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With all the chatting about romantic dramas I started to think about other valentines day inspired topics I could write about.  And what is more appropriate than to share my favorite adult sexy times drama moments?  These scenes were definitely more involved than an open-eyed smooch.  Come join me and see if your favorite made the list.

#6 Scent of a Woman’s Sexy Tango

This is one of the first sexual tension scenes that I ever viewed in a kdrama.  Before that, it was all wrist grabs and falling accidental kisses.  I might have developed a tiny crush on Lee Dong Wook that has continued to this date.

(Time stamp 2:30)

#5 I Need Romance 3 Noona Smooching

.;a1a2s3.png Who wouldn’t love to kiss Sung Joon when he is being all sweet and attractive?  I think we all would be up for a little bit of this kind of romance. Oh, Sweet Potato… you are one sexy piece of cougar meat.

#4 Secret Love Affair Piano Orgasms

This wasn’t necessarily the most physical moment between our two leads, but it was the moment where I first felt that their connection was as much mental as it was physical.  There was just a rawness to their piano scene that screamed sexy.   If you don’t mind a slow burn romance and enjoy an artistic indie style of story, then be sure to check this drama out.

#3 Witch’s Romance Drunken Debauching

a1aPark Seo Joon has some mad kissing skills, as seen in Witch’s Romance.  The only downside to this knowledge is that it has ruined several of Seo Joon’s romantic moments in later dramas since they just don’t stand up to the quality of smooching that we know he is capable of. Kiss starts at timestamp 2:03

#2 Heartless City Hookup

...1.jpgBeing a drama watcher, it is well known that a drama only goes so far into a kiss before they fade off leaving the rest to the imagination.  The exception being Heartless City in which Jung Kyung Ho got a bit more than a kiss. We got kisses, frantic make-out, and mostly naked bed antics!  WOOT!  The only downside is the blurred tattoo is a tiny bit distracting.  What is the point of a giant back tattoo if we don’t get to see it?

#1 Full House Ice Cream Exhibition Kiss


I literally had to change the concept of my post to include all drama sexy moments so I could add this scene into the countdown.  It is so steamy that it would be tragic to not share with the world.  There are very few OTP (one true pairing) couples out there that have more chemistry than these two as is evident during their very public first kiss.

This concludes my countdown of sexy moments.  Did your favorite make the list?  Be sure to share in the comments and check back for more fun romantic drama post in the upcoming weeks.

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  1. You picked three of my favorites – Witches Romance -I laughed so hard when she saw his age that I nearly fell off my chair. Scent of a Woman was not my favorite drama but that dance scene was fantastic. I bought the song. I Need Romance 3 – her kissing his neck gave me shivers – so good. I would add some of the kisses in Queen In-Hyuns Man because you could feel that they were really attracted to each other. Plus he’s a good kisser. Gong Yoo’s kisses in Coffee Prince were amazing too. Oops I’m getting carried away LOL Good post!

  2. Ok, you win, Mike and Aom it is for No.1 coz of the level of difficulty of that kiss,lol😜 but they fake it really good, no tension tho just artsy kissing.Then in Scent of a Woman, Lee Dong Wook left me High and Dry, like wow, he came in like he’s gonna ravish her on site, then you do the dance like some foreplay and what you just left without even a kiss. Like Unni didn’t know what happened or how to feel, that was the time I thought LDW is lava hot! 😄😄😄 and that’s where the real tension was.
    Now, in Witch’s Romance, it was game over when Uhm Jung Hwa licked the beer foam off the can, he was putty in her hand. ‘just glad we only have to click now for instant replay. Age diff out of the window at that moment,and when Park Seo Joon removed his shirt, rawr😆 if only that ID didn’t show up and the show is R18, maybe we don’t have to rely on our imagination as to what could’ve been. Well, Park Seo Joon lost his mojo after that even with a younger noona or an age appropriate but utterly devoid of x appeal Go Ara, he can’t recreate the sizzle that Witch’s Romance “infired”.
    I would add Seo In Guk in Reply 1997, kitchen kissing scne with Eun Ji.

  3. Mmm, I know that it’s popular but I’m not a big Full House fan – Thai or otherwise. I think the background premise just throws cold water on the romance angle for me.

    As for Cruel City, Jung Kyung Ho’s kisses as Doctor’s Son/Jung Shi Hyun are what I’m hoping Lee Jong Suk’s will be like when he grows up. He has great, great potential!

    Some random Korean kisses – You just can’t beat the quick, tender kiss of Seo In Guk kissing Eun Ji at the outside sink. You can see the temptation running through his mind and you can see the shock of “What have I gotten myself into?” on Eun Ji’s face. It’s a bit stiff but you can just imagine if they had been elsewhere – I think he would have gotten somewhere!

    Great movie kissing abounds in The Naked Kitchen with Shin Min Ah and Joo Ji Hoon.

    Thanks for the pre-Valentine’s Day workout!

  4. I do agreed on some of the list(well Park Seo Joon sure hot in Witch Romance) but you forgot Seo Inguk steamy kisses in Reply 1997! Haha the stair and kitchen kiss scenes give so much feeling and butterflies to my chest, and if I may add; his kiss scene with Bok Shil in SKL(episode 13) sure is hot! Especially when they’re holding hands together! I still gets hot whenever I watch that scene, haha.

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