapes, sizes, and…ages.  As mothers of future fan girls (and boys), we have been both delighted and kind of surprised by the groups, songs, and MVs that seem to capture the interest of our children.  So, we decided to share some of the top choices of our kids.  Come join us as we discuss a few guidelines we try to put in place as semi-responsible parents, as well as the baby biases of our fledgling fans.

Introducing it Into the Family

Let the kids discover their favorite groups themselves.

KMUSE:  I know that I tend to get my favorite Kpop groups and expect my children to love them as much as I do.  However, that is often not the case.  They have their own personal preferences and I try to encourage them to find their own musical tastes.  Sometimes it coincides with mine and sometimes it doesn’t.  For example my daughter Aspen loves girl groups more than I do.  However, I have learned to expand my own tastes more because we do listen to their music now in the car.  Sharing music is a two way street in our household.

KdramaJen: I find myself seeking out songs and groups I might not normally listen to, but I know my kids will like.  Peppy and bubble-gum sweet girl groups seem to appeal to my youngest and songs with a heavy dance beat appeal to my oldest daughter.  I ask for recommendations from my college-age host daughters in Korea too.  They often tell me about groups that would not normally be on my radar.  So, crowd sourcing suggestions helps me introduce my daughters to music I know they will love.  As a side benefit, my taste has expanded too!


Pick MVs that will cater to the child’s interest.

KMUSE: You can’t expect a kid (especially the younger ones) to like all Kpop MVs.  Sometimes the themes will go over their heads or possibly the slower songs bore them (as shown by my younger children’s MV picks below).  So it is important to choose MVs that are really active, with bright colors, and possible subject matter that would be that extra hook.  For example, my friend’s son really loved robots so when I was babysitting him I put on TVXQ’s Catch Me.  It has a slight robotic vibe to it when the arms start lighting up and the robot voice comes into the song.  He was totally hooked.

KdramaJen: I completely agree.  I am extra careful about MVs, but I look for the ones that will catch their eye and help them connect.


Have fun with it and create memories.

KMUSE: The most important thing is to make this something you can share with your child.  I have taken my daughters to Kcon LA multiple times and it will be great memories even if their interest in Kpop doesn’t last.  Kdramas and Kpop are great ways to just bond and spend some quality family time.

KdramaJen: We have not yet been to a concert together, but some of our best family times include cranking up the Kpop and dancing around while laughing and being silly.  We also watch Kdrama together.  My oldest daughter loved Cinderella and the Four Knights.  We put on face masks, snuggled up, and just enjoyed our time together.


Our Kids MV Picks

Kdrama Jen’s Crew

Maia (age 6) and Faith (age 10)

Maia’s Picks:

Twice (Cheer Up)

“I like how they are so happy and skip around.  It makes me happy too.  They have a nice style”

2Ne1 (I am the Best)

“This just makes me want to dance.  They look so strong.”

Other Thoughts:

(After watching part of Blood, Sweat, and Tears by BTS)

I don’t really like that.  That is kind of creepy.  Let’s watch something else.


Faith’s Picks


“I love their sound and how they just seem to own the stage.”


Bias: Jin

“Some of their videos are kind of weird, but they are really good dancers.”


Bias: Jinyoung

“He has really beautiful eyes.”

“I like how they all sound together. ”

Seo In Guk

“I am going to marry him.”


Kmuse’s Crew

Janet (14), Aspen (11), Bridger (9)

Janet’s Picks

VIXX – Hyde

“I love their darker MVs”

TVXQ (DBXQ) – Mirotic & Catch Me

“I liked that there were themes combined with the dancing”

2ne1 – I Am the Best

“Their styling was on point”


Aspen’s Picks

Red Velvet – Ice Cream Cake

“It talks about desserts.”

Shinee – Dazzling Girl

” I like songs that are upbeat”

Orange Caramel – Catallena

“MVs with bright colors are the best.  Also the sushi theme is fun.”


Bridger’s Picks

Big Bang………everything Big Bang

“I like yelling Boom-Shaka-Laka. ”


Advice for Responsible K-Enabling:

KdramaJen – While I love watching the MVs, I think there are often images that are just not appropriate for little eyes.  So, I always preview them before sharing them.  We also talk about the way girls and women are portrayed in some of the videos.  Most of the time they just listen to the music and dance around instead of watching the MV.  We also watch some of their guest appearances on talk shows and shows like Running Man (or, we did before the fall of Running Man).  I think it is important for them to understand that despite the manufactured image, idols are real people.

Kmuse – I agree that as a parent you have to watch an MV before you let the kids watch. Especially when you have younger children. If there is a song your love but the MV might be a bit more adult than you want, wait for the dance performance version to be released.  Or even check it out live on the music programs which are family friendly.

So, how about you?  Are you K-enabling the next generation?  What are your tips and tricks?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. I, too have a daughter who wants to come to k-con with me someday. But I mostly think she’s in it for the food and the airplane ticket.

    My son, however, wanted us to go see Epik High in Chicago this past year. I think we’ll try to make that one come true as he’s already seen 21 Pilots on his own and I wouldn’t mind rocking out with him. His other favorites are rappers like Mad Clown and San E. He sings along with BTS but he sings along with most anything. The exception? He doesn’t like G-Dragon’s voice (although he can imitate it very humorously!) and so turns off most Big Bang.

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